In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down the latest news on Senator Marco Rubio announcement for his 2016 Presidential bid. He goes over Rubio’s political record and influences that turned him from the tea party to becoming a totally neocon that will continue the globalist policies of Bush and Obama.


Presidential hopefuls Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz suck up to billionaire Kochs at secretive event

Potential 2016 contender Marco Rubio urges an interventionist foreign policy

Rubio: We need to prepare public for war w Iran
Marco Rubio: U.S. may have to strike Iran Rubio wants ammunition for Syrian rebels

Marco Rubio: George W. Bush ‘Did a Fantastic Job’ Rubio Schools Obama On Israel

Marco Rubio Delivers Blistering Speech on Obama’s Assault on Israel Rubio as vice president: the Bilderberg conspiracy

The Nation: Conspiracy Theorists Unite; A Secret Conference Thought to Rule the World

WeAreChange Senator Rubio Confronted on Bilderberg

Marco Rubio: Everyone spies on everyone

Tea Party’s Senator Rubio against relaxing pot laws but won’t answer if he smoked pot

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