In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the Green New Deal that was presented by Ocasio-Cortez in resolution form. Is it as outrageous as everyone says?

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Well first we had ManBearPig and Al Gore and now we have Alexandria ocasio-cortez and the brand deal that is. Yeah it’s kind of off the charts and it’s lunacy aside from a lot of things I’m going to pick a part it’s not new it’s not really a deal for any of the people and the facts. They tried to put out that they were going to promote this phone has what resolution cuz it’s not a bill let’s get that clear right now it’s not a bill actually did have the unwilling to work they weren’t sure whether they were going to get rid of supposed how far to an airplane’s in 10 years kind of insane language and the resolution when you pick it apart again is no better route so it is nuts yeah I’m hearing a lot of crazy details coming out of this that are just unbelievable I’m like. There’s no way that’s it.

Oh yeah they’re actually calling everyone of course the saying that this is impossible but the plan was to take the money that is collected through taxes it and spend it on this kind of thing but everyone says it’s virtually impossible but that’s why I’m here in High-Speed Rail that makes a lot of sense but then when you get into the nitty-gritty about replacing airplanes with speed rails and heavier than sand rail Cassio Court.

Is kind of well-meaning but my own and Ford of you and I know me and you disagree with this on Jason is that she’s kind of coming coming on saying well this is a big problem with government which is something I know so let’s start with that right as you can see here are green New Deal is actually a paper that was put together in 2008 for a lot of proponents of what he coil and carbon taxes and trading Loop this thing is littered with it littered with it now somewhere really more upsetting things about this is actually some truth in it for instance you know they talk about the financial crisis they talk about the corrupt banking system they talk about the current Financial system inflation a lot of real things. And then it’s kind of warped into the situation where they’re going to tell you that we need 0 Greenhouse emissions by 2050 and that are 2010 levels all right and this is actually even mentioned in the resolution by the way guys I don’t know if you know where in 2019 I don’t know if I were so worried about the level we’re going to affect that but it needs to be a story to 60% decrease of greenhouse gas emissions from Human sources that is a direct quote from the actual resolution which is a separate document about that folks what are greenhouse gas emissions that means you have to drive your car to 60% less that means you literally have to breathe for you to 60% carbon tax and you emit carbon dioxide be evil the evil greenhouse gas that needs to be packed and then somehow globally. We got the US on pork Luke but we’re going to have met 0. By 2050 I hope you live in 2050 I know you do too I don’t live in Imaginationland I think that’s possible. Government but I think we do agree on is that yes our environment is being destroyed and that there are certain of it because if you really look at the bigger back between taking care of the environment the US military industrial complex as one of the bigger picture here we have to counter in China Africa and India and their pollution in the plastic kind of our environment or four of the. A lot of police use this kind of global warming kind of talking points to say we need a carbon tax to say we need to punish regular form of control and another form of just biased information being thrown at you being like you the individual responsible for the governor of New York, who sang all this is a great idea let’s propose our own going down in financial ruin steri soon as it is incredible what’s happening here but do you know the problem portable Solution that’s going to make things that much worse and this is why. I want to highlight some of the other lunacy in this thing is it all sounds great on paper right we’re going to meet 100% of the power to man in the United States through clean renewable and 0 I mean when sore you name it we’re going to do it I am all for that I honestly believe there are a lot of suppressed Technologies out there but it’s another biggest you not talked about a huge issue. Of course oil cartels have been suppressing and keeping down with of course government so I don’t think I’m at all the time text bigger time is of course.

What’s your address at all sorry go ahead Jason sounds great on paper I was just saying there’s a great possibility of suppressed technology.

Tells out there that control the oil industry the natural gas industry in the Solar industry now to some extent you know these big businesses now we’re in full control of that but I want to say that they go beyond that they say they’re going to fix every single problem in the world I’m going to read this passage word for word of this is in the resolution and it is so far beyond reality that we think we can do this at 8 to it speaks for itself. They’re going to put on quote promote Justice and Equity by stopping current preventing future and repairing they’re going to repair historic oppression of indigenous peoples communities of color vibrant communities as communities are depopulated rural communities for low-income workers women the elderly. Resolution as the front line and vulnerable Community let me explain what they just said they’re going to fix every problem ever and they’re going to repair everything you’ve ever done that’s wrong historically they lick every oppressed group they don’t say how they’re going to do it they can think about what that says I mean they actually included women in their eyes half the global population in history we’re going to fix all the wrongs ever two women Luke. Are we going to be this is a bigger issue here because they come up with some of the problems and we’re going to give you this for free Nothing is for free in the United States is in so much debt and I honestly I honestly this is I believe that’s a whole different topic. Call fear because there’s also important aspects of this because there’s actually the physical writings there’s also some talking points ever leaked let us know obviously know where does it matter that it’s post sponsored by Corey the fake Booker running for 2020 president does not matter because again once you look into this thing again peak oil promoted by this organization but. Although she said unwilling to work in the document itself Loop it clearly states they’re going to guarantee jobs to everybody let’s read that is so people can understand again how ridiculous these promises are there going to be guaranteeing a job with Ace family sustaining. Adequate Family and Medical Leave paid vacations you don’t get paid vacation. This guy not most people in this country anymore pretty to all people of the United States that’s a guarantee to a level it doesn’t matter your education level you are now guaranteed a retirement plan medical benefits does it matter if you want to show up I guess 20 hours to work 5 hours 1 hour maybe you want to call it in I don’t know when I read this crap but I do know that this green New Deal the bigger document gear lube actually calls for a at one point a carbon army yes a carbon Army and we have to remember in the actual document does get where we’re going to differentiate from the nonsense talking points that got leaked to the public that are just totally bad that ass crazy. To the fan. But they say that they’re going to create every single building in this country as a power station upgrading all existing buildings in the United States and building new buildings to achieve maximum Energy Efficiency water efficiency safety affordability comfort and durability including through electrification and you’d probably smart grids and you control systems by the government with keypad direct people would wake up there’s also bigger Factor here that allows raw elements metals that actually caused a lot of environmental destruction are actually one of the resources used in Wildhorse real free energy is being suppressed out there and they say Alexandria Democratic Party. Institution most people would just wake up and if you guys are there my box miss my flight so folks again you have to read this for yourself to put this up on screen just so people can read it they want to create and train a carbon Army of workers to provide the human resources for vast environmental reconstruction program if that’s not scary I don’t know what is remember we are truly Independent Media, you’re not from the left from the right but straightforward with the truth with the documents so please support us get out of town subscribestar describes the backup Channel and if you can please subscribe to our page newsletter lot of free content there and help support this media organization thank you very much. Stay tuned for a lot more here on we are change.

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