JUST ANNOUNCED: Change Media University BootCamp At PorcFest

We are very happy to announce that at the 2015 PorcFest we will be holding another Change Media University Bootcamp! If you don’t know what PorcFest is, the best way to describe it is as a yearly anarchist burning man festival in New Hampshire. You can find out more about it by going on their website HERE.


FREE TALK: “Making A Living Pissing Off Politicians”

Where: The Atlas tent

When:  Wednesday, 24 June 2015 2pm

ALL DAY BOOTCAMP: $99.27  Early Special

Where: The Expo Lounge

When: Thursday, 25 June 2015, starting at 12 Noon

The all day bootcamp RIGHT NOW is $99.27 

The price goes up to $157.27  1 week before the event and for on site registration. BTC and silver are accepted on site for the original price of $99.27



1. A full day of one on one, training you personally on the entire Change Media University Course. You will also be registered for the online courses after the bootcamp.

2. Interactive games, drills, obstacles course, special prizes with physical and mental workouts.

3. This is not your ordinary bootcamp. We will go from the full spectrum of laughing yoga to tequila shots. LITERALLY

4. This course is not only meant to be informative but a course to have fun and let loose.

5. We will not only teach you informative ways to start your journalism career or to make a significant presence online but try to shape you to be the best, positive, most productive version of yourself.

6. Here is a snippet of what to expect


*We did this course in Mexico at ANARCHAPULCO with 52 students and had a 100% satisfaction rate with no refunds requested. If at the end of the course you feel like you did not get the value of what you paid for, we will personally issue you a refund.*



The mainstream media has failed us time and time again. Their appalling lack of integrity, tenacity, and spine continues on a daily basis, insulting anyone paying attention. We Are Change is creating a platform where aspiring journalists can achieve success and develop their careers without jumping through degrading corporate hoops.12 years ago with a cheap camera borrowed from a friend, I dedicated my life to confronting those who repeatedly escaped justice. No longer would the perpetrators of hate and violence continue to walk amongst us without repercussions.We have successfully exposed the hypocrisies of Henry Kissinger, Ben Bernanke, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, Jacob Rothschild, Mayor Bloomberg, Larry Silverstein, and the Rockefeller family. We have reached millions of people, operating on a shoestring budget while effecting laws, vindicating people who were falsely charged, creating national debates, and awareness on issues that would have never seen the light of day.Our mission is to create a new generation of journalists, unafraid of institutionalized authority, unafraid to challenge the status quo and preconceived notions. Let’s promote honesty, open discussion, transparency, compassion, and critical thinking.We Are Change is producing a world of dedicated journalists. Instead of talking heads parroting press releases, we want to inspire investigative reporters to spread across every city digging for answers while poking holes in the “official” versions of events.


Boot Camp Instructor / Speaker

avatar for Luke Rudowski

Luke Rudowski

Founder, We Are Change
Luke Rudkowski is an American investigative journalist and founder of We Are Change, a libertarian, independent media organization comprising individuals and groups working to expose worldwide corruption and hold authoritative figures to account for their actions and crimes in which their involvement has been covered up or hidden from public knowledge.


Why You Should NOT Vote For Rick Santorum In 2016

In this video Luke Rudkowski goes over some of the reasons why you should not vote for Rick Santorum in 2016. The former senator from Pennsylvania has just announced his bid for the 2016 election so we thought we would go over his policies and break them down for you. Please share this video with anyone who is considering voting for this man.


Rick Santorum Calls For Ground Troops To Fight Islamic State


Santorum says there’s a US program to kill Iranian scientists and dead ones are a wonderful thing


Rick Santorum Exaggerates On Iran


Iran Offers US Aid in Fighting ISIS; US Rejects It


Newly-Declassified U.S. Government Documents: The West Supported the Creation of ISIS


Rick Santorum Slammed by WeAreChange – Ron Paul and Lt. Colonel Schaffer Assist


How Rick Santorum Ripped Off American Veterans


Hey Rick Santorum, What’s The 4th Amendment?

Rick Santorum signs pledge to ban same sex marriage and pornography


Rick Santorum on Gay Marriage & Parenthood

Rick Santorum Sponsored Honor for Accused PSU Coach Jerry Sandusky


Pro-Nazi and Anti-Fa Clash In Germany VIDEO

We Are Change – wearechange.org – Berlin, Germany – May 9th, 2015. – Alex Poucher

A Pro-Nazi group of around 200 people demonstrated outside of Central Station yesterday afternoon. This group was made up of Fascists with the ideology that Germany should remain all white, they still believe in the philosophies that Hitler gave to the country many years ago. These feelings are deeply rooted in hate with ideas of segregation, and white power. This can be compared to how racism still exists in America and is becoming a predominant issue right now as seen with all the recent killings by white police officers against the African American community.

Directly across the canal in front of Central Station a second group of around 300 protesters formed to counter-protest the pro-Nazi demonstration. This group was made up of Anti-Fascists and members of Schwarzer Bloc (Black Bloc). They believe strongly that Germany shouldn’t have any borders and should allow refugees inside their country while allowing them a path to citizenship and opportunities that could help them.

They are also against racism and segregation, chants could be heard saying “Good night white pride” and “Law and order no more borders.” Police had checkpoints setup all around Central Station which made it hard for non-demonstrators to get around, many of them having to detour and find alternative ways inside Central Station to find their trains. The police only allowed press inside the main areas of the protests to protect the pro-Nazi demonstrators and Anti-Fa demonstrators from reaching one another, which would surely have caused a clash.

Late in the afternoon some members from the pro-Nazi demonstration reached the side of the Anti-Fa demonstrators. The pro-Nazi demonstrators approached the Anti-Fa counter-protesters waving the flag of Germany. This flag was quickly grabbed and taken away by an Anti-Fa protester. After having his flag taken from him the pro-Nazi demonstrator grabbed the head of the Anti-Fa protester and this started a small scuffle which quickly escalated to a situation where police rushed in to separate the protesters.

This incident resulted in 1 Anti-Fa protester being detained inside of a police van. This police van was quickly surrounded by many Anti-Fa protesters and they demanded the police released the man they had just arrested. A girl was seen kicking the side of the police van as it tried to pull away which caused an even bigger clash among police and protesters that resulted in 4 arrests.

The police were seen punching protesters, slapping protesters sitting in front of a police van, putting a woman in a headlock and even I was tackled by a police officer from the side for what I can only assume was for being too close to the situation but I was quickly helped up by the protesters and kept filming. After the scuffle was over and the overall intensity in the atmosphere calmed down it was announced over the PA system of the Anti-Fa demonstrators that all of the people arrested were released, this was followed by cheering.

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