For Years, The FBI Has Secretly Gathered Millions Of ‘Faceprints’ For Biometric Database

A representative of the FBI was grilled by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform regarding the agency’s growing biometric database. Article via Activist Post by Derrick Broze On Wednesday the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform questioned Kimberly Del Greco, Deputy Assistant Director at the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division, about why the bureau broke the law by failing to file a privacy impact statement acknowledging the collection of millions of Americans’ faces for the agency’s new biometric identification system. The FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) system is made up of fingerprints, iris scans, faceprints, and other facial...

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#MissingDCGirls Trend Sparks Social Media Outrage

There is a recent string of missing people reports in Washington D.C., and locals of the area are furious that these reports seem to be increasing. Crime reports on the official DC Metropolitan Police Department crime report page don’t give us any information on kidnappings, but their Twitter page seems to say otherwise. In the past two days alone, there have been at least 8 missing people, as reported from the DC Metropolitan Police Department’s Twitter page. The official Missing Kids website has surprisingly stayed silent on the matter. There have reportedly been 500 missing children in D.C. in...

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