Following the failed “coup” or faked coup in Turkey on Friday night, Wikileaks has announced that they will release 100,000 documents on Turkey’s power structure.


The whistleblower organization promised this year would be huge, and has announced that it’s prepping for a fight against Turkey.

Officially, the coup in Turkey was suppressed but many questions were left unanswered — like how does such a low ranking military official get the support of so many soldiers?

Reuters pointed out another anomaly, that President Erdogan was out on vacation and on his way back when the coup happened but rebel fighter jets had his plane clear in their sights and didn’t fire any shots.

This leads many to believe that the Turkey coup could have been a false flag operation aimed at purging the Turkish military of opposition to Erdogan.

Fethullah Gulen, the leader accused of perpetrating the coup, has strongly denied the claims and even said that Turkish President Erdogan is responsible for the coup “orchestrated to justify a clampdown on civil rights.” Turkey has demanded that the U.S. extradite Gulen to face charges of treason for the coup.

Fetullah Gulen and President Erdogan used to be close allies in the 1990’s. Here’s a photo of them:


“I condemn in the strongest terms, the attempted military coup in Turkey.”
~Fetullah Gulen

While Turkish Secretary of Labor Süleyman Soylu has accused the U.S. and CIA of being behind the attempted coup in Turkey Friday, night.

With a Turkish regime that has been cracking down on journalists and dissidents it’s highly possible that Erdogan staged the coup to further crackdown on Turkish citizens’ rights. Erdogan has previously said he wants to change Turkey’s government from a form of Parliamentary Government to a Presidential Government.

Over 6,000 Turkish soldiers that participated in the coup have been arrested, bound and stripped naked a move that is sending shockwaves around the world.

Could Wikileaks documents prove that the Turkish President could be behind such a travesty to attack and kill his own people?

One thing is for sure, Erdogan himself speaks volumes when it comes to his leadership in making a comparison to how effective Hitler’s government worked. Although the Turkish President later claimed the statement was misconstrued it’s quite worrying.

“Hitler’s Germany was one example in history where the presidential system had functioned
When you look at Hitler’s Germany, you’ll see it there. There are authoritarian structures coming out of parliamentary systems. Hitler’s Germany was born out of a parliamentary system.”  ~President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

In killing the Kurdish people, detaining the press, assassinating journalists, and allowing and possibly arming ISIS, Erdogan is definitely following in his hero’s footsteps towards a better Third Reich Germany…I mean Turkey.

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