In this video Luke Rudkowski begins his journey from London to the new Banksy #Dismaland theme park after not even sleeping. Follow along in the video as Luke takes you through his day and experiences the theme park for the 1st time as it opens to the public.

Artist Banksy, has put together a new theme-park that embodies actual insight with a side of brutal reality – it’s awesome. From a billboard that teaches you how to hack it open, to a lasagna man on a carousel; all the way to a mini-diorama depicting  a city under siege – Luke Rudkowski shows you what is happening in Dismaland.


Some of the art found at the Dismaland themepark

Along with showing a maximum of 4,000 people a day the artist Banksy’s view on our world, the new theme-park is set to give the local economy of
Weston-super-Mare, about 10 million dollars with the crowds it’s been attracting.

To enter to win the raffle for the #dismaland memorabilia go to

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