Luke had a very special guest on today… Angelo John Gage, and he talked about a slurry of important issues dealing with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. With all the latest developments that happened after the G20 summit, and the potential ramifications for American foreign policy and with what’s taking place inside of Syria.

He wanted to talk to Angelo mainly because he doesn’t tell you things that you want to hear. Angelo has pissed-off people in the white nationalist community, as well as both pro and anti-Trump, he is also a US Marine Corps War vet. He’s been there, he’s seen it on the ground, and he’s been making important videos telling people exactly what’s happening. Angelo doesn’t go soft; he tells you exactly how he sees it.

Luke: Angelo, I wanted to talk to you about all these things that are happening, unlike a lot of the other popular social media figures who are pro-Trump you held Trump’s feet to the fire. You were one of the few people who didn’t placate for views and fame. You told people the hard truth whether they wanted to hear it or not. People were angry with you, just like people are angry at me for calling out Donald Trump when he bombed the Syrian air base. When he took down that Syrian airplane when he was doing things that were incredibly horrible towards world peace and the future of Syria. Now with the latest developments that just happened between Trump and Putin what do you take from these latest meetings?

Angelo John Gage:

Well, I like Putin, starting with back in 2013 when ‘apparently’ Assad gassed his own people. Putin was like wait, let’s just hold on for a second. While John Kerry was pushing for war, Putin said let’s send people in there, let’s see what is going on, let’s take away those weapons. So I liked Putin for that, he’s not the kind of person that just goes in, and begins to bomb everybody to show off the strength of a country.

Trump Supporters often claim that Trump is playing 4D chess, which is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. I like Putin; he is a chess player. I like that we can work with Russia, why are crazy liberals or leftists against world peace. We’re not at war with Russia yet, that’s great, I don’t want World War Three with any country. I’ve been to war twice, so to all of these people who are playing Call of Duty, who want to go to war should know. Nobody wins in a war, the politicians might, the special interest groups do, the globalists and the bankers will, but the soldiers, the children and the families who are obliterated don’t. I got PTSD, a lot of my friends came back messed up, some of them never came home. War is not something that’s good, we should always avoid it, but the special interests they want war and are glad to see it. I’m hopeful to see two world powers, get together and hopefully do something good, get rid of ISIS.


It does seem like there was a shift at that G20 meeting but it is difficult to determine what is going on. If you look at US defense spending, they spend almost as much as the other ten highest countries in this world. More than China, more than Russia, more than the UK, Japan, France, Saudi Arabia, India, Germany, Italy, and Brazil combined.

If you look at the United States as a country we’ve been at war, for almost 220 years, the country is only 241 years old. One interesting factor thing in this whole game with ISIS is that there is so much information missing from the mainstream dialogue.

I have one chart up here showing you all the countries that ISIS operates in, all the countries that are against U.S. foreign policy objectives. Look at what happened in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan, all of them have been targets of ISIS. While other countries like Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, the UAE, and Kuwait who have co-operated with the United States, those countries don’t have ISIS destroying their nation.

There’s a bigger scheme here, with the policies of George W. Bush, Barack Obama and now with Donald Trump. Trump has continued some of those failed, horrible policies. What are some of the bigger truths for you, when it comes to the bigger geopolitical picture that we’re all dealing with? What do you think people need to know more about?


You know Israel is very powerful, it’s a very small country, if you criticize the government of Israel or some other country you are called an anti-Semitic or an Islamophobe. That would be like criticizing Nigeria and being told you’re racist. It’s not the case, and we all know it. If you listen to the UN reports Israel, Qatar, all of our allies are funding these different rebels, including the United States. Yes, rebel groups and AIPAC is a powerful lobby with the US Government, and there are other lobbies from other countries. Look at the Saudis they’re very powerful. Trump’s giving them four hundred billion dollars in weapons, what do you think they’re doing with those.

It’s interesting, WikiLeaks posted that Qatar and Saudi Arabia are clandestinely funding ISIS. Trump gives them four hundred billion in arms, where are those arms going? It’s important to see that our allies are involved, there’s interest in the Middle East with many different alliances. We’re spending our tax dollars supporting their air forces, which are shooting down planes that are taking on ISIS.

Israeli government officials have come out and admitted that they’d committed war crimes, in Palestine. The U.S. has also committed war crimes, which is one of the reasons why I woke up. When I got back from the second tour in Iraq, I was just googling things when I learned that we were dropping white phosphorus in Fallujah. They say we are looking for chemical weapons, but when you see the pictures of corpses that are completely toasted black skeletons, you change your perspective. The Israelis do that in Palestine, and Saudi Arabia is doing it right now in Yemen.

So we’re using this nonchemical weapon that burns you to a crisp when it touches your skin. I’m thinking ‘wait I thought we were the good guys,’ so I started questioning Iraq and then 9/11, that’s where I started. I started going through everything, asking about everything and watching all the videos. I started researching all of this, and I got into different types of politics.

I pissed off every group the SPLC, white nationalist, leftist Trump supporters, and one of the reasons why I pissed off Trump supporters Luke is because everyone voted for Trump. Now when I saw him and what he was saying during the campaign that we’re going to bomb the hell out of ISIS. I thought awesome; we’re going to make America great and rebuild the wall, all these wonderful things. No more globalism, that’s what I wanted to hear and what did he do. He launched Tomahawk missiles into Syria without investigation, a sovereign country who’s fighting ISIS.

That was it for me; he just killed people. This man killed people just to show strength. We’re the only country on planet earth that has ever nuked civilian targets. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were civilians heart we nuked them. I mean everyone knows we’re crazy, even Obama was droning people the whole time. It’s not defense spending, I say it’s offense, it’s offensive, we’re spreading our bases all over the world. We keep creeping in, killing Qaddafi, killing Saddam, were they great people, I don’t know. Apparently, Libya was amazing under Qaddafi. Saddam maybe he was a little mean, I don’t know, but all we do is a regime change. We do it for special interests, for our allies, while you and I pay for it all, it’s terrible.


There are the drone strikes that Barack Obama conducted, including the one that killed a 16-year-old American citizen. Donald Trump carried out an attack recently that was planned by Obama and it killed an eight-year-old American girl. You see Trump colluding with Henry Kissinger, and continue the same policies of Barack Obama. I have sounded the alarm for some time, and people hate me for it as you know if you’ve been watching my YouTube channel.

I don’t hate any group of people; I am not racist, I am not anti-Semitic. However, I do not like governments who abuse their authority. Like when Israel decides to bomb Syrian government forces that are fighting radical Islamic terrorists. These same rebel groups that Israel provides support to, that they take care of in the Golan Heights region. I’m reporting this news, but other press is afraid to go that far because they’re concerned about being labeled. It’s common sense, we speak the truth, not to placate an audience, not for fame, not for money because you deserve it. We don’t care about this outside society, and that’s why I wanted to have you on Angelo. Your one of the people who has been holding their feet to the fire, one of the people who are not afraid to be critical of them. In this media game, if you want to be successful, you pick a side, a gang, an affiliation. If you stick to that side, the other will hate you, but supporters will follow you and defend you. You will get the greatest number of followers but guess what, that dichotomy I believe is breaking down, the truth is somewhere in the middle. It is gray, it is not just black and white, there are bigger ramifications, there are bigger things that we all need to understand.

The way you came about this was from a very personal experience; you went through it, you saw it. Is there anything else you want to share, about the journey that you have been on whether it’s waking up or speaking the truth and having people being mad at you. What sticks out to you the most from this journey that you have been on?


I started with Fallujah then I learned about World War Two and the banking system. I ended up watching David Icke; he’s got a very spiritual approach to things. I got into everything; I read all these different books and groups then I realized that everything was about picking sides. It’s all left or right no matter what, race, religion, and politics. Meanwhile these globalists, they’re all over the place, they’re all one big agenda, they’re all different people working together to control everyone. They want us in these boxes, these categories, where we fight over all of these petty problems, and they manipulate us. I realized it’s all just good versus evil.

If you are a good person, I don’t care what color you are, or where you are from. We have to work together to stop evil people. The evil people are a minority on the planet; we have the power to do it. My journey was going through all these different realities and different truths. There are a lot of them, they are very deep, but it’s ultimately irrelevant to the bigger picture.

We have to take action because you could sit there and read a thousand books. It’s like if you were a surgeon, you go to medical school, but you never performed a single surgery. What if you never take action in the real world, then you’re not a surgeon, your just one on paper. I got addicted to reading conspiracy theories and information, and I didn’t do anything with it other than to make some videos, I had to start taking political action.

When Trump bombed Syria, my heart broke. Imagine going to war twice, thinking your there to save these people. There are children; I would throw them water, they were thirsty and starving, we weren’t supposed to do it. Then coming back home, being thanked for your service, then learning that it was all nonsense, it was all a lie.

Then I busted my ass to get Trump elected. I was in all the chat rooms; we were destroying the narratives. I’m in there with people who are making up new hashtags; that trend like crazy. I am busting my rump getting people to vote for Trump, including my family, everyone I know. Then he ordered the Syrian Tomahawk attack, and my heart just snapped it, just broke.

So now I am trying to hold Trump accountable, for what he’s done. So either Trump’s in on it or he’s just too naive, or he’s playing 4D chess.


We’re on the brink of World War 3, it’s ridiculous, it makes no sense at all.


A lot of people have become famous because of Trump, many pundits, that have all these followers, they don’t want to go against him. It’s not about Trump; we could make America great again with or without him, there’s almost a cult of personality with him.

Here comes Trump from out of nowhere, he’s not part of the establishment, he kicked everybody’s ass in his first try, becomes president, it was the greatest victory. I remember watching the election waiting for him to win, we got our country back.

A lot of people have this faith in things; they don’t even care if the person comes through or not, they just live in a fantasy world. While we are here in the real world. That’s why when people say let’s just turn the Middle East into a sheet of glass, which pisses me off. There are people there and children. The people that are saying these things, they haven’t been to war. I’ve been there it’s horrendous, it changes your life, it will mess you up.

I’m susceptible to it; I won’t even watch a war movie. I can’t watch “Saving Private Ryan,” I will be crying. I’ll tell you straight up; it’s because they make it very real looking, you know you lose people, one second you’re talking to a guy, the next second his head’s gone. There are people that want us to go to war, war hawks like, Madeline Albright former Secretary of State who said that Iraq was worth the 500,000 dead children. Think how many stadiums you could fill with their dead bodies. These people are cold-blooded, psychopaths, they are mentally insane.

They are a minority, so we are the majority, but they have a great way of playing on our tribalistic ways. You can be part of a particular race and be proud and happy and your parentage. I’m all for identity, I’m all for protecting yourself, and your people and culture and everything. You can’t allow yourself to be manipulated over pride; it’s okay to be happy. You have to work together with people, who are on the same side as you, even though they might not look like you, they might not quite think like you, but they’re under attack as well.

The globalists are doing this whole thing of picking us off one by one, you know let’s pit this group against that one, it’s all divide and conquer. Eventually, they will try to destroy us all. We need to convince other groups, that while we may have different views on things, we’re all under attack and we need to help each other out.

Even the Republicans and Democrats they’re all pretty much on the same team, we pick a side, we vote for who we want, we argue about the small things that don’t matter.

What about the Federal Reserve, what about the income tax of 30%, every four years you work for a year for free. Our forefathers had a revolution over 3% tea tax. Meanwhile, we’re getting taxed to death, and they are making up theories about global warming, that it’s our fault, it’s not the sun.

Nobody cares because it’s all a big dog and pony show, it’s all bread and circus’s, we got our gadgets our Netflix, our cars that talk to us, our phones are smarter than us. It’s like what Alex Jones says, that it’s a technocracy.


There’s a lot of attention towards drama, should this civil disobedience be done this way or that way. Hang on, wait a minute; there are people dying in Yemen and Syria because of horrible foreign policy decisions. People don’t want to see that; there is a lot of money to me made, there’s a lot of clicks, there’s fame, ego, and pride. Instead of caring about everyone in this world, they care more about themselves or their group or their gang or their affiliation and the material things they are tied to. These people just get me mad. That’s why I’m so happy, that there are people like yourself.

I just wanted to leave you with the last question, we know it’s down to just love and fear, that’s the two basic dichotomies, how do you see things going in the future especially with Donald Trump as our president and with the situation in Syria?


I hope that have some agreement where they stop mingling in Syria. I hope that Trump keeps his word and bombs the hell out of ISIS. I hope he is really playing 4D chess and just playing everyone. I think Putin knows what he’s doing, so I have more hope for Putin. I hope Trump delivers; I’m not going to worship him if he says he is going to do something than I am holding him accountable.

If Trump is naive or being deceived maybe he will stop doing it. It’s up to us to be vigilant and keep the pressure on the people that work for us. We like the guy; he is really funny, he makes funny jokes. However, that’s how you get seduced, and it becomes a cult of personality. Then you let him slide for killing people. There has to be justice in this world, without it, we are just animals.

We have to be more than that, so my message Luke is that, yes it’s fear and love. We’ve got to start loving ourselves enough and respect each other, so we don’t have this new world order elitism trample us.

We don’t have any self-respect because we’re sellouts. We don’t hold our leaders to their promises because were too comfortable. I would rather fight to the death than be enslaved, that’s just me.


Angelo thank you for all your incredible work. I want to thank all you beautiful, amazing human beings for your support; please subscribe to stay in touch with real independent media. Love you guys, stay tuned.

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