The Daydream

Last night, at the Democratic National Convention 7/28/2016, Bill Clinton took a leisurely siesta during wife/Democratic presidential nominee’s speech. This was not the first occurrence of Bill’s daydreams coming at the wrong time. He was caught falling asleep during a presidential primary as well. A little nap couldn’t hurt right? Except, when taken at such a monumental moment for the Democratic party, and spouse. Maybe it is narcolepsy? Well, not according to an article posted on March 10th 2010 by (The Week) which touches on a past self proclamation of insomnia. With Bill being able to function most of the time on 5 hours of sleep. After heart complications though, claims to be trying to get more rest.

Unfortunately for Bill, timing could not have been worse to do so; one can only speculate whether the former president was dreaming while partaking in the snooze, but if Bill had been, what did it pertain to? Perhaps a fond memory of a loved one, and by this I do not mean Hillary or Chelsea. Bill having notorious “sexual relations” with former secretary Monica Lewinsky would make for one very intimate dream! Unless living under a rock during his presidency, people should know about the scandalous relationship with Lewinsky, that was good enough to perjure himself for.

The Infidelity of Bill

Bill Clinton was accused of having improper sexual relations with Monica. This churned unstable waters in 98′ & 99′ during the Clinton administration. Ultimately leading to an acquittal by the senate, after an attempted impeachment by congress. This marked an early historical “first”. Achieving this in the Clinton duo’s career, marks the first president to be questioned in civil court. Then, on September 27th, at the first ever Democratic nomination acceptance speech delivered by a woman, Bill decided to doze part way through it. Making matters worse, Hillary’s speech set a mark on history. Now, Bill won’t be getting any good sleep while  residing in the “doghouse”.

This is not to say, Monica could have been the only other women on Bill’s mind. Allegations swarm around the former president for potentially raping many women. Names include but are not limited to;  Kathy Bradshaw, Juanita Broadrick, and Elizabeth Ward Gracen. More information is still coming out, and more will be reported in further articles from We Are Change.

A funny thought at the very least is to assume a dream was had, even funnier to think it might have been with Monica as the primary subject; this tangent being merely an assumptive comical jab aimed right at his sweet spot (mistresses).

presidential nocturnal emissions

Presidential history being made as an  ex-president has other history in mind













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