One of the hardest things to do in this world is be you,

Not be who everyone else wants you to be,

But be true to yourself,

It is you no else who chooses what path you take in life,

Who loses or wins the fights,

Who gets back up or knocked back down,

Who draws on your face that smile that frown,

Yes you,

Are responsible for who you,

Become in this world,

You can choose to be a doctor, a lawyer, a painter, a writer

A Muslim, A Jew, a Christian, A liar,

A man of truth, without a religion,

You can choose to have a family or have no children,

You can spend your whole life and chase after money,

You can act in a drama, comedy, funny,

How sometimes we forget it is we,

Who are the producer’s of our life’s movie,

Now Im not claiming to know the right way to live

And I’m not saying be selfish or give,

All I am saying is your life’s a gift,

And what is this gift that you have been given?

It is the freedom to choose the life you are living,

When you were an infant you didn’t have a voice,

But now you are grown and your voice can reach farther than you can imagine,

You can travel the world,

You can start your own business,

You can work for a company and build someones vision,

You can live your life free once you learn that the prison,

That really confines you is really a figment,

Of your imagination and with enough vision,

You can create whatever you want,

You are an artist and this world is your canvas,

Paint something beautiful and make your like matter,

Are there excuses why you wont succeed?

Of course there are and there always will be,

Before Albert Einstein discovered relativity the teacher’s at school doubted his ability,

He worked several jobs just to get by,

Little did they know he would win a nobel prize,

And JK Rowling who wrote Harry Potter,

She was diagnosed with depression, on welfare with a daughter,

But that didn’t stop her,

She kept on writing,

Rejected 12 times but she kept on fighting,

Before Thomas Edison invented the light bulb

he found 10,000 ways how to not make a light bulb,

Did he get discouraged?

Probably yes,

Is it true he saw failure as only progress?

Honestly, I don’t know and I really don’t care,

I’ll tell you what I know: life is rare,

So you yeah you the one hearing this poem,

I may not know you and how life at home was,

It could be in your home that no love was shown but,

Believe me when I tell you that your not alone cause,

All of us struggle,

Myself included,

Struggle is part of what it means to be human,

Don’t let that stop you and keep you from moving

Keep pushing forward the rest is God’s doing!

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