In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the odd tweets coming from intelligence regarding Black Panther during the Oscars. Why Is The Deep State Tweeting About Black Panther At The Oscars?

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So yeah I am about to commit career suicide Now by criticizing two important topics the first one being the CIA and the second Black Panther.

So are ya wish me luck luck with that and continuing on like most people I avoided the big trash keep that is the Oscars because I don’t know about you but watching rich people kind of Pat themselves excuse me sorry let me clarify here watching Rich sexual predators and their victims Pat themselves on their backs and they wore themselves and celebrate themselves that really sucked I like to enjoy cuz it’s pretty dumb but one thing I found extremely intriguing is that the cia’s Twitter account that usually is very reserved rarely post started for some reason obsessively tweeting about Marvel’s movie Black Panther apart of their quote hash tag real vs. reel seat is a series and launched a tweetstorm about the movie which left me ask him a question why is the CIA promoting perfect Panther I’m talking about nanotech smart dust which of course we’re going to try to answer in this video out so you had before our careers are totally trashed for being critical of the CIA in Black Panther please please don’t forget to go to. Change to Oregon sign up on our email list just right in the top hand corner and you get to sign up to our free newsletter which of course will also give you exclusive content for free we also have a paid membership that keeps us fully free and independent and we of course hope you check that out as well since of course we are supported and back by you. Don’t forget to check out the Donate page to but seriously to sign up on my email list because if we get screwed by the algorithm where have our Channel deleted the only way to reach.

You’re from us or Keep Us Alive.

Do not email list so yeah so please sign up there now let’s just be honest here because the CIA the Central Intelligence Agency is really a controversial unaccountable agency that previously was caught financing terrorists and selling drugs here in the United States so I do have to say it’s very strange to see headlines especially like this from Fox News saying quote why I love the Oscars this year and sucked into CIA sorry you did not Mr Trump ends it is definitely strange to say the least to see this secretive covert agency obsessing about a movie of all things in what allegedly is there campaign supposedly to educate readers about the agency and help distinguish its fictional portrayal on film from reality and I’m here because I want to see movies movies are form of entertainment but they’re also a form of kind of hypnosis a form of Mind Control. Of course plays on your subconscious and implants ideas on their this is why a lot of cigarette companies pay top dollar to have movie stars smoke cigarettes inside of major movies we saw this of course especially in die hard especially after what’s that bald guys name he had hair hear Bruce Willis Bruce Willis was filmed smoking a cigarette after a very tense scene with him relaxing being a superhero of that story cigarette companies pay top dollar for that kind of subconscious engineering which again is a very low-level form of mind control and hypnosis now surely if of course cigarette companies are in the game of implanting messages in movies too of course game profits why wouldn’t governments do that we’re off course you could have on a countable government agencies that fund terrorists and sell drugs and I hope you look at the movie Black Panther which I have to honestly say here why does.

It’s okay movie it was average I don’t know why people are claiming it’s one of the best most amazing most spectacular movie it was it was okay it was just all right but if you look at Black Panther during the movie CIA officer plays the main character in the story whose efforts of course save the fictional non colonized city of Wauconda in that movie personally I do not think that this is accidental at all especially since previous Freedom of Information Act request have found out that US government agencies predominantly coming from the military have been playing a very significant roles in many movies as even the independent points out that flight 93 Ice Road Truckers and even Army right wives have been receiving backing from the Pentagon and of course the CIA has one of these government agencies that has a historical extent of shadowy involvement and side of Hollywood many filmmakers producers and even. Actors have been previously revealed to be CIA agents and their involvement of course is very questionable because their involvement is very clear that it does exist but it is still surely unknown to what extent what even some people and even some learning institutions going as far as to even claim that the CIA shapes many of the popular films and television out there and I believe that is very very very possible especially if you look at a lot of the cohesive messaging the lot of these top Hollywood movies have we even see the other government agencies like the Department of Defense last year during the Oscars even publicly tweeting it’s Oscars Sunday and did you know that the Department of Defense works with Hollywood to ensure the military is correctly portrayed in films I got this is a government agency which should not be trusted at all and for free. People trust me they’re not trying to make sure that the military is correctly controlled as you’re about to see because with this involvement and this cozy relationship between government agencies in Hollywood of course I’m just the smallest level alone the government agencies allow movie producers and filmmakers to play with some of their toys there military tanks their military equipment as well as the people who could operate them for movies for their special effects in exchange for of course helping to read and edit the script to make sure that quote that military is correctly portrayed but is that really what they’re doing this is just the lowest level of relationship and participation that is happening between government agencies and Hollywood what’s in this instance we haven’t even found out that the government has removed references specifically in the movie Holes.

That came out in 2003 which eluded that the US military used chemical weapons pesticides and other poisons on the Vietnamese countryside’s which caused the tremendous amount of damage the government agency nope you are not making a reference are talkin about any of that if you want our support and the Hulk complied about again true events if you have course look into agent orange and the USS history of using this biological weapon in Vietnam it’s not just the Hulk it’s also Iron Man and Transformers by the way Iron Man and Hulk were made by the same Studio as of course black panther as well but it’s a slew of other movies Terminator Transformers King Kong Superman all these movies have been changed because a government agency does not want you to learn about a particular truth about them an Ironman specifically talk about Soldier suicide was removed which of course is a big epidemic that we have to face in and not sensor in the United States as even the guard. Points out a quote National Emergency with the suicides rates Spike among young US veterans a fact that government agencies are manipulating to not even have discussed in movies and of course this larger extortion racket where they just openly lie to you and these instances go on and on and on with countless of movies were being manipulated censored and altered, of course push a certain narrative and there’s too many narrative to even mention here would all the instances that this happened but we have to ask the question.

What’s kind of bigger narrative here behind black panther but the CIA so gleefully enjoys talking about and promoting of course I think it’s important.

Pain all ideas and possibilities here because again we’re entering into the world of speculation since there’s very little evidence if if any really to pinpoint us to a direct answer to the speaker question and I think that’s important to note here to have an intellectually honest discussion about this one Theory could be the promotion of diversity which the CIA says according to Time Magazine and their Anonymous sources that it is their latest mission to improve diversity both inside and out of the agency which looks like they have been doing that with a lot of major position moves and terminology used by this kind of wider push for diversity promoting a film that is known for that during an award ceremony that many people are calling a quote banner year for diversity as that movie won three Awards during it now whether you think diversity is a good thing or bad thing that’s a whole nother subject in itself that we will not be getting in this video but other. Would probably argue that this is something that the media doesn’t need to be manipulated to do in itself another possibility could of course be brought our conversation and introduction to new technology which could be being prepared for public consumption specifically because the majority of the CIA tweets were about new advanced technology passively nanotech smartest technology which of course has very very terrifying and worrying implications what according to some already exists and has been used in the form of military use before now that of course is also one possibility that we could entertain here and the last ones that I really wanted to entertain that it could actually be all of the above and none of the above since the CIA usually posts pretty ridiculous and stupid stuff sometimes now of course if you look at the historic media manipulation that the CIA has been doing for a number of years now that is very well-documented. That’s a little bit less likely of the case to be honest from my own personal opinion but what do you think let me know if course in the comments section below if you think it fits I’ll come one two three or none of the above but regardless of that this government agency’s involvement with Hollywood should be extremely worrying and concerning regardless if you like the movie or not I was just an average movie like I don’t know why people don’t freaking going crazy over black it was okay I was sleep wasn’t that good and I agree with some of the criticism that the CIA has been receiving from this of course tweetstorm which is pretty hilarious and itself people saying stop it comparing the CIA to mr. Burns of The Simpsons trying to be cool and overall just a larger repudiation of this kind of bigger PR stunt.

Has me talking about it I thought this was a pretty pointed response to it all saying quote to disgraceful this agency dropped the ball I’m not 11 San Bernardino Fort Hood it and so many other intelligent.

Failures maybe you should spend less time tweeting about Hollywood and fiction… And I think that’s a very valid point being made here since you know this is an agency that is hired by us is supposed to be working for us is financed by our money especially from an agency that has been financing terrorists for decades now even recently and of course shipping drugs helping out not only drug cartels but dictators all around the world overthrowing democratically elected leaders without of course any accountability so yeah before I get black bagged and sent them to get milk I still think it’s very important to understand The Hidden Hand and influence that we have in our entertainment industry and the messages that are being sent to us because of that for me personally there’s a bigger agenda being played here especially dividing and conquering people so we hate each other so we attack each other and don’t focus on solving real problems and going after the Creator’s. Those problems which usually are very powerful individuals or institutions or organizations or businesses that have been able to buy themselves special privileges let’s just be honest here this is the reality of the world that we’re living at end of course you’re never going to deal with these bigger institutions he’s bigger problems corporations governments if we just keep fighting each other into me the media especially in today’s date.

Focus and centered on doing that more in our society than ever and that’s why I think it’s extremely important for people understand that usually if you’re consuming a piece of entertainment especially if it’s Hollywood or a big money for the auction there usually is some kind of sinister hand emotive in there they you should look out for him be aware be aware.

That’s just my personal opinion if you grew me share this video with your friends and family members in please again.

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