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ALERT: New IRS Rule Designed To End Free Speech!

A new dangerous rule by the IRS can retroactively tax any business league, religious organization, labor union, policy advocacy group, educational institutions and more. With extremely broad provisions, this law could turn the already predatory agency into a direct threat to all non-profit groups’ constitutional free speech rights. Will the IRS silence your free speech in 2016? The proposed rule [REG–134417–13] puts accountants in charge of determining if your organization’s free speech is in anyway electioneering. Even just mentioning a candidate could get a group retroactively taxed. It is specifically referring to any time between 60 days of a...

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NYC Ballot Initiative to Investigate WTC Building 7 Faces Challenge

A revolutionary movement in New York City to call for a new investigation of 9/11 legally, using the ballot initiative process, failed. The people however, are moving forward and have learned valuable lessons. A ballot initiative sought to call for a new investigation into the collapse of World Trade Center building 7. Most people don’t know that on 9/11, not two but three buildings fell in NYC. The third, WTC 7, fell at freefall speed, was not struck by a plane, and investigators said it was because of “structural defects and fires.” This is why the organization Architects and Engineers for...

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Top Six States for a Citizen Grand Jury

I’m not a constitutional scholar, I have no degree in law, but the following information I have put together paints a clear picture that the people of the states where feasible, can lawfully challenge corruption at the core of their government institutions to the highest level of the state courts. Corruption in the courts has always existed. There is a deep history of Bar Association corruption, corrupt to their cores, involving bribery both local and international, that if left unchecked by the people is poised to deliver more long-term consequences. The Bar Association is a self-regulating entity. It doesn’t swear an...

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End Wars, Become Independent Media

Independent journalists are exposing the tragedy of our election. The demand for alternative news is on the rise and the collapse of the two-party system that controls it is becoming inevitable as people turn away from corporate sponsored programming and towards free and independent media online. Voters must be conscious of why mainstream media blocks alternative presidential choices and start exploring media that doesn’t have an agenda for “more of the same.” Only six major corporations have been hijacking the elections in a multitude of ways. By controlling 90% of the media, their political opinions are forming the common...

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How We Can Stop All Voter Fraud

Each time there is an election held anywhere in the democratic world, you will undoubtedly hear words like wrongdoing, mishandling, voter fraud and misconduct being thrown around. It has been this way since the dawn of democracy in ancient Athens almost 2500 years ago. Today, technology offers a solution so secure, even banks are adopting it’s principles. What if there was a way that allowed for a secure voting process with greater transparency? What if this same way got rid of not just the highly insecure hackable voting machines, but also all of the inept polling officer and the...

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Warning: Conventional Food Lowers IQ In Mammals

What if the“fresh” fruits and vegetables we eat, not to mention processed foods, reduce the cognitive function of people to eat them. Peer-­reviewed studies are providing insight into the facts that GMOs and conventional food sprayed with the popular herbicide roundup, including the chemical glyphosate, dramatically reduce IQ in mammals. There are glyphosate restrictions that have been implemented across the globe. Roundup, the popular chemical herbicide used mostly in the USA includes chemicals called neonicotinoids. These chemicals are a neuroactive nicotine like substance that excites the brain and causes brain damage in bees and mammals as you can read below. The implication is that we are actually addicted to and brain damaged by our food, unless we eat all organic. A peer-reviewed Japanese study also revealed the addictive and neurotoxic effects of neonicotinoids on the brain of mammals. Rats affected by the chemical had significant IQ reductions. The European Food and Safety Authority published its peer-reviewed study on how neonicotinoids are neurotoxic. The EFSA stated in its release: “The PPR Panel found that acetamiprid and imidacloprid...

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Be The Change, Enlighten Yourself and Others

As you know, We Are Change is an exclusive independent media source for independent thinkers, not conditioned by bias from the right or left political ideologies. Our journalists objectively provide readers with facts, bringing truth to power and opening conversations that will never come about from mainstream news. We all have gratitude for independent journalists and bloggers who investigate and bring important news to online communities. As journalists create content and readers follow, we create symbiosis that improves all of our mental capacities. You benefit when you write about what you read. A Twitter post, a Facebook blog—or better...

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