Hundreds join'Black Lives Matter' protest in London

Black Lives Matter leader and Social Justice Warrior DeRay McKesson and several other protesters were arrested by police last night in  while protesting the death of Alton Sterling.

deray arrested

The Arrest Comes on McKesson’s 32nd Birthday

The whole event was caught live on Full Video is Linked here –> Full video 

Mckesson’s Twitter Following Is Pleading With People to Call the Baton Rouge PD

Prior to McKesson’s Arrest, Police Had Reportedly Arrested More Than 100 Protesters.

A CBS Baton Rouge Producer Has Also Been Arrested During the Protests

Local authorities brought out the armored car in case things got out of hand. 

The energy has been tense all night. We will follow as things unfold, and update this post with any new information. 

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