In this video, Luke is joined by G Edward Griffin and Josh Sigurdson to discuss the evergrowing deficit that has now hit an astonishing 22 trillion dollars. Trump Says The Fed Is More Dangerous Than China As Debt Hits 22 Trillion.

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Researcher of creature from Jekyll Island and of course world better half but in this video that’s happening between Donald Trump the Federal Reserve and even the president warning that the Federal Reserve is a bigger threat than China Buffet $20. It’s just so ridiculous 22 trillion dollars what’s your take on it okay I think it’s all theater it’s been there for a long long time is ridiculous show is 21 trillion. The fact of the matter is that the honest business about worried about that because they know it’s just a question of who’s going to get stuck with the bill and so that’s the theater they were playing through and I I get kind of fed up looking at these newspaper accounts worthy the journalists are playing what are we going to do about this problem is the problem except until the whole thing and then all the guys are probably over in Costa Rica someplace and we’re stuck with the bill, 20 to $20 with a vast amount of that what’s your reactions and any additional guys want to add to that keep on going out to you know 30 40 50. It doesn’t really matter what it is a number of different Empires they died with their currency so they can friends until the currency becomes worthless at one point where people’s like I can’t afford food anymore like look at you being in in France in the jail is on the yellow they are that is the symptom of it the other Wes moon is a symptom of like all these dead that gets created all these money that’s constantly gets printed out into the economy and going to be the breaking point where you just snap so we have like the Arab Spring for example where it just people can’t afford any more food or do you know the general Necessities in system is just going to go, wow that’s my point of view mean we’re seeing the bigger kind of general effects of it with just the prices of basic necessities going up everywhere meanwhile the whole system’s rigged. The government just keeps borrowing more money just blatantly and financing just the most ridiculous craziest projects I mean I mean a lot of people are in a way to this but some of that kind of your take on this job a bigger license is servitude and we know who they’re in servitude to the government’s and I think that’s one of the main takes away from this is what are we doing to protect ourselves of course there’s many different ways to protect ourselves lots of solutions, dad just said there that he’s fed up with this it. I think that’s a no pun intended of course but I think that there was a bit of a pain there because once people realize that the Federal Reserve System is pushing them into servitude they are losing their losing their purchasing power everyday to go to work at the tax they are losing money off their paychecks I think it’s absolutely disgusting. But I do see a lot of solutions out of that and those Solutions also include a sad to know if I cash flow out and you know I obviously throughout history Racine that and of course centralized cryptocurrency for the time being not saying that especially what is going to happen down the line with that for the time being I mean competing currency systems are great and we got to get out of the legal tender sit down and stop being a debt slave because of course they shutting down a bottomless pit of debt you’re forced to ask for a ladder up from the government and the banking system which perks you in perfect servitude right where they want to say that to me unless and I take out of it a geographer I still want to emphasize the incredible work that you’ve been doing for decades warning people hate pretty corrupt what they say they’re doing and now we’re finally in position will it ever ever kind of kind of Reckoning. Zimbabwe but is the system just bulletproof with the United States spending so much money and and I kind of just see this continuing on for I don’t know how long but could this go on forever.

Well I don’t think it can go on forever but I admit that it has gone on a lot longer than I thought it would without the bubble bursting but I think we time in history and that is the globalization of the monetary system we talked about making a One World Currency but he actually we’ve we’ve almost already gotten there when we consider that the u.s. dollar is the you know these the primary dollar exchange around the world all the major Financial transactions are either done in in dollars or the can be converted to dollars rate quickly and send the accounts are settled in dollars so that gives the people in the United States a unique opportunity and offer us an opportunity to this kind of Angola rest of the world because we create the dollars doesn’t like you don’t even have to print it anymore just shows up in a computer so we can make dollars pretty easily when go to the payroll. Having assets and offset by liabilities we go through and we were at able to do this at the expense of the rest of the world because they were hungry for our dollars because that they were exchangeable for their current season for goods and services is coming to an end I don’t know how fast is going to come up already and I don’t know how long I can continue but I do not think it can go on forever the difference is in my view that it might not end the same way it has always ended before.

It is always ended before as a a complete collapse as near me as stations are fall because of this and that people and governments are overthrown because of this but there’s something else going on here since this is global which means a single authority of governance the whole thing come together where there is no Escape you cannot walk out on the doors anymore there are no doors and they’re all in there none out and so what they’re talking about new currencies and now they’re talking about digital currencies and cryptocurrencies and they the government send that central banks are drooling over this because that’s going to be an end to cash and then the cash. Physical impossibility you have to leave your monetary wealth in the system is it now you’re kind of if we allow this to happen I don’t there are no doors out of course and there’s no way for us to apparently to escape from it in anyway and people need to realize this is more of a possibility then you think I remember where it was two years ago I landed in India when I have to go in and make sure that they declare their income how much money how much cash they had so they could pay taxes on a bigger scheme here that states and of course, which is also very important as we know China and Russia are also our big component of this Josh and World alternative media and John I’ve been talking about this also in great detail on their Channel but the last kind of comment. Wanted to bring you guys just to kind of finish this off and kind of have a general discussion is with Donald Trump because Donald Trump what’s your kind of assessment and take is he a part of the game as part of the sky is he playing along there they’re having disputes about the budget.

20 to 20,000 that doesn’t really matter it’s just more theater but how do you guys assess it whoever wants to take it first because that’s very important when you look at the history of the Fiat system for example you look at a thousand years if you functioning fiat currency I might be a little bit.

Thousand years have gone by but today we have information we have the internet we have the access to we are changed Ed Griffin’s work the creature from Jekyll Island we have access to a lamb and I think this is really important because no matter what Trump does residents don’t have a say over that they can make little attitude adjustment but I mean honestly how many times you have to explain if a president goes inside I had II optimistic that president can change all this I think this is going to be more on the people and Innovation on the market to replace that system and obviously I talking about the fat and how it’s a dangerous thing that sits on more of a risk than China find that interesting because if you consider the fact that China is what the International Community seems to be heading to work doesn’t matter whether it’s at China or the Federal Reserve. It’s complete nonsense we have to look to ourselves decentralised compete currencies and stop depending on people to manipulate money and make money for us because it’s nonsense has never worked in historically enslave Millions upon millions of people this whole system with having a central bank we just got to learn and with what Trump is saying that the FED is the enemy will look at what Bank of Japan is done because that’s where we’re going like Bank of Japan Orleans 86.11 percent of all the etf’s they bought stocks about real estate maybe go back to the speech of Ben Bernanke in 2002 when it was put in as a governor not that chair at the time but at the governor he said that you know we need to look at what kind of menus call Alaska salmon need to buy to prop up the economy and he said you know the printing press will never fail if we get deflation we will print enough to conquer the deflation with invoice because if you get. Equation in India economy that’s the mortal enemy of the Keynesian dead by System where you always got to get more debt to pay off that ever increasing interest that doesn’t exist you will have a complete collapse and that’s what they just going to ride it yeah I believe they’re just going to keep on Printing and I believe I found Trump has like zero to nothing to say about that like it’s all set up as a separate entity the Federal Reserve and all of its underlying an old like the exchange stabilization fund that it has he no hiding around in the world I believe they are like a huge part of this whole thing trying to you know use their counterpart he’s probably not with the office is to have around the world feel like o’hare’s a hedge fund over in China they could buy some assets just make it seem like that the FED is all okay but then you have these guys over here you know actually manipulating like right now you’re seeing like the Depeche fat is kind of selling off assets but meanwhile there the other you know Bank of England bank of Japan and and. The other big ones are actually loading off center bank balance sheet globally 3% so it’s like it’s not going down like they’re buying more more assets because it’s a Ponzi scheme you can take for a Ponzi scheme as a guy said I forgot his name and and that’s what this is It’s a massive Global Ponzi scheme that’s run by whole bunch of criminal banksters that he’ll get paid dividends on their investment in the Federal Reserve and then you not going to have you know Donald Trump said he can say everything that he wants you know with the best of intentions but you’re not going to stop this entity that separate from the Garmin to my phone. I’m trying to stay focused on not the original question. Biblical quotation by their fruits you shall know them other way of saying it is actions speak louder than words and I’ve begun to think a lot about those phrases likely because from the day that mr. Trump was elected and we all had many of us at least had so much hope that he was actually going to do something in these areas that we were left with the words but not the action issue after issue we’ve seen the word come on all is finally something is going to happen we’re going to build a wall or whatever it is we’re going to solve this problem has always spoken very suspiciously about the Federal Reserve but he’s never done anything about it which is now in his defense in the law of the Federal Reserve Act which is a cartel agreement that was legalized by Congress and which it says that the president really can’t do nothing about it except a point the chairman of the board. And that kind of thing but he has no control over it and then the Congress has no control over that’s what Congress agreed to give away its power over the monetary system in this is a stupid thing called the Federal Reserve Act I know they said he has appointed to his cabinet some people who were the Federal Reserve and he has a pointed to his people who are kind of woman he said when we got to put an end to all these Foreign Wars but then increases the military budget and does just the opposite I’m back to this thing that actions speak louder than words and that’s my present level of skepticism at the moment let us see what happens I think you’re hot and again 22 trillion dollars just hit today in the comments. Your financial economics theater that we’re all going through and person I want to thank and poko expect a lot more coverage what’s important topics Independent Media thank you again so much watching stay tuned for more here on YouTube, we are change.

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