The Daily Pennsylvanian interviewed Zhexuan Huang, a college sophomore studying at the University of Pennsylvania, has been trapped in Wuhan, China, for the last several weeks.

Huang told the daily student newspaper at the college that he hasn’t left his home in weeks and has been forced to take a semester off.

He said the virus outbreak across the city limited his efforts in renewing his student visa in early January. The US consulate in Guangzhou, China said he would receive a passport next week.

With Wuhan on lockdown and all transportation networks at a standstill, Huang has been stranded with no word on when he can return to school.

“I still haven’t received my passport back, and Wuhan is still completely blocked – like all the public transportation is closed, including airports, even highways,” he said.

He described the shutdown as a “zombie apocalypse,” exactly like what you see in the movies. There are no vehicles on the street, everyone is hiding out in their homes, and businesses have all shuttered, in the city of 11 million people.

He said, “Some people fly their drones outside the city to see the view of the city right now. There are pretty much no cars on the street, like no people walking. The city is like a ghost city.”

Huang emailed all his UPenn professors about his inability to reach the US because of the virus. They all said he wasn’t able to take online classes, though he wouldn’t be charged by the university this semester for missing classes.

And to get a sense of what Huang means when he says, “zombie apocalypse,” we turn to Twitter:

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