Here’s Luke’s latest weekly news wrap-up with many of the stories that are under reported or grossly censored.

This week he dives into Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and of course Israel.

The most shocking, with the most global ramifications is the news that Israel has just attacked the Syrian army inside of Syria.

As many know the Israeli military is financed by U.S. taxpayer dollars

and they are now using that military might to attack Syrian ammunition trucks, tanks, and machine gun positions.

They also attacked a Syrian military vehicle carrying wounded soldiers.

The Israeli military is saying that this is all in retaliation for ten projectiles that fell on the Israeli controlled Golan Heights. The question of course is what were these ten projectiles, who shot them is not known, did they hurt anyone and what motive would Syria have.

Israel used this as justification to attack Syrian forces that are currently in conflict with Al-Nusra Front rebels. The same rebels that have been receiving aid and medical treatment for the last several years in that region from Israel.

The Syrian government forces are actively fighting the Al-Nusra Front rebels and other terrorists, seemingly in retaliation Israel decided to intervene and attack them for it. Now those same jihadists are counter attacking Syria- and Israel is acting as their personal air force.

Now you may ask, why is this a big deal, when this sort of thing has occurred in the past. You have to understand the bigger picture that is not being portrayed in the mainstream media, that is the fact that Donald Trump along with Saudi Arabia and Israel have officially taken the side of the REBELS against the Syrian government which is aligned with China and Russia. This creates a situation that could evolve into a much larger conflict.

Especially when you consider the recent downing of a Syrian airforce bomber by the U.S. that was attacking these terrorists.

When these terrorists get funded and supplied by western backed forces, they are able to spread their hatred and ideologies much further. The United States with it’s allies are literally enabling mass human suffering by the further expansion of terrorism all over the world.

If that is not news then I don’t know what is.

Now here in America we are getting mainstream media reports of the U.S. supposedly bombing ISIS. We are getting official numbers of casualties and it appears that U.S. led airstrikes are mainly killing civilians.

Just in the last month alone 137 children were killed in Syria from these U.S. led airstrikes.

500 civilians have been killed inside Syria by the so called ‘public relation ISIS strikes’, they even bombed a school in Syria, with no international recognition or condemnation.

Meanwhile there is clear video of hundreds of ISIS fighters being allowed to escape Raqqa seemingly unopposed, all while U.S. warplanes fly overhead.

These are the same supposed rebels that American government has been armed, funded and trained in order to establish regime change inside of Syria.

This is why it is not a surprise that this week when Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard who visited Syria and witnessed what was actually happening, put forward a bill to the house called “The Stop Arming Terrorist Bill”, the bill of course failed with only 13 members of our representative government supporting it out of 435 members. ONLY 13!!

This is not that surprising considering that Donald Trump is just continuing the policies of his predecessors George W. Bush and Barack Obama even though he said he would stop the terrorists because that is the common sense thing to do, but no that is not happening.

Now in other human suffering funded by your tax dollar news. We have Saudi Arabia with whom Donald Trump backtracked on, and has now aligned himself with, which has launched 50 air raids inside of Yemen in just the last 24 hours.

U.S. and British governments have actually worked together to attack Yemen, specifically attacking the forces that are fighting Al Qaeda in that region. Now with a superpower bombing the crap out of that country there are over 100,000 people ill from a cholera epidemic.

The epidemic has already killed 1300 people in the last few days with 5000 new cases every day.

While this massive humanitarian crisis is happening, Saudi Arabia decided to bomb a Yemeni hospital that was treating people from this deadly illness.

This is all happening while we are being distracted with asinine, egotistical, pundits that want to argue about whether or not people should crash theater plays. There’s a lot more important things that we should be paying attention to, and Yemen is one of them.

In other important news that you should be aware of, Wikileaks has revealed how the CIA has been hacking WiFi routers for years and has practically compromised every type of router in America.

As big brother spies on you for total control and dominance, the mainstream media keeps obsessing about this Russian hacking story, meanwhile it has just come out that Barack Obama ordered cyber weapons to be installed into Russia’s infrastructure.

People are surprised that Russia may be hacking the U.S. when it turns out we have been doing it to them for quite awhile. The public does not understand that these hacking wars have been happening for a long time. These things are only brought up when they want to push a certain agenda that they want you to believe in.

Now in more propaganda news this week, we have Donald Trump who came out and said that the Clinton’s were guilty with colluding with democrats in order to defeat ‘Crazy Bernie Sanders’.

When Donald was running for President one of his recurring statements was ‘lock her up’, to prosecute her, but yet nothing has happened. Now quite the contrary we have Bernie and Jane Sanders under investigation for supposed bank fraud.

The investigation looks very serious since the Sanders have hired an expensive defense attorney to protect them, as an FBI investigation has been started.

Why can’t the FBI under Donald Trump go after Hillary Clinton- who knowingly broke the law during the Presidential election? Even Donald Trump admits this- why is she so protected.. even from the man who says ‘lock her up’.

Are the Sanders guilty, we don’t know, we will likely find out later. Luke has lost all respect for Bernie Sanders ever since he was knowingly cheated out of the Presidential race by Hillary Clinton- then still decided to capitulate and officially support and endorse her. While also cutting deals with her for the use of private jets and other things, totally selling out all the people that supported him during the election.

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