UPDATE 2: Luke Rudkowski was threatened with a beating and released by police outside the Bilderberg Conference at the Kempinski hotel in Dresden.

“I was told by the police if they see my face again by the Bilderberg hotel they would give me big problems,” said Rudkowski. “They said they would physically assult me if they want and could do what they want to me. They told me not to be anywhere near Bilderberg or else they will physically assult me.”

Rudkowski’s camera was taken and searched for recordings.

“They said they knew who I was and that they are doing this on purpose.”
UPDATE: Luke Rudkowski and Dan Dicks have been arrested by police outside the Bilderberg Conference at the Kempinski hotel in Dresden.

Source: Charlie Skelton

In the video below We Are Change’s Luke Rudkowski is forced to leave the Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski in Dresden, Germany. Things are getting tense in preparation for this year’s secret Bilderberg Conference. The staff have all been sworn or threatened into silence, and will not answer any questions.

At least 3 security men followed Rudkowski, Press For Truth journalist Dan Dicks, and Dollar Vigilante Jeff Berwick as they took photos and videos.  The footage below was taken right before the hotel is locked down for the 2016 secret confab. The video also covers the latest press release and statements from the Bilderberg website and takes you inside before the lock down to provide a look at what is actually happening inside the meeting and how the events will unfold throughout the next days in the video below.

dresden letter

Looks like the bilderberg group is setting up their own safe space inside the hotel, SnapChat LukeWeAreChange

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