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And I think one of the core principles at this kind of movement at this kind of conference promoted the idea.

Self-determination and also doing the right thing without having a centralized command or government telling you what to do and then you take the responsibility for yourself to be the best person and also help all the other people around you that to me is the main philosophy philosophy of Anarchy and you really have to live by it and you guys are trying to do that would also the support and local work you guys are doing with the orphanage as well as to tell something about that already when you’re not going to believe this but a crazy bunch of bikers three years ago approached us and told us hey maybe we should we have to do something really cool with a local orphanage so they hooked us up to take us over there.

I was very hungover and I got to drive a Harley over to the orphanage and we made you know.

We made 75 meals for all the children and and then we brought just bags and bags of food to help take care of them for for the next couple of weeks.

However long it would last.

And then we came back again the next year and we did it again.

And then now they’re doing it again this year and it these guys are from Divi project stepped-up they brought computers they they put their time.

Effort into this they went in there and they were teaching the kids how to code.

It’s just a great thing and we’re looking forward to helping to.

Try to maybe drum up some donations here before the conference is over and and make another run go there get him some of the stuff that they need I know they don’t need any of this beer but I’m going to drink it anyway and let you guys know that learning is a racist and bigoted and you can’t say that to people anymore what’s wrong with you guys okay what will people find out more about you guys in and what you guys doing in the comment about the work that you guys are due.

Jesse posted a little bit about the orphanage thing on our Twitter at Divi project and you can obviously find us on on our website to be about a year ago we said we have to I heard about this orphan.

And I said we have to get involved in that saw Danny was like so many people I have so many even Immortal Technique last night’s like I think I’m going to go down a lot of people really what do we find out about.

I really said I wanted to start anarchapulco Foundation by want to keep it a bit quiet you know like.

I don’t brag about those sort of things at all.

Lino ideas.

Done because I’ve got people a great staff this you’re doing a lot of great.

Oh yeah very very heartwarming day today.

We’re open to all possibilities and ideas but I think Jeff and and Danny you guys could explain the principles of Anarchy and I.

Again as we’ve been talking here it’s about self-reliance of responsibility not going to a centralized command of bureaucratic Force someone over you and being empowered in yourself having a backbone in yourself and believing that you can determine your own destiny while not hurting anyone else I do have some major philosophy what’s your guys take on a turkey and the kind of shocked reaction cuz I titled this video one of the largest and her kissed me right now happening live and people are like.

Sample I know you want to say something is the word just is a Greek word that means and without our key rulers it means.

People shouldn’t be forced to be slaves if you have a ruler then what are you you’re a slave is who were against slavery and back and we’ve seen from this conference.

I could be there with that black white yellow brown rich-poor you can be anything but as long as you just don’t believe that people should be enslaved you’re an anarchist.

I just don’t believe in.

And any Authority other.


Natural I just I never did and I just think I just completely hang it like the reason I don’t go and kill people to Rob is cuz it’s not in my nature to do so.

Yeah I never have never paid taxes and never paid income taxes.

I know seriously like I used to not talk about it.

It’s like it is so immoral to support government at this point like when I was I was blessed when I was at age 16 actually work for the government to some summer job or something at the end of the summer I got a bill for like 5 minutes until we actually over text you cuz it was only a short job so we actually owe you a thousand bucks.

So I filled out the form the government would have sent me a thousand bucks and I was just a little voice in my head thank God it was my Spirit guides are who I don’t.

It was just like if you fill out this form they’re always going to be asking you for money so just let him keep a thousand bucks so I never fill out the phone they never ask me again I left my country and I was 2,000 never fucking.

And another script of self yeah I’m just I’m just going to shoot you or put you in jail if I could you it’s it’s a shitshow and when the day of what country forms when all the money goes to helping people like really curing diseases helping people helping the poor like really what weight when they fight when a country farms in all the money goes to the benefit of people I’m going to go to that country I’m going to register as a citizen I’m happy to pay tax but I’m still waiting for the country to come along I haven’t seen one yet paper at presearch and this is what the whole deal is.

120 seconds into minutes.

I get it done in 2 minutes.

I knew that there was going to be D platform Ed listing D and you’re not allowed to say anything against a man for the man has it and you’re not allowed.

If you thought that you’re going to use the DARPA to demands internet and go to say what you want against the man that was not going to happen we were preparing for.

The last couple years we’ve been setting up IP up a servers to where we can take our entire content and Dad about other people like Luke Witkowski James Corbett is way down the road on it Richard Roeper majety and hope Dan Dick’s Josh Segerson all the guys we have been setting up ipfs servers for guys like Luke to put all their data up and they sync up with each other all our servers have all of our content so nobody can take it down now we have to wear it searched so calling it research all we got some of those guys and pulling working on and working with Derek schlopy from agarest hosting and this is it you can have all these hashtag can never take down these files but how do you search it so we need to make sure that you like Yahoo used to be they just put up cool stuff back in the mid-nineties so you got cool stuff send us a form of your cool stuff and will list your cool stuff so that’s what we’re doing is the format of listing everything is also. Nypfl search AMP Research and whoever else wants to do it now all the content is forever you can always find it and threw the man.

Crown is dead.

John Nash.

Can you give us a 2 minutes of crypto.

Okay so so pretty quick what we’re going to.

What we’ve been talking about is securing the individual versus securing the market and what that meet everyone so against securing the individual versus securing the market so.

Do you as a Libertarian.

Would you rather have a coin that secures the individual.

You know you’re fungibility you’re an anonymity your privacy.

I would rather have a point as secure as a market in other words what are you allowed are you would you welcome a coin that invite everyone to compete and it’s crypto development and its crypto government’s governance.

Know what I mean everyone I mean even statist.

So right now the two manifestations of those coins the one that secures the interests of the individual and anime with complete anonymity.


Yeah we really Champion winner at the dollar vigilante.

It’s because we we everything starts with the individual.

Now the other coin that we that we brought in a guy by mr. X and mr. X.

Is is opsec is awesome.

Call me when you someone like that so he really Champions Monera.

And I butt heads hit little bit between like actually quite a bit between.

Bsv and Bitcoin cash.

And so we have three sibling chains Racing for the market at this moment.

Bitcoin cash.

Bitcoin Satoshi vision and Bitcoin BTC.

They’re all been turning the market in different ways.

At this moment out of all of them the one the chain that it has been.

Where it’s a proof of War.

Has not been interrupted in other words were.

There has not been any.

A communal planning.

Is an opposition.

To the.

Choice of mining to the autonomy of miners is bsv now that’s a very state is going to as we all very well now.

But again the game plan is this where we’re going to have to quit.

We have a coin that’s hasn’t as an anarchist project that is completely private.

An anonymous in one that is completely open to the powers of the free market allows everyone to come.

Max Eagan here who’s a researcher in philosopher at all around just amazing amazing critical thinker you’ve been very critical of also a Bitcoin because I was so yeah it could be a Honey Trap they call it a Honey Trap any traffic could be a setup and could be a wider system and it’s important to be skeptical of everything but for me it’s just a new technology in with any other technology can be used for good and it could be used for bad.


The wise present it’s a good thing to freeze.

And the umbrella they creating over the whole digital rail.

Because whenever he comes digital then you’ll put your.

I know you don’t even know what’s happening and what they doing with this digital realm is essentially putting.

Area between you and nature and EV.

And that did your Lexus of your granted will be determined on what are you saying what you do you know liquid ass keep putting on videos like this I mean suddenly once once it all guys did you just got to buy a plane ticket when Diane gets hold you.

Denise I will who do I call this now.

That’s what they doing with it going to how much Bitcoin you go.

I seen a real well we were we going to normal governance and things are transparent in the world is run open and the government is actually working to improve society and improve The Human Condition because I would be great and I even the government would be saying this is a great idea you refer yourself in the central bank is but when it’s old one mechanism it’s all one organism yeah they are allowing the the cryptocurrency people to build this infrastructure.

Social credit system I’ve already bought this in in Shaun of the 7.3 million people in the social credit.

Apple devices now saying would never happen in the West on the in Shawna but now your Apple device has a trust score the device itself has a trust was cuz it’s not you who’s using it if it’s just for you to worry you know.


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