Right now, the CIA and the US president are at each other’s throats. Isn’t that fascinating? 

And in this video that’s exactly what we take a hard look at. What’s happening? And where is it headed from here? Is the Ukraine scandal just another Russiagate?

Some mainstream media outlets say no, while others say yes, absolutely! So, which is it?

We were slandered and attacked for being an independent media outlet that covered Russiagate and the nothingburger it turned out to be, in addition to the Biden scandal. We were called Russian propagandists and fake news. The Washington Post went so far as to put us on a list, calling us Russian Fake News Propagandists!

And as a result of all of that we are still being censored and affected very heavily, despite reporting on it accurately from the start. 

Just like with Russiagate, what we’re being told about the Ukraine scandal is most likely not 100% accurate, and the story the media is telling has a high probability of being entirely different from what is actually happening behind the scenes. 

In this video we go over the many reasons why we shouldn’t be so quick to trust the CIA. When the CIA is the main accuser in an attempt to impeach a sitting president, we should probably ask ourselves.. Gee, is there any foul play here?!

I reveal the history, the details, the connections, and the evidence of the Ukraine scandal in today’s video so you can decide for yourself. Is it real? Or is it Russiagate 2.0? 

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