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It seems like the news is mainly dominated by natural disasters right now especially with Hurricane Irma devastating Caribbean islands and flattening homes as I write this. It’s making its way towards Florida and wildfires are devastating the west coast at the same time.

Since we’re seeing an oversaturation of news coverage on national disasters I wanted to make this video about the end of the US petrodollar, the poisoning of our food, and water supplies. Also, there is great news for the military-industrial complex and a stunning move by the FDA that soon may cure PTSD with ecstasy. We’re also going to get into the bigger truths of the Utah nurse arrest. Plus a lot more.

Let’s start today with some great news for the military-industrial complex as Donald Trump has just announced that he will sell South Korea billions of dollars in weapons loosening the restrictions on South Korea’s maximum payload for missiles. Which will lead of course to more U.S. arms sales, one of the biggest growing profitable businesses in the United States.

We’re also learning today that a lot of these great military contractors are getting access to Donald Trump through a secret Golf Club membership. Through his private club, a new list reveals the lobbyists and CEOs are paying millions to get gain access to the US president. Yeah, that is not a surprise, that’s how business is done here in the United States. This is why Donald Trump got rid of all the outsiders in his administration and replaced them with just the corporatists. People from Goldman Sachs, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and I could go on and on. We have been seeing the effects of that with Donald Trump ramping up defense spending while other less profitable ventures well yeah they’re not that interesting.

This latest economic boom for military contractors comes mainly due to the most recent news of North Korea. Which as we uncovered in this YouTube channel you’re not getting the full truth about. The fact that North Korea wants to negotiate on nuclear weapons, but the mainstream media does not find that important to tell you.

I mean it’s pretty clear right now to anyone paying attention especially if you’ve been following American foreign policy that the main thing that’s keeping the U.S. Empire alive is military supremacy.

The there is the U.S. petrodollar which the United States defends at any cost. Just ask the people of say Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, China, Russia, and others. For some reason, those countries are seen as a threat, or they’re invaded and destroyed from the inside. This petrodollar hegemony should be a well-known fact since it’s the main reason the United States is the foremost superpower in the world. Everyone is trading in U.S. dollars, especially for oil.

The latest head-butting between the United States and China especially with Donald Trump threatening the countries who do business with North Korea. Which is mostly China. We have seen a very significant move away from the dollar in China. Just days ago China launched a plan for crude oil future contracts priced in Yuan and convertible into gold. In what analysts say could be a game-changer for the industry.

The article that broke this story stated, “China, sees new world order with oil benchmark backed by gold.” China who is the world’s biggest oil importer allows Russia and Iran to circumvent US sanctions by trading in the Yuan which they could turn into gold.

This could reset the world’s reserve currency system and is a major game changer that directly cuts out the US dollar. We have already seen the economic effects of this news with the US dollar falling shortly after this announcement.

China is showing the United States that they mean business they will not allow the U.S. to invade North Korea. This is just an escalation of conflicts that have been happening between the United States and China for many years. China has just held a military exercise to fend off a “surprise attack” along the North Korean border. Demonstrating their military prowess and of course more saber rattling.

We’ve been covering the U.S. Petrodollar for a very long time since it’s key to understanding U.S. foreign policy and it’s not what the mainstream media tells you to believe. We made a full comprehensive video some time ago talking about when the Chinese decided to have their currency the Yuan backed by gold. We saw this as an escalation of this bigger economic war that’s happening. Now that countries have decided to trade oil with that currency the bigger question has to be asked; will this bring an end to the U.S. petrodollar.

After researching this, I don’t think can happen quite yet. Not unless the Chinese can establish a better relationship with Saudi Arabia and break the U.S.-Saudi alliance. An association that has been working in cooperation with each other ever since Henry Kissinger was able to work out a deal with them about trading and selling oil only in the US dollar. I would expect some economic hit on the U.S. dollar and its purchasing power.

Now moving forward in rather hopeful, happy, and positive news an oh no sorry. We’re learning that in the United Kingdom traces of 123 pesticides including those linked to cancer, hormone disruption, and damage to brain development have been found in fresh produce supplied to primary schoolchildren. Produced delivered through a government scheme aimed at promoting healthy eating habits.

Ever since factory farming was introduced to the world, we see more pesticides used in our fruits and vegetables which are a way for a lot of these big farming companies to make more profit. Having less food waste because less food is being eaten away by bugs. In exchange for that, there are some damaging effects.

Yeah, that’s not good news. At least we have water, right? Nope as we’re just finding out from a new study that tested tap water all around the world. It’s showing how billions of people globally are drinking water contaminated by plastic particles. With 83 percent of samples found to be polluted. The United States has the highest contamination rate at 94% with synthetic fibers found in tap water. They tested at sites including Congress buildings, the EPA, Trump Tower, and other locations. Plastic and water create an estrogen mimicker and other hazardous damaging effects on the human body.

Now some good news. If you have some post-traumatic stress disorder, like from your food and water supply being poisoned as people argue over statues and other meaningless mimicking things that do not affect your life. The FDA just granted a breakthrough status for ecstasy for its effects on post-traumatic stress disorder. Ecstasy was used by the FDA in trial runs on roughly 200 to 300 patients with severe post-traumatic stress disorder. The results showed a remarkable improvement in most patients with 61% reporting no PTSD symptoms after two months, and 68% of the patients being PTSD free after a year. The FDA is proceeding with a third breakthrough trial run that may make it legal to have medical ecstasy to fix and cure post-traumatic stress disorder on the market.

However, I don’t trust the FDA since you know they’re okay with the party drug ecstasy but not marijuana for some reason. They still deny medical marijuana to US veterans. Even with government studies showing how legal marijuana is reducing the number of teens using it. That probably has no connection at all to the prison industrial complex being a big business in some states arresting people for using the plant.

Which brings us a very nice segue of the Utah nurse that was recently arrested because she refused police officers request to draw blood from a patient without a warrant and the patient’s consent. She, of course, was assaulted and arrested for following the law. We have just learned from a whistleblower police officer what could is likely the cause and motivation for this false arrest.

The police officers in Salt Lake City Utah are ordered to make five arrests a day. This policy is a very personal issue for me especially living in New York City where I see this unwritten quota on police officers to write tickets and arrest people. This leads to gross violations and misconduct by police officers for trivial crimes. I have seen people here in New York City get tickets for many trivial reasons. Including in the subways for having a coffee or walking too fast there. People also get arrested for riding there bike on the sidewalk or entering Central Park at midnight.

This policy pisses me off because as we know the job of a police officer is already extremely difficult. They deal with some of the worst aspects of our society but establishing quotas only makes things worse. It should be obvious there is a direct correlation with revenue for the state and putting people in jail.

So here we have another booming business inside of the United States. We have more people incarcerated here than anywhere else in the world. This is likely why the police officer who violated the law most likely won’t be facing any charges. Hospitals like have begun setting up policies where they ban police officers from direct contact with nurses.

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