We go over a lot of things in this video: what’s happening at YouTube, the latest algorithm changes, the latest lies, and what YouTube did when they were caught red handed. 

While there is a lot to complain and moan about, this video isn’t just complaining and moaning. On the one hand, YouTube has given people an amazing opportunity to speak truth to power, but on the other hand, YouTube is becoming the same matrix controlled grid system that it promised it would never be. Oops. 

Not only are content creators and viewers noticing what’s happening, YouTube and their parent company, Alphabet, have even admitted that there is less growth on the platform, lower ad revenue growth, and that they’re losing money. Oops again.

Being an independent content creator isn’t easy. This business is ruthless and difficult, especially when you’re working and creating content every single day. So it really sucks seeing this once amazing platform turn into what it is now. But we’re staying positive and are prepared to continue moving forward into the future.

We want you to be informed when it comes to what is happening on these platforms behind the scenes.

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