What if the“fresh” fruits and vegetables we eat, not to mention processed foods, reduce the
cognitive function of people to eat them. Peer-­reviewed studies are providing insight into the facts that GMOs and conventional food sprayed with the popular herbicide roundup, including the chemical glyphosate, dramatically reduce IQ in mammals.

There are glyphosate restrictions that have been implemented across the globe.
Roundup, the popular chemical herbicide used mostly in the USA includes chemicals called
neonicotinoids. These chemicals are a neuroactive nicotine like substance that excites the brain and causes brain damage in bees and mammals as you can read below. The implication is that we are actually addicted to and brain damaged by our food, unless we eat all organic.

A peer-reviewed Japanese study also revealed the addictive and neurotoxic effects of
neonicotinoids on the brain of mammals. Rats affected by the chemical had significant IQ

The European Food and Safety Authority published its peer-reviewed study on how
neonicotinoids are neurotoxic. The EFSA stated in its release:

“The PPR Panel found that acetamiprid and imidacloprid may adversely affect the development of neurons and brain structures associated with functions such as learning and memory. It concluded that some current guidance levels for acceptable exposure to acetamiprid and imidacloprid may not be protective enough to safeguard against developmental neurotoxicity and should be reduced.”

University of Berkeley published studies on IQ reduction, even autism links on seven year old children who were raised in proximity to conventional agricultural areas. Studies like these don’t look good for the children of rural farmland in the USA. It’s up to us to help them and get the USA on the path to be all organic like Denmark.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information published a peer-reviewed study showing the addictive “stimulant” effects of neonicotinoids and their relationship to retardation of brain development. With all of these peer-reviewed studies, it makes one question the rhetoric of the mainstream narrative, that conventional and GMO foods are perfectly safe for us to eat.

The excitatory effects makes these neuroactive chemicals addictive just like nicotine. One can
conclude, the heavier the spray on the food, the more nicotine like cravings the food will have on people, and the more brain damage will be done to the minds of those who eat them. Our nation’s food is being poisoned and the future is being robbed of greater genius!

This author implores you to eat only pure food, grown organically, to protect your mind and to reduce the impact of the industry that is poisoning other people, the precious bees and our

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