It’s no secret that many of the companies in the world are owned by just a handful of mega-corporations. This information fittingly makes people worried. Though being such a large company is not inherently evil, the power that often comes with it exceeds that which any one entity should have.

Check out these exceptional infographics to see how so few corporations own so many companies.

First up, food manufacturers. Just 10 corporations own well over 100 companies.


And now, banks. What was roughly 40 banks 25 years ago, is now just an astounding 4…


Even airlines have gone from 10 to just 4.


There are not too many variations of cars anymore either…



Sure, there are plenty of struggling micro-breweries out there. But, most of the beer you drink is owned by one of these 9:


And lastly, good old American television, with all its variety of programming, is at the whim of just 7 companies.lckoza8wfctpe7k9k1de

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