Several years after bashing the former Congressman, Ron Paul for bringing up the “conspiracy theory” of the North American Union – CNN is now advocating it.

The New American Reports …

In recognition of what they refer to as North America’s “shared destiny,” Martinez and Kurtz-Phelan propose the establishment of what they call a “North American passport.” The radical passport scheme would eventually facilitate the erasing of U.S. borders in exchange for “North American” borders – a plot that has been underway for years with the “Beyond the Border” initiative and other schemes.

Though it is an opinion piece, the fact that this opinion advocates a conspiracy theory is bizarre.

This “North American Passport” is justified by the NAFTA agreement and other “perks” like more job opportunity etc., the CNN piece compares it to the “EU system” – what the piece failed to mention was the catastrophic economic turmoil that has ensued in countries such as Spain and Greece directly linked to the EU. The centralization of power is hard to stop once it has begun, so where exactly would this, “NAU” end?

In 2008 CNN allowed a viewer to ask Ron Paul if he subscribed to this “conspiracy theory”, to make him look absurd, however on their own terms it is not a problem it seems.

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