In this video, we give you a breakdown of the Joe Rogan interview with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Is Joe Rogan the new establishment mouthpiece?


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Transcript –

Let’s just get into the main story that we want to talk about because just moments ago there’s been a huge backlash against Joe Rogan after he hosted a podcast with of course the CEO of Jack Dorsey in the comment section pretty much says it all as I’m seeing comments like people saying.

Joe Rogan that we on sweetie wants all loved is dead and of course the video is getting completely ratio with only three point two thousand people up voting the interview that Joe Rogan conducted with Jack Dorsey but with over 14,000 people down voting it a big ratio and pretty much the comment section says it all with people saying things like quote people are not buying this PR stunt there’s not another comment saying here remember when Joe was present during an interview? I missed.

Send it to me after watching the interview I do have to say that Jack Dorsey does kind of cut come off a little wacky you kind of comes off more like you was trying to be a religious leader then a CEO of a company but I think people also need to understand that this is ultimately a 41 year old billionaire who does also date 23 year old models and Timmy he was a little bit with just not in touch with reality with what he’s been saying and how he’s been expressing himself on the live stream because a lot of the things that he was saying we’re contradicted with what his Corporation has been doing and we have to understand here as one of the comments reads in the videos quote Jack Dorsey has done more to meddle in our elections then Russia and there’s.

Backlash against Jack Dorsey.

Mainly because.

Believe that Joe Rogan kind of went soft at him and you can see that from some of the comments and he didn’t pressure him and question Jack Dorsey on some of the activities at his mask Corporation conduct now I thought a very interesting part of the interview happened at around 48 minutes and 55 seconds we’re actually Joe Rogan asked about Alex Jones who was terminated from using.

Mosley violating the terms and services and Joe Rogan ask Jack Dorsey pointless.

What did Alex Jones do to get permanently banned which I found interesting because Alex Jones actually launched the whole attack on Joe Rogan just this week alone which was pretty out there Jason to say the least yeah you know.

Bottom line is this man has been set up.

Bob the CIA the Deep State the NSA damn I found am I sick.

Elemeno pea.

The new cult leader.

That’s going to take your kids down an LSD DMT path to hell with magic mushrooms.

Jason you’re not really exaggerated because I was just came up.

Very very speculative and that’s a very nice term to use here and talking about it like inside a references and acting like he knows a lot of secrets that he’s not going public with but also a lot of kind of really kind of far out their comments but it was interesting to see Joe Rogan actually asked Jack Dorsey about Alex Jones and Jack Dorsey even said I’m not even sure what what he actually violated and why was he permanently banned from using the platform so that was a big a contentious point.

As well as the fact that people are accusing now Joe Rogan of deleting a lot of the critical comments of the CEO of Twitter a lot of comments were made by Sargon of akkad there was a comment made by of course Mark Dice as well a lot of those comments were uploaded and a lot of people are saying that they can’t find them anymore on specifically the video that was published by Joe Rogan now Mark Dice actually released a statement saying that he could actually see his own comment but when he logged out of his account you couldn’t see his comment at all which of course people are pointing to clear sensor.

Mark Dice actually tweeted that Joe Rogan and then tweeted a photo of Joe Rogan blocking him and there’s been actually beef between Mark and Joe for a couple years now so it doesn’t surprise me that they have been blocked.

Of course a lot of people right now or staying confirmed Joe Rogan is now helping out Jack Dorsey by deleting critical comments of them on his page and people are saying that this is absolute truth but it could also be a possibility that Joe Rogan who did this video live and then deleted it and then reuploaded it that this was one of the reasons why some of those comments with missing it could also be because of the YouTube algorithm which has a bias against Sargon and Mark Dice another alternative creators and sometimes they down Rank and sometimes they get rid of comments in there as well so it’s actually unclear to see if there was any kind of meddling.

Play Joe Rogan but I hope he makes the statement about it because it wouldn’t look good if he was deleting comments from the bigger discussions that are being had on his video which I think are very important to to discuss and.

Bigger aspect here is of course Jack Dorsey himself and then to me honestly there could have been more to kind.

Question Jack Dorsey have to find out more critically important information because Jack Dorsey himself admits that he is biased and of course every human being is biased.

It came it comes to a point where even conservatives within the Twitter organization have come out and expressed that they don’t feel safe even expressing themselves working for of course Twitter even USA Today came out talking about the political bias and the crackdowns that have been politically motivated inside of Twitter and of course the people who use Twitter now Jack Dorsey just like similar comments he made in The Joe Rogan interview said this doesn’t affect us as as he said before as Mashable cupboard you know the left-leaning bias doesn’t affect content decisions at all and a lot of people are just calling straight out right Hui on that and lies because I think it’s pretty clear to everyone that yes there’s a major bias especially in Twitter especially with what we just saw a recently where we saw a lot of celebrities and mainstream media figures literally call for the doxxing and physic. Violence of teenagers of because they had a Maga hat and were smirking during of course the whole Native American controversy and a lot of those left-wing people who are calling for violence and Dachshund they weren’t punished by Twitter but when similar instances happen for an example when people tell journalists to quote learn-to-code now Twitter see that as abusive Behavior because the quote learn to code is being sent to journalists from predominately BuzzFeed and vice who lost their jobs recently so the biosphere is pretty effing.

Sushi with all the people who were permanently banned from that platform and it’s not just a prominent figures but also bigger organizations as we found out from the Washington times at Twitter suppress messages criticizing Planned Parenthood in other pro-life groups out there the bias is very clear with there censorship with her Shadow Banning and also Shilling for the establishment as it’s not only people on the right we’re getting hit but also a lot of people who are anti establishment like the free thought project the anti-media my personal friend Carey wedler who had our account deleted without an explanation to why it’s happening and it’s also done or bigger.

State government recent as we see Twitter recently takedown hundreds of accounts that were pro-regime of Maduro that were Pro Venezuelan accounts coming from Venezuela talking about their support.

Didn’t want a coup d’etat happening in their country all of those people have been bad it was a similar move also made of course in Syria where a lot of Syrian government accounts and Syrian voices.

Procedural voices Rosso sensor attend and deleted and of course a lot of Close Associates to Nicolas Maduro we’re also just totally blocked and suspend.

From using the platform as we’re seeing just a stunning video of what looks like American military helicopters in Columbia heading towards the Venezuelan border so this was an issue that I think Joe was kind of very soft on an.

In one point I do agree with Joe when he says I’m here to talk to everyone and people accuse him of platforming people and empowering them and I’m kind of with Joe here that he should have a right to talk to everyone in an exchange of dialogue and to have a bigger discussion here that we could get a better understanding overall this is getting a lot of attention this got my attention this had me watching and overall I think these conversations are.

Where the problem comes in and why people are mad.

Cuz when Joe Rogan is says that he wants to talk to everyone he doesn’t believe Indie platformer e the problem comes when he’s literally talkin to the orwellian overlord billionaire D platform King Jack Dorsey himself and this is why a lot of people.

Are having a backlash against this video because they don’t think Joe Rogan.

Argued and and fought for what he said he believed in and he took the situation very lightly and if you truly did believe in talking to everyone and giving everyone a platform you would fight for that kind of idea more than he did to what people accuse him of giving a very soft handed approach to Jack Dorsey and I can understand that sentiment as well do you agree or disagree with that also talks about AI in Bitcoin which I know you’re dying to talk about Jace.

There’s a lots on back there my friend I got to tell you what let’s start with Y Dorsey band me okay.

It was very direct.

You are like the last platform the bad Alex Jones.

Factory like JC we found you that’s when you know no no no that’s not why we did.

Now it is true that is a true statement because Alex Jones outside of the Capitol in Washington DC screamed at Jack Dorsey as he was getting into his car that’s a fact that is absolutely affect now it’s weird that Jason bermas knows why Alex Jones officially got banned by Twitter but Jack Dorsey. Band Alex Jones and is the head of this algorithm I want to talk about an AI that I want to talk about before we get him pushing Bitcoin will get there he he did so because he said in this interview and this is what I’m not going to be so hard on Joe because there’s a lot of stuff that came out in this interview if you listen to it all right he said he didn’t know now they said that the way he treated Oliver Darcy in this interview Dorsey said well he didn’t violate our terms of service until after he was on the radar violated terms of service since I was 16 for it the fact of the matter is I was with thousands.

Terms of service brakes.

After I had a big bowl of chili anyway.

Anyway he says that basically Jones officially got banned for bullying Oliver Darcy and live streaming it on the Twitter platform from the halls of the Capitol building now that if you doubt me I’m sure you can pick those up somewhere was pretty funny was calling like a raccoon look out evil is you can tell so that’s why Jack Dorsey doesn’t know that I know that now.

Dorsey also starts talking about how the algorithm curates content and he also starts talking about how it is an AI algorithm now Rogan then goes wait a minute it’s so this is all run by Ai and and he’s he’s literally asked he does he he says the c word Luke he asked him what should we have artificial intelligence censoring speech.

Anthony presenting says no it’s about Dan down ranking people who have a set of history of quote abusive Behavior but who’s who decided that abusive behavior and he’s talking about how people who they don’t like their responses won’t show up in the response feed which I found a stunning admission.

For him to actually bring.

So all that comes out right then he starts talking about some safe nuts to try to get around box right because you know Russia they had all those Twitter Bots and you know they don’t really care about that but he starts talking about facial recognition.

And then Jose like wait a minute facial recognition and then door she’s like oh no we’re just going to we’re not going to actually take your face yeah I’m sure we’re just going to make sure it’s a human being it’s a real person tweeting this stuff out.

So think about how.

Farthest 140 to 280 now characters.

Social media machine has got that it wants to basically biometrically identify your tweets then let an AI algorithm rate them and whether they should be curated up or down very spooky.

Call the salsa Works in hand.

Of course his app the cash app which also is integrated with Bitcoin which he pumped pretty heavily on The Joe Rogan podcast and talked about how.

Currencies are really the the currency of the future and if they’re in hands of someone with Jack Dorsey who’s already using AI who’s already coming off like kind of trying to be a religious figure here talking about oh yeah don’t wear your your your you know your face scans it won’t be used with anybody else I don’t believe it and it makes it very critical. Of course this kind of pumps up Bitcoin but at the same time it makes me worried because again as we covered on the Shadow the potential of Bitcoin is a two-sided it’s it’s a new form of Technology but that technology could be used for sinister purposes as much as it could be used for good purposes and there has been a big establishment push to watch monitor survey land keep track of any kind of transaction that happens out of course this bigger public blockchain I can be used for coarse very Sinister controlling motives so and they got everything here has to be taken with a grain of salt I’m happy that this interview happened I’m happy that we got to understand. Orbit I do understand why people are being critical of jail for giving this kind of soft approach but ultimately I would rather know and rather see this then not and even though he’s getting a lot of flack.

Overall a good important discussion that needed to be had a time and I’m happy you was.

No I absolutely agree Luke you know I’m I’m glad it’s out there getting you a lot of admissions here you see how the company is run from this guy’s perspective at least he’s willing to Shell out listen Ro going to ask some tough questions he just didn’t follow up with any of them he just took his his word you know what I mean and let him kind of talk around these things again what we got out of this is that we have a company that does have a bias is absolutely left-leaning is letting an AI algorithm dictate who gets to say what and when and where that goes and he kept your was really funny look he kept trying to promote not following people but to follow subject matter and one of the big things that he kept going back to his barracks.

So this guy is obviously anti brexit in every single way shape and form I mean the way they were talking about for Raj and his point of view and remember we talked about brexit earlier in the program that’s a pro people movement. All right so again in this just shows you that we need another platform guys Twitter is not it Twitter Twitter is going to have a limited lifespan it’s not going to be the end-all-be-all guess what Facebook is not going to be either let me tell you something that I’m not I live at the kids but they both have phones right.

You can kind of tell patterns on social media and Facebook was the biggest thing well this generation that is all Snapchat Facebook’s got to die down for my generation or generation mid-twenties upper forties into 50s the kids are really use.

These kids there they’re eight nine there on Tik Tok we don’t even know what’s going to be the next Twitter so Dorsey enjoy your bill and billions of dollars be smart now with your nose ring because the people will figure it out I promise.

Yeah and it was interesting because I got a lot of the conversations were very generalized were very vague they weren’t very much to the point that I do wish Joe Rogan would have followed up and kind of held his feet to the fire a little bit he had to have this kind of balance because he knows he wants to keep having powerful people on.

Same time his audience is very mad at him and and you know Jack Dorsey he kept talking about how he wants to help people and and serve people I think overall even when you look the basic understandings of.

Technological advancements in social media it is pretty clear by many scientific methods and by many scientific discoveries that social media by and large has been a very negative impact on human civilization of course there’s some good aspects of it but overall as far as depression as far as what’s been happening especially the the hate cliques that have been incentivize the censoring the manipulation of been happening behind the scenes for of course the powerful that Twitter does that Jack Dorsey is guilty of I don’t buy when he’s on that Joe Rogan show and says he wants to help people and serve people because again bad things have been done with good intentions and I think this is the case I think this is why there’s such a backlash with so many people disappointed.

Jack dorsey’s feet weren’t out of the fire and I agree with that.

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