World leaders are meeting for a second week of discussions on climate change at COP22 in Morocco. The 22nd conference held in Morocco this year between the United Nations follows the Paris agreement in France which U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has threatened to eliminate.

The meeting has been held almost entirely in secret with mot mainstream media outlets not even mentioning that the meetings started on November 7th and will be held until November 18th.

Donald Trump has continuously said throughout his campaign that he would cancel the Paris accord decided in 2015. Outgoing President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have previously said they will try to implement the accord before Trump’s presidency.

The talks of COP22 ostensibly stem from nearly 200 nations with the collective aim to curb greenhouse gas emissions and setup new ways of renewable energy to phase out fossil fuels. The stated goal is to limit the temperature increase to 2 degrees, envisioning a better world where resources are made available to finance low-carbon economic development for all nations by backing alternative energy sources such as wind, solar and other developing energy solutions.

Trump has previously expressed his strong disregard for climate change, calling it a hoax.

Popular author and independent journalist G. Edward Griffin has held that climate change is indeed a hoax, and is holding a two-day conference on December 3-4, called “Global Warming: An Inconvenient Lie“.

Foreign officials like France’s Francois Hollande have claimed that even if Trump wanted to pull out of the Paris Accord, Article 28 mandates that the U.S. would have to wait four years.

However, there is no such thing as international law.

President Trump is likely to issue an order deleting the U.S. signature from the Paris accord, negating Article 28 of the agreement, and daring the United Nations to do something about it.

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