As Facebook, Twitter, and Google become pervasive in our day to day lives, issues of censorship and freedom of speech become more and more prevalent. In an aim to kick hate speech from the internet, major social media groups have begun using algorithms to combat hate speech, and thwart it in its tracks. But have the algorithms gone too far? Facebook recently had issues of trending news manipulation of conservative posts, Reddit had censorship issues on its Orlando shooting thread, and twitter has been taking down conservative accounts. So in no way are we attempting to say hate speech should be acceptable, in any form or fashion, but what defines hate speech? It is in those definitions that the gray area lies. Tech giants like Google and Facebook have the power to silence you, making you feel as though you are invisible, without having to manage it personally. Algorithms are given parameters to work within, based on the definitions set, and then Facebook will auto-censor you. Some say it is a good thing, others have major opposition. Freedom of thought and speech were inherently chosen as our first amendment, to promote the what is now considered critical thinking. With an overwhelming majority of people losing faith in the giants, here are some alternative sites for day to day tasks:


Ecosia is a search engine, that goes one step further. When their search engine is used, they help replant trees. To date, as of 6/16/2016, they have planted 4,434,700 trees, with goals to replant billions. For the ecologically mindful, this is a great way to use the internet to your advantage and make an impact on the planet, one search at a time. The site displays how many trees you, with others, have helped plant through web searches. It’s an innovative way to create a sustainable planet again.


Diaspora is a decentralized social media network, designed with “Pods.” These pods are hubs geographically distributed, and can be hosted by any member with the capacity. The Diaspora Foundation has 3 main philosophies, decentralization, freedom, and privacy. Various subsites are made, with separate data, login, and network. You have choices, instead of everyone seeing one profile, with various subgroups.


Minds is an open source social network, based on transparency and anonymity. End to end encryption for privacy, open source code for transparency. Promotes free expression of ideas, and point-based system for users to promote posts. The user drives the content they see Minds based on likes, follows and shares. Endorsed by Anonymous, but not created by Anonymous. Learn more above.


If you are looking for a site that is vocal about Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression, that is Twitter-style microblogging. Well, Sealion Club might be your place, they will not censor, or hinder your ability to express yourself in any way. Freedom of expression and speech are one great thing, but cyberbullying and incitement of violence toward others are another. With that in mind, express away.


Invisocial is a closed social network, where users can develop small close networks of friends, instead of hundreds of people. Some prefer the close intimate interactions, over masses of people, with the potential of using data against you.  They have sophisticated 256-AES Encryption for data security,on top of a proprietary algorithm for keeping data encrypted even upon hacking. They also utilize a split identification, for logging on multiple devices.


Aweditoria is a content driven social platform where publishers can use small snips of text to convey messages on various topics. Fellow users can then annotate on content and share for others to see. It is an interesting idea for spreading ideas and messages for positivity, with annotation helping explain ideas better. For philosophically minded individuals, this may be a great platform for deep thoughts and great content.

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