Texas Construction Signs Hacked to Endorse Bernie, Call Trump a Shape Shifting Lizard

Texas Construction Signs Hacked to Endorse Bernie, Call Trump a Shape Shifting Lizard


Electronic construction signs belonging to the Texas Department of Transportation were hacked on Monday, and changed to display messages such as “Bernie for President,” and “Donald Trump is a… shape shifting lizard!!”

Other signs also had their messages changed to phrases such as “work is cancelled, go back home,” and “party hardy yall!”

The signs along Interstate-30 in Dallas were all hacked over the course of 48 hours on Monday and early Tuesday. The signs, which are meant to warn drivers about road construction, were all eventually turned off.

“Due to safety concerns, we strongly discourage people from stopping in work zones to create situations such as this,” Texas Department of Transportation spokesman Tony Hartzel said in a statement on Monday.

So far, no suspects have been named in the hacking, nor has it been confirmed if it was done on site or remotely.

A spokesperson for TxDOT told local station KRLD that there is no humor in the hack, and that the messages removed warnings about nearby construction zones.

The idea of reptilian humanoids is often used in science fiction and has been pushed by conspiracy theorists such as David Icke who believe that shape-shifting aliens control earth through political power.

In 2011, comedian Louis C.K. appeared on the Opie and Anthony radio show and repeatedly questioned former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld about whether or not he and former Vice President Dick Cheney are actually lizards people who enjoy eating human flesh.

Rumsfeld did not outright deny being a lizard, causing C.K. to run with it as an admission of guilt.


NSA Whistleblower Compares US Surveillance to Nazi Germany

NSA Whistleblower Compares US Surveillance to Nazi Germany

William Binney

William Binney

On Tuesday, National Security Agency whistleblower William Binney compared the US surveillance program to Nazi Germany.

Binney was once a high-ranking official within the agency, having worked for them for three decades. In 2002, along with two others, he demanded that the US Department of Defense investigate the NSA for wasting “millions and millions of dollars” on a program called “Trailblazer,” which was designed to analyze data on the internet.

He has also been openly critical about the domestic surveillance program which was brought to light by Edward Snowden.

“They [the NSA] don’t care what they do, they feel that they have the right to do anything that they feel necessary, and they will cover up crimes and procedures and violations of regulations that they’ve done to achieve whatever their ends are,” Binney told Loud & Clear host Brian Becker on Radio Sputnik.

Binney had created a software program called ThinThread that would monitor terror suspects, while safeguarding the privacy of Americans. He alleges that the agency took his software and corrupted it, violating the Constitution.

“They used our software and corrupted it and turned it against the people of the United States,” he stated. “That was fundamentally a violation of the First, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments of the Constitution. So they were scrapping the Constitution, they were doing this all in secret.”

Proponents of the controversial surveillance program insist that it is justified to keep Americans safe from terrorism, but Binney disagrees.

“The president can declare anyone a terrorist threat and have the military take them off the street, anywhere, and incarcerate them indefinitely without any due process. Those are violations of fundamental rights of the Constitution,” he explained.

“That’s exactly what Special Order 48 issued by the Nazis in 1933 did, right after the Reichstag fire. It says almost exactly the same thing.”

Further, he expressed concern that the US government may use what they obtain through the NSA as a power play against foreign governments and private businesses.

“It’s not just inside the US, it’s worldwide. [The NSA] gives them power and evidence to use to intimidate and manipulate members of parliament in any government in the world. Any commercial company that’s doing things [the US] doesn’t want to happen, they’ve got data on them to.”

“It gives them a great deal of power. Knowledge is power.”

Pablo Escobar’s Secret CIA Connection that Made Him Billions P.1

Pablo Escobar’s Secret CIA Connection that Made Him Billions P.1

  1. Alberto Fujimori Wins the Presidential Elections
  2. The CIA agent Vladimiro Montesinos
  3. The Emergence Of Demetrio Chavez Peña Herrera “The Vaticano”
  4. Pablo Escobar Finds A Gem
  5. Pablo Escobar Takes Over Peru
  6. The Peruvian Huallaga Valley Turns Into A Colombian Colony
  7. The Fall Of Pablo Escobar
  8. The Controversial Birthday Party
  9. Vaticano Is Tortured Until He Loses His Mind
  10. The Return Of Fujimori’s Dynasty

Peru: The Narco State

The Presidential Elections,1990

In 1990, Alberto Fujimori had just been elected president of Peru. His election was a shocking event for serious political analysnets. Fujimori was actually a mediocre presidential candidate, who even lacked a government program. But during his presidential campaign, Fujimori happened to meet a Peruvian lawyer named Vladimiro Montesinos.

Vladimiro_Montesinos_Alberto_Fujimori-1Vladimiro Montesinos and Alberto Fujimori-Image Source: Elpais

The unknown Montesinos had suddenly came out of the shadows. He was a former lawyer of Peruvian Cartels bosses, and had plenty of powerful connections. He also had a secret financial source that was significant to provide media exposure and propaganda outlets for Fujimori. Montesinos’ influence was such, that Fujimori passed from being an obscure candidate to become the top favorite in a matter of two months.

It was strange that such an intelligent person as Montesinos could be unknown. The fact was that Vladimiro had been a secret CIA agent as early as 1976. Once Fujimori got elected, CIA agent Vladimiro Montesinos was the real architect behind all his government policies.

Vladimiro understood something crucial: In the realm of Peruvian politics, almost everyone had a price. Consequently, using his secret financial sources, Montesinos began bribing most members of the Peruvian Congress, the media, and every influential figure in the political arena.

Vladimiro was also the head of the National Intelligence Service (SIN), which handled all sorts of unlawful operations, such as torture, extortion, and murder. In addition, Montesinos constantly sought illicit ways to increase its personal wealth.

65b6e368-f3cd-42f9-8372-71a533b270daImage Source: Lamula

How Pablo Escobar Made All His Money

The Upper Huallaga Valley And “The Vatican”

During the late eighties and early 1990’s, Peru was a major export producer of cocaine base. But this hegemony only lasted until 1995, when the government set up a program of eradication. The program not only included shutting down coca labs and confiscation of merchandise, but also a massive media campaign against cocaine consumption. These measures, added to the reduction of foreign demand, made farmers cultivate other crops.

Ironically, the government anti-drugs campaign was only a form of theatrics. The story was very different behind the curtain. As an efficient CIA agent, Montesinos practically fooled everybody. While the government promised coca eradication, Montesinos truly promoted cocaine trade with Cartels from all over the world. This was one of his major sources of revenue.

Back then, the region of Upper Huallaga, located in the jungles of Northern Peru, was a major area of coca cultivation. The Huallaga Valley was controlled by a mafia capo whose name was Demetrio Chavez Peña-Herrera. Also known as “el Vaticano”, Peña-Herrera owned an airplane runway where massive shipments of cocaine base were flown overseas. Vaticano (‘The Vatican’) was in charge of all the Peruvian drug trading business.

sala-prensa-polvo-viento-1Demetrio Chavez Peña Herrera “The Vaticano”-Image Source: PrisaEdiciones

At the height of his power, Vaticano made dealings with 15 different drug cartels (Escobar’s Medellin Cartel was one of his biggest clients). Vaticano’s airstrip was one of the busiest drug trafficking spots in the world during the late eighties and early nineties, with dozens of airplanes shipping cocaine base all day and night.

Pablo Escobar Finds A Gem

Pablo Escobar would probably not have done much without Vaticano’s assistance. During that period, Peruvian mafias were the main providers of cocaine base for Colombian Cartels. The conversion of the base into pure cocaine was the exclusive business of Colombian cartels.

During the mid-eighties, Pablo Escobar had been through a lot of headaches trying to find cocaine base suppliers from Peru. He was totally irritated by the irresponsibility, carelessness and lack of work ethic of Peruvian Narcos. But everything changed when Escobar met Vaticano.

One day, in 1989, Vaticano visited Escobar’s lavish Colombian estate called “Hacienda Napoles”. Escobar had invited him there after hearing that Vaticano was so meticulous in his work, that he even kept professional accountants to assist him. Escobar was very curious to meet this “rare” Peruvian Narco.

private-jetPablo Escobar in his private jet-Image Source: Celebritynetworth

That evening, Escobar gave Vaticano a tour of his immense estate and showed him the Zoo with the animal species he had acquired from all over the world. Walking around the estate, Escobar told Vaticano:

“You have to make poor people love you. Without their support, you can’t achieve anything. And the only way to get that kind of support is through public works. Begin building roads, parks, schools, sports fields.. and you will see.”

At the end of their meeting, Pablo was truly impressed by Vaticano’s personality. Escobar held Vaticano’s hand very tightly and said:

You are actually the first serious and responsible Peruvian Narco I ever met. I have very good feelings about you. From now on we will do great business together”- Pablo Escobar

READ PART 2.. OR stay tuned to We Are Change For the Next Chapter. 

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Pablo Escobar’s Secret CIA Connection In Peru Made Him Billions

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Clinical Trial Suggests Psychedelic Drugs Could Be Used To Treat Depression and Addiction

Clinical Trial Suggests Psychedelic Drugs Could Be Used To Treat Depression and Addiction



Scientists in London recently showed the brain scan results of people under the influence of LSD.

The results revealed far more positive then negative results in the study’s 20 participants.  The study, headed by Professor David Nutt and Amanda Feilding of the Beckley Foundation, found that LSD and the active ingredient in Magic Mushrooms called psilocybin could help depression, alcoholics and possibly even drug addictions in a way traditional methods of therapy can’t.

Another study published in 2012 headed by David Nutt suggest “magic” mushrooms expand the mind by dampening brain activity.

However, there is still one problem before treatment can be widespread – both Mushrooms and LSD are categorized as Class A drugs Hallucinogenics by the FDA and are prohibited –  which is ironic, considering its history with the CIA.

Declassified documents released in 2012 show that before LSD was a drug handed out at rock concerts in the 70’s, the CIA dosed hundreds of unwitting Americans under the umbrella of Project MKUltra.
The CIA conducted uncontrolled tests on subjects, including many who did not consent to be lab guinea pigs for the agency.

From beach goers to bars and restaurants, prostitutes and johns – even their own agents were dosed. Then they would follow their test rats around stalking them taking notes. This went on for a decade in secrecy under various operations such as Operation Midnight Climax and two hubs – one in San Francisco the other in New York City. Why would the CIA do this? Remember, this is the same agency that wanted to create lone-wolf killers under “Project Bluebird”.

LSD shortly after all this mess was classified extremely dangerous made illegal and research into its benefits of potential treatment for addictions and alcoholism was shutdown – possibly because LSD, rather than allowing the CIA to create brainwashed killers, gave people spiritual experiences.

LSD users often feel more connected to nature, the world and everything around them – renewed and refreshed with everything feeling beautiful and very vivid — seeing the grass and flowers and trees look different.

Its an experience many choose for a spiritual and psychic re-awakening.

Only now are psychedelics being recognized by scientist as being potentially helpful to mental health after the stigma’s created by the CIA’s botched experiments of bad trips.

Indian tribes have been using psychedelics for years in ceremonies – such as the famous Ayahuasca tea, which is said to make you throw up hours after consumption and have a spiritual life changing journey. Those that seek spiritual enlightenment can now pay to do so safely, at a retreat in Washington for $1,500. Cheaper then a Disney resort vacation!

Ayahuasca translates to the vine of the dead, or soul. Those who take the leap are said to experience confronting their fear of death. With so many people pushing for legalization of Marijuana – also considered to be a psychedelic – are we headed towards a push for legalization of psychedelics for medical purposes?

The more psychedelics are studied and the effects of psychedelics on the human mind are understood, the closer we come to a world where the war on drugs is near an end.

Chicago’s Using a “Pre-Crime” Algorithm to catch Criminals !

Chicago’s Using a “Pre-Crime” Algorithm to catch Criminals !


“Chicago is Using Computers to catch Criminals Before They commit a Crime’

Image result for precrime

Precrime (today usually spelled “pre-crime“) is a term coined by science fiction author Philip K. Dick. It is increasingly used in academic literature to describe and criticize the tendency in criminal justice systems to focus on crimes not yet committed.

By John Vibes

It was recently reported that the Chicago Police Department has implemented an Orwellian new program that targets innocent citizens based on indicators that they might be a person who has the potential to carry out a crime. Similar to dystopian films like Minority Report, a complex computer algorithm will track and catalog every citizen in the city, and use private data about each person to determine whether or not they could be a potential criminal.

Once an innocent civilian has been labeled as a threat, they are then notified that they have been marked as a potential criminal and that they are now under police surveillance.

This disturbing program has quietly been in place for over three years, and in that time, government agents have visited the homes of more than 1,300 innocent people who had high numbers on the list, to inform them that they are now regarded as potential criminals. According to the New York Times, Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson says that officials this year are stepping up those visits, with at least 1,000 more people.

“We are targeting the correct individuals. We just need our judicial partners and our state legislators to hold these people accountable,” Johnson insisted.

However, activists and advocates of civil liberties are not convinced.

Karen Sheley, the director of the Police Practices Project of the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois, has pointed out that these innocent people are being flagged based on criteria that haven’t even been publicly established.

“We’re concerned about this. There’s a database of citizens built on unknown factors, and there’s no way for people to challenge being on the list. How do you get on the list in the first place? We think it’s dangerous to single out somebody based on secret police information,” Sheley said.

The current program is said to only target individuals who seem to show a high risk of being involved in a shooting. However, it is also important to point out that most laws, especially the bad ones, aren’t even focused on primary violations of life or property, but are instead focused on secondary actions that are seen as causal factors for these violations.

Also Read: Minority Report Is Here: Chicago Residents Get Police Visit Based on Pre-Crime Surveillance List (1st stage introduced 2013)

It certainly should be illegal to harm people or their property, but most modern societies, in an apparent attempt to take preventative measures, have outlawed actions that could be a precursor to actual criminal activity.

Some have referred to this concept as “pre-crime.” The idea is that people should be punished if they behave in a way that someone else is uncomfortable with, even if they have not harmed anyone.

These types of laws would include: all drug laws, all gun laws, seatbelt laws, intellectual property and other victimless, non-violent crimes, where no person has been harmed, and no property has been stolen or damaged.

Drugs are illegal, we are told, because their use could lead to actual crime. Guns are highly restricted because someone could get hurt. Seatbelt laws are imposed because someone could get hurt. And, intellectual property is imposed because someone may lose their investment. The arguments in favor of these laws are all overblown or flat out wrong, but the fear of future crime is always used to justify bad laws that have no basis in justice or restitution.

Our entire justice system is made up of this nonsense, which persecutes people who have not hurt anyone or anything because their actions apparently indicate that they will do something harmful in the future. To begin to target individuals before they have even done anything is taking this idea of pre-crime a step further, ushering in a new age of Orwellian surveillance.

Also Read: LAPD Using Helicopters For Pre-Crime 2015

Disney Takes Legal Aim At China’s Richest Man

Disney Takes Legal Aim At China’s Richest Man


disney china

The feud between Chinese real estate and entertainment giant, Dalian Wanda, and Walt Disney Co. has continued to escalate, with the latter threatening legal action over alleged intellectual property infringement.

Last week, Dalian Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin, directly called out Disney as an “old brand” that would be no match for the “pack of wolves” his conglomerate was planning to unleash on China’s theme park scene.

On Saturday, Dalian Wanda unveiled the first of a series of “Wanda Cities” planned for the Chinese and overseas market – developments that include theme parks, malls, hotels and resorts, as well as food and beverage options – designed to capitalize on a growing appetite for entertainment among China’s rising middle and upper middle classes. Government estimates have China’s $610 billion tourism industry doubling in size by 2020, making it a particularly lucrative prize for both Dailan Wanda and Disney.

The opening of the $3.2 billion Wanda City development came just weeks before the official opening of the long-awaited, $6 billion Shanghai Disney theme park, slated for June 16.

In comments at the Wanda City opening ceremony in the eastern Chinese city of Nanchang over the weekend, Wang Jianlin emphasized a major advantage of Wanda’s model would be the emphasis on local culture, rather than the imported pop culture propagated by rivals Disney.

“Chinese culture led in the world’s for 2,000 years, but since the last 300 years, because of our lagging development and the invasion of foreign cultures, we have more or less lacked confidence in our own culture. We want to be a model for Chinese private enterprise, and we want to establish a global brand for Chinese firms,” the 61-year-old said.

Exposing the chemical lies of multi-billion-dollar corporations !

Exposing the chemical lies of multi-billion-dollar corporations !


Health Ranger to make three landmark science announcements that will expose the chemical lies of multi-billion-dollar corporations

Independent science

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger http://www.naturalnews.com/

(NaturalNews) Get ready for an exciting week for independence science. Over the next 1-2 weeks, I’ll be making three landmark announcements — unprecedented milestones in the history of independent science.

One of those announcements, by the way, is the release of the complete elemental data set of the first 100 EPA Watch water results. This is the first independent science effort to challenge the EPA’s criminal deceptions by independently testing the nation’s water supply for toxic elements like lead. We’ve got hundreds more water samples ready to follow in subsequent updates, by the way, and our liquid handling robot arrived in the lab, making our throughout much more efficient. Data on the first 100 samples will be quickly followed by an expanded data set.

So watch Natural News for the announcement of the EPA Watch water results. There are some disturbing findings in the municipal water supply across America.

Watch for an announcement at EPAwatch.org.

Scientists everywhere are going to be astonished…
The next two announcements will see the jaws drop among scientists all across the world as they witness how we just leapfrogged most university laboratories to achieve something that has enormous implications for food safety and transparency. Once we make this announcement, we begin a new era of independent food science… this is the day the big food companies hoped would never arrive because it means they can no longer hide their poisons from their own customers.

None of this could have happened without your support! You are part of history in the making, and we are using the tools of science to help set you free from the lies and deceptions of the food companies, vaccine manufacturers and certain unethical dietary supplement charlatans.

My goal with this has always been to reveal the real truth about what’s in our food, water, supplements, medicines and body care products. Now we have achieved a series of extraordinary milestones that allow us to do exactly this — and to do it in the public interest, releasing all the results for free, with no government funding whatsoever. (In fact, the government will be horrified when our news breaks this coming week… but they can’t shut down our lab because they don’t fund it!) Watch CWClabs.com for results.

An historic victory for consumers
This is a massive, historic victory for consumers and science. So stay tuned to Natural News over the next 1-2 weeks as we roll out extraordinary news about events that you’ve never seen happen before.

It’s all part of the citizens’ revolt against the corrupt establishment, and we’re seeing this reflected in politics, too. The two most popular candidates for president are both outsider, anti-establishment figures. Much the same is happening across the world, where citizens everywhere are rapidly waking up and realizing the establishment is constantly LYING to us all.

It’s true in the food industry, too. And what I’m announcing this week is, in essence, the ultimate food industry lie detector. From this historic week forward, we’re going to be exposing the lies of multi-billion-dollar corporations… and it’s all being done in the public interest, as a non-profit endeavor for humanity.

So stay tuned… it’s about to get really, really interesting!

Huffington Post Fires a Writer Over Hillary Article

Huffington Post Fires a Writer Over Hillary Article


Huffington Post Writer: Editors Deleted My Article on Hillary’s Imminent Indictment, Disabled Me from Writing

Hillary removed

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A writer for The Huffington Post is still waiting for an explanation as to why editors deleted his piece reporting that the FBI will pursue an indictment against Hillary Clinton.

Huffington Post freelance contributor Frank Huguenard, a scientist and public speaker, wrote a report for the liberal site Sunday entitled “Hillary Clinton to be Indicted On Federal Racketeering Charges.” But the piece was not up for long before the Huffington Post pulled it down and replaced it with a “404” Error screen.

“Huffpo has yet to respond to my request for an explanation,” Huguenard tweeted at this Breitbart News reporter Monday morning. “I’ve got my sources, they never asked.”

Huguenard later told Breitbart News, “I want to do another story but my HuffPo account has been temporarily disabled. Not sure what’s happening with them.”

Huffington Post Politics senior editor Sam Stein told Breitbart News that he doesn’t know why the piece was pulled.

“Sorry. I don’t know. I’d direct your question to a blog editor,” Stein said.

Pressed to provide contact information for the blog editor in question, Stein did not respond further.

Huguenard, an apparent Bernie Sanders supporter judging by his Twitter account, wrote that the FBI will recommend indicting Hillary Clinton on racketeering charges. Huguenard wrote:

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is a United States Federal Law passed in 1970 that was designed to provide a tool for law enforcement agencies to fight organized crime.  RICO allows prosecution and punishment for alleged racketeering activity that has been executed as part of an ongoing criminal enterprise.

Activity considered to be racketeering may include bribery, counterfeiting, money laundering, embezzlement, illegal gambling, kidnapping, murder, drug trafficking, slavery, and a host of other nefarious business practices.

James Comey and The FBI will present a recommendation to Loretta Lynch, Attorney General of the Department of Justice, that includes a cogent argument that the Clinton Foundation is an ongoing criminal enterprise engaged in money laundering and soliciting bribes in exchange for political, policy and legislative favors to individuals, corporations and even governments both foreign and domestic.

A note at the bottom of the original article explains that “This post is hosted on the Huffington Post’s Contributor platform. Contributors control their own work and post freely to our site. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email.”

The Huffington Post media team did not return a request for comment.


Jailed for resisting Big Palm Oil: release the MALOA Six!

Jailed for resisting Big Palm Oil: release the MALOA Six!


Six people were sentenced to several months in prison in a protracted show trial in Sierra Leone for protesting the loss of their land and livelihoods to Socfin, a multinational palm oil company.

A pair of bare feet bound with chains and a padlock

Robbed of their land and their freedom ( © getty images / Tony Karumba )

 Tell the Sierra Leonean authorities to stop trampling the land rights of local communities for corporate profits!

Socfin has taken over thousands of hectares of smallholder land in Sierra Leone’s Pujehun District for oil palm plantations since 2011. According to the company’s own figures, the concession covers 17,832 hectares and is to be expanded to 35,000 hectares. Around 12,000 hectares of land are currently under cultivation.

According to local communities and national and international organizations – including Oakland Institute, Grain and Environmental Justice Atlas – authorities at the chiefdom and national levels leased fertile farmland to Socfin for at least 50 years without the consent of the smallholders that rely on the land. In 2012, the Malen Affected Land Owners and Users Association (MALOA) complained of the company’s grave human rights violations in a letter to the Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone.

Socfin pays the affected people less than five dollars a year per hectare for the loss of their land and livelihoods. Many have complained that they cannot survive on such pitiful “compensation”, and some families can no longer afford to keep their children in school.

While Socfin and the public authorities ignored the protests of the dispossessed people in Pujehun District, many locals report incidents of slander, intimidation and arrests. According to Green Scenery, the sentences handed down to the six MALOA members represent a further move by government authorities to suppress the peaceful resistance of the people. Several international human rights organizations have since condemned the imprisonment of the Sierra Leonean activists.

Land grabbing in Sierra Leone

The majority of Sierra Leonean farmers have neither formal titles to their land, nor precisely surveyed plots – a circumstance that government officials and multinational corporations ruthlessly exploit. Time and again, smallholders are robbed of the land they have lived on and farmed for generations without their prior information or consent. Ancestral property rights of farmers are simply ignored, and at best, those affected receive miniscule cash payments or promises of future jobs as “compensation”.

The Sierra Leonean environmental and human rights organization Green Scenery and Oakland Institute, an independent US-based policy think tank, have published a report on land deals in Sierra Leone. European and Asian corporations are the main drivers behind these activities. Green Scenery estimates that around twenty major investors have staked out at least one million hectares of land in Sierra Leone for oil palm, sugarcane and rubber plantations. That represents nearly one fifth of the arable land of the West African country.

The government has repeatedly claimed that millions of hectares of suitable agricultural land in Sierra Leone are put to “little or no use”. The agency to promote investment and exports in Sierra Leone (SLIEPA) funded by the World Bank Group member IFC is therefore planning to allocate huge tracts of land to major investors over the long term. Companies like Socfin stand to benefit from extremely low lease rates, generous tax exemptions, minimal wage costs, weak environmental regulations and widespread corruption – conditions not unlike those of colonial times.

Socfin Group

The Socfin Group – Société Financière des Caoutchouc – is registered in Luxembourg. The company’s roots go back to the Belgian Congo of the 19th century. Since then, Socfin has been establishing rubber and oil palm plantations in Africa and Asia. According to its own figures, it currently manages around 180,000 hectares of land. Hubert Fabri, a Belgian citizen, is the group’s president and a major shareholder.

Rainforest Rescue and Greenpeace (in French) have previously reported on how Socfin subsidiaries are behind land conflicts and deforestation in other countries such as Cameroon and São Tomé and Principe.

The Bolloré Group holds a 39% stake in Socfin. Tycoon Vincent Bolloré is one of the richest men in France and a member of the Socfin board. In 2014, the Bolloré Group had around 54,000 employees and posted sales of €10 billion. The group’s business interests include plantations, the energy sector, media and real estate. In Africa, the Bolloré Group is active in 43 countries and operates 13 major ports. The Oakland Institute has described the Bolloré Group as “an investor with an octopus reach in Africa”. Bolloré is also the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Vivendi, a multinational media company.

February 4, 2016 was a dark moment for farmers in Sierra Leone, writes the environmental and human rights organization Green Scenery in Freetown. The High Court of the West African country sentenced five members of the Malen Affected Land Owners and Users Association (MALOA) to five months in prison. The organization’s spokesman is facing a six-month sentence.

Activists Sima Mattia, Kinnie James Blango, Musa Sellu, Foday Musa, Lahai Sellu and a former Member of Parliament, Shiaka Musa Sama, endured a show trial that had dragged on since October 2013. Their alleged offense: incitement and conspiracy to commit a crime and the destruction of 40 oil palm seedlings belonging to Socfin Agricultural Company Sierra Leone.

The six had tried to defend their rights to their land and their livelihoods against wholesale land grabbing by Socfin.

“The six have done nothing wrong, that’s why I cannot believe that justice was denied today. How can you pay a meagre two US dollars per acre of land per year and not expect people to speak up”, says one of the women who lost their land in Pujehun District.

Please sign Green Scenery’s petition to the president of Sierra Leone on behalf of the jailed activists.

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