Updated Compilation of Confirmed Conspiracy Theories

The Following Mega-List of confirmed conspiracy theories was put together by Reddit user 911bodysnatchers322 and the IRC Chatroom for the /r/conspiracy sub-Reddit community. According to the original post the name body-snatchers is representative of the establishment. They’ve managed to hijack most people’s brains and weaponize them. Like the 1970s film with Donald Sutherland, Leonard Nimoy and Jeff Goldblum, where they go on the run from people who’ve been taken over by alien pods and act like a ‘networked school of fish’. This is how I think of most people (people who aren’t here on /r/conspiracy, basically).  mega list guys


You’ll notice many are prefaced by the word, ‘Project’, typically by the CIA or other international intelligence agency. This may give you the idea that these are just ‘typical operations’ of our government. After all, “the world is always at war and you need spies”. Or do you? Especially in a technocratic world where everyone can talk to everyone, around the world. I challange that assumption.

May I remind you that the definition of conspiracy is two or more operating in secret to cause harm. So when the CIA assassinates world leaders in secret, it does harm to them but not to US citizens because they are operating on our behalf. In this way, we justify their bad behavior. I want you to reevaluate the “causes harm” part behind their behavior. By deposing dictators and playing chess with the planet, have they really made us safer?

Legend -or- Key of usual suspects 

  • [U]: CIA and/or UK’s SIS/MI6
  • [I]: Israel’s Mossad ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service)
  • [G]: Freemasons; Power Elite, Secret Societies
  • [S]: Soviets, Russia, KGB, Communism
  • [A]: Arabic country, Islamic extremists
  • [J]: Jesuits, Catholics, Vatican City
  • [M]: Mafia, Mobsters, gun / gold / drug / human trafficking, crime syndicates
  • [F]: Financial crime by Industrialists, Bankers; or Fascists depending on context
  • [O]: Other, Companies/Business plots
  • [P]: Politicians; Preachers; Police; Pedophile-networks; or all the above, depending on context (ex:Dennis Hastert).
  • [G,U,I,J,M,F,O,P] — Indicates Cryptofascist Globalist Conspirators

The Conspiracies

  • Acoustic Kitty : 20M USD CIA project to implant microphones in cat’s ears in order to spy on Soviets, but cats were unreliable. This no joke. [U]
  • Air America : CIA-owned dummy airline used in covert operations, including “unwittingly” transporting drugs illegally, and wittingly transporting (illegal in US) drugs legally between countries. [U]
  • Amalgam Virgo : crash of an Italian military aircraft setting off an environmental disaster of phosgene dispersal. The crash was suspicious, but the conspiracy is in the coverup, in which Judge Carlo Mastelloni in 97 indicted 22 Air Force officers on charges of suppression, forgery, theft of documents concerning state security.**. Even former President of the Republic Francesco Cossiga has released a public interview in which states that the killing of Argo 16 was due to a revenge of the Israeli secret services. [I]
  • Assassination of Abraham Lincoln : part of a larger confederate conspiracy than ‘as-history-remembers-a-lone-wolf’, John Wilkes Booth. [F]
  • US/UK Military Intelligence Astroturfing : The policies of abuse sociology and the weaponization of public psychology, including military intelligence behavior such as cognitive-infiltration**; social media manipulation of opinion;sensemaking** in the activity of manufacturing the public’s belief in non-reality, aka “Gaslighting”. [U,G,I]
  • Bay of Pigs Invasion : Failed 1961 military invasion of Cuba undertaken by the CIA-sponsored paramilitary group, to overthrow increasingly communist Castro [U]
  • Bayer Corp and Baxter Corp knowingly gave thousands of hemophiliacs HIV and Hepatitis C. [O,F]
  • Bernard Ebbers of WorldCom Fraud : False financial reporting that would rival the Enron Scandal. [F]
  • Black Sites and US Government Torture of Detainees [U]
  • Black Sox Scandal : Baseball players coordinated with gamblers to throw games [O,M]
  • Bologna massacre : Propaganda Due members staged false flag terror attack in Italy in 1980, as part of a strategy of tension
  • Bojinka plot [F,O]
  • Caesar assassination [P]
  • Catiline conspiracy : senator plotted with cronies and soldiers to overthrow the Roman republic; parallel to Star WarsUniverse’ Palpatine backstory [P]
  • The Church Committee [U,P]
  • The Chemist’s War : US Treasury Dept poisoned alcohol during prohibition and killed people. [U,P]
  • CIA Assassinations
  • CIA Drug Trafficking and Smuggling (see Gary Webb suicide) : “Gary Webb explained how, in the 1980’s the CIA facilitated the sale of cocaine to the street gangs, the Crips and Bloods, in Los Angeles in order to funnel the drug profits to the contras, a Latin American guerrilla army” [U,M]
  • CIA Drug Trafficking in Latin America [U,M]
  • CIA Front Companies [U,P]
  • COINTELPRO : ongoing FBI series of covert, illegal infiltration and disruption of legal political groups in the US [U,G,M,P]
  • “Conspiracy Theory” Conspiracy : The conspiracy to conflate the term conspiracy theory with misinformation. Look up. Look down. These are all proven conspiracies. Even this one. In 1967, the CIA coined the term as part of apsychological operation They’ve used the media to wage a mass mind control campaign to discredit anyone with an idea that is not accepted by the establishment. [U,O-media]
  • Continuity of Operations Plan : Intended as emergency plan, this status elevates the US intelligence community into extrajuditional operation, making it a ‘shadow government’ that has continued for 15(+) yrs since 9/11. Obama says, “the CIA gets what it wants”. This operational modality is why. It makes the CIA “above the law.” Bush renewed it twice, Obama renewed it twice. There is no evidence that there is a plan to deescalate the ’emergency state of 9/11′ even 15 yrs later. Wikipedia has attempted to ‘scrub the article of Obama’ but failed because of us, here on /r/conspiracy. We are the Watchers on the Wall. [U,P,M,C]-[F,O,P]-[G]-[I]
  • Cuban Project aka Operation Mongoose : CIA’s a secret program against Cuba, aimed at removing the Communists from power (, again). [U]
  • De Beers Diamonds pricefixing : Dutch diamond dealers ripped off South Africa of 3B dollars over 7 yrs by price manipuation. [O,F,M]
  • Dryfus affair : French officer served life on politically-motivated falsified evidence. [P]
  • Downing Street Memo : aka “smoking gun memo” notes from a MI6 member detailing to British government that GWB wanted to remove Saddam Hussein by conflating terrorism with WMD (that we find later didn’t actually exist). [U,P]
  • ECHELON : signals intelligence program to create Five Eyes, a secret, global surveillance program created in the 1960s originally to monitor Soviet actions during the now-over Cold War. ECHELON was confirmed by The Intercept in 2015 from Snowden revelations. Note that this was once in a conspiracy-gray-area of “covert protective operations of the CIA”, until 9/11, after which the government started lying, manipulating the public and acting like an enemy of the global citizen; and taking actions that would appear counter to the interests of the american people (ie: “stopping terrorism by spreading violence and occupation around the world, begetting only more of the same”), leading 1 out of 4 of them to believe the government is the enemy. [U]-[P,I,G,O]
  • Enron and Arthur Anderson Scandal : massive-scale financial accounting fraud that stole money from millions of shareholders immediately after 9/11, leading to a class action that bankruped Enron. The fraud was facilitated by one of the largest auditing firms Arthur Anderson, also bankrupted. Arthur Anderson was found guilty of destroying documents, thereby voiding its business. Later AA managed to overturn this decision by the Supreme Court on a bogus technicality but no one would ever trust them again. The Enron/AA scandal has been linked to 9/11 by the records of the FBI’s investigations of Enron’s gold derivatives manipulation destroyed on the 23rd floor of the north tower. [F,P]-[U]
  • Family Jewels : set of reports that detailed (unlawful) activities conducted by the United States CIA, held secret from the public for many decades. [U,P]
  • The Federal Reserve Act : the creation of a central banking system of the United States that abuses its users by creating debt with every dollar. James Corbett discusses the Fed in “Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve”. [G]-[U,F,P]
  • The FISA Court (secret) [U,P]
  • Foundation X : secretive Foundation X was discovered in an article about Jon Stewart and his possible connection to Templars, “Secretive Knights Templar Make Astounding Bid To Save World”, and confirmed by Lord James of Blackheath’s 2010 speech to UK’s House of Lords about Foundation X’s 15,000,000,000,000 baiout offer. In 2012, Lord James has come to the following conclusions about Foundation X, “I think there may have been a massive piece of money laundering committed by a major government which ought to know better and that it has effectively undermined the integrity of the British bank the Royal Bank of Scotland, in doing so. The second alternative is that amajor American department has an agency that has gone rogue on it because it has been wound up and has created a structure out of which they are seeking to get at least 50 billion Euros as a payoff. And the third possibility is that this is an extraordinarily elaborate fraud which has not been carried out but which has been prepared in order to provide a threat to one government or more if they don’t pay them off. So there are three possibilities and this all needs a very urgent review.” This whole affair was of course shut down–rather disrespectfully–in the US media as a conspiracy theory. and fairly compared to a nigerian email scam in the Guardian. [G,U,M,F]
  • Gary Webb’s suicide : Journalist/Reporter of CIA Drug Trafficking and author of “Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion” committed suicide by 2 gunshots to the head, although his wife said it was a real suicide. Two months before his death, Webb wrote a revealing analysis in the Sacramento News of US Military’s multiplayer game “America’s Army”, released fourth of july after 9/11, as a recruitment tool for a high-tech army of the future. (drone operators). The article contained the quote, ‘”The Army and the Defense Department have a very long history of conducting unethical, illegal experiments upon soldiers and civilians,” Thompson angrily reminded players in a posting to the official Army Web site. “This ‘game’ is yet another experiment upon the unsuspecting pawns who play it. You are the latest guinea pigs.”’ [?,U]
  • Gerry Droller : CIA agent provocateur and spy involved in Bay of Pigs conpiracy. [UP]
  • General Motors Streetcar Conspiracy : GM and other industries colluded and conspired to destroy National City Lines, a maker of public transportation / streetcars. [O]
  • Gulf of Tonkin Incident : falsified reportage of a N. Vietnamese attack ln USS Maddox, incited the US into the 20 yrs long Vietnam War, killing over 300,000. A bloody, needless, terrible war with no winners except for owners of the defence industry. [U,P]
  • Gunpowder Plot (1605) : Jesuit plot to kill protestant King James VI, kidnap Elizabeth Stuart, and place her on throne as a puppet Catholic queen. [J]
  • HAARP : High Altitute Auroral Research Program — use of research facility in weather control. David Walker, deputy assistant secretary of the USAF for STEM, “We’re moving on to other ways of managing the ionosphere, which the HAARP was really designed to do…To inject energy into the ionosphere to be able to actually control it. But that work has been completed.” Conspiracy theorists were right. But the subtext is they have something ‘better’. [U]
  • The Informant named “Curveball” : Chemical engineer who defected from Iraq claimed they had weapons. This false testimony was used by the DIA to fool Americans into giving consent of the US military invasion of Iraq. Themobile chemical weapons lab was later found to be a milk pasteurization facility. Curveball is living in political asylum in Germany, and hasn’t been hung for treason by any country. And need I remind you the ‘mockery’ of the word‘curveball’ in this particular context. [U, Germany]
  • Indonesian occupation of East Timor : Indonesia’s military occupation of East Timor from 75-99. 1999 UN Security Council resolution UNTAET described the history of [the occupation[ as a “systematic, widespread and flagrant violations of international and human rights law” [I]-[Indonesia]
  • In-Q-Tel — CIA venture capital company that secretly invested in Google from beginning [U,O]
  • Iran-Contra Affair — US sold weapons to Iran violating embargo, to support Nicaraguan militants. More on this.Wikipedia article. [U,P,M]
  • Jack Abramoff Indian Lobbying scandal [O,P]
  • Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory show disappearing from DVRs : Minor conspiracy involving the cable companies removal of Ventura’s Police state episode from DVRs. Minor but important in that it demonstrates the police state ecology and its effect on the spectrum of information we are allowed to receive. [U,O]
  • Lewinsky Scandal : Spook Linda Tripp (army intelligence secretary) working for Bush and Clinton wiretapped Clinton and Lewinski’s relationship and leaked it, leading to Clinton’s impeachment, his conspiracy with Lewinski and Paula Jones to obstruct justice and commit perjury, and his famous play with words “what your definition of ‘is’ is”. Note this is a two-sided-conspiracy: illegal surveillence and its attempt at coverup. (Many people like myself, think the whole thing was stupid white house drama.) [U,P,O]
  • Ludlow Massacre : Colorado National Guard killed two dozen protesting unionized coal miners on behalf of Rockefellers [O]
  • NWO – New World Order, verified by perpetrators themselves, David Rockefeller, as well as Zibiniew Bryzinski** [G,U,I,J,M,F,O,P]
  • National Crime Syndicate : Italian and Jewish mafias of 1930s-60s [M]
  • Non-state Terrorist attacks : List of terror attacks by various groups not affiliated with the state, such as the KKK or other RWA militias.
  • Oklahoma City Bombing : The ending event in a series of government skirmish events involving right-wing-militias such as Waco, Ruby Ridge and The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord. The first 9/11, a false flag intended to tighten security and cement in the mind of Americans the need for gun control because of the rise of right-wing-authoritarian groups, and served as predictive programming for 9/11. This is a big claim. Do your research (below). [U,P]
  • Oklahoma City Bombing — A Conspiracy Theory, by Open Source Intelligence Investigator CorbettReport** — ex-spook insider John Peeler interview** — another interview to alamo ministry**, and Apr 20,2006 interview with Greg Szymanski** from this link**
  • Operation 40 : Cuban exiles group used in Bay of Pigs invasion [U,P,M]
  • Operation TP-Ajax : CIA plot to overthrow democratically elected Prime Minister to reinstall Monarchy and guarantee future problems with radical Islam, Iran, and perpetual war, because we like war and hate capitalism, actually. No, that’s not it. We like us. US. [U,P] Also, tp as in toilet paper and ajax as in soap to clean up. That’s what the cia thought of the middle east btw. More mockery of humanity.
  • Operation Black Eagle : Albanian mafia importing heroin into the US. [M]
  • Operation Chaos : Nixon and Johnsons’s paranoiac surveillance, tracking and reporting plan embedded agents into all aspects of student antiwar organizations; operation to undermine the counter-culture by harassment, entrapment, and gaslighting the public. [U,P]
  • Operation Charly : Argentine-CIA counterinsurgency [U]
  • Operation Dormouse : Notice that link doesn’t work. Interesting huh? Here’s one that does., and here’s another in case they scrub that one too
  • Operation Freakout : Church of Scientology’s covert plan intended to have the U.S. author and journalist Paulette Cooper imprisoned or committed to a psychiatric hospital [O]
  • Operation Gladio : NATO conspiracy to create a network of agents acting as a ‘stay behind’ army to take over Europe, ostensibly “in the event of an emergency soviet/communist attack”. Connected to Propaganda Due and the deep state created by the secret lodge. [G,J, U,P,F,O]
  • Operation Himmler : German false flag to incite Polish aggression. [F]
  • Operation Menu : US covert bombing of Cambodian sanctuaries. [U]
  • Operation Midnight Climax : CIA dosed prostitutes with LSD and watched them have sex behind mirrors. “Because of important research with US tax dollars, guys.” Subproject of MKULTRA [U,P]
  • Operation Mockingbird : CIA infiltration of media and publishing with agents to push CIA’s cryptofascist, authoritarian, hawkish defense-industry-promoting views. [G,U,I,J,M,F,O,P]
  • Operation Northwoods : proposed false-flag of CIA against Cuba, turned down by JFK. We know what happens next. [U,P]
  • Operation Paperclip : US intelligence recruitment of over 1600 Nazi scientists into US military intelligence. With Paperclip came mass psychology, ritual abuse studies that became the basis of future project MKULTRA. In Paperclip over 7000 US soldiers were subjected to Nazi experimentation, including testing poisonous gas and LSD on them, in the name of security. Everything the public wanted them not to do.
  • Operation PBSUCCESS : CIA sponsored Guatemalan coup d’etat of 1954 [U,P]
  • Operation PBFORTUNE : precursor to PBSUCCESS [U,P]
  • Operation Satinique : Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior, Greenpeace’s flagship, for protesting French nuclear test near New Zealand by France’s CIA. 1 died, ten others thrown into the water by bombs planted on the ship. [DGSE]
  • Operation Snow White : The Church of Scientology broke into US government offices in order to steal information and purge unfavorable records about the church. It was one of the largest infiltrations of the United States government in history, with up to 5000 cover agents worldwide. (How Scientology continues to exist is well beyond me. They must have gotten some juicy blackmailable info.) [P]
  • Operation Washtub: CIA-organized false flag operation to plant a phony Soviet arms cache in Nicaragua to demonstrate Guatemalan ties to Moscow [U]
  • Overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii : by US Marines and help from US Citizens [U,P]
  • Pan Am Flight 110 : In 1973 PLO terrorists attacked an airport in Rome and hijacked Pan am Flight 110. The PLO said the men would be tried for carrying out an “unauthorized operation”. The five terrorists were later released under negotiations during another hijacking that took place on 21 November 1974, but were then returned to the custody of the PLO. [A]
  • The Pentagon Papers : papers that revealed the Johnson Administration “systematically lied, not only to the public but also to Congress.” [U,P]
  • Phoebus cartel : Industrial conspiracy to control the light bulb industry through large scale planned obsolescence involving GE, Philips, Swiss companies. [O]
  • The Plot to kill FDR by Bankers : Bankers tried to assassinate our president. Wouldn’t be the first time. Or last. [F]
  • Prescott Bush aided the Nazis : Bush received a slap on wrist for violating the ‘Trading with the Enemy Act’because of his last-minute promotion of Veterans programs. The psychohistorical, fascist underpinnings of the motivational, *dada-approval-seeking-behavior of future Bushlings. (He no doubt used widows son excuse or held up geronimo’s skull) [G,F,O,P]
  • Project Artichoke : predecessor to MKULTRA. The project studied hypnosis, forced morphine addiction (and subsequent forced withdrawal), and the use of other chemicals including LSD, to produce amnesia and other vulnerable states in subjects. [U,P]
  • Project Azorian : 1974 recovery of sunken Soviet nuclear sub, hidden from public until 2010 [U]
  • Project FUBELT : CIA plot to inhibit Salvador Allende’s rise to power, and to promote a military coup in Chile. [U,P]
  • Project Merrimac : CIA not FBI infiltrating domestic anti-war groups. This act alone, with the CIA’s mission, symbolically treats lawful US citizens as enemy-combatants. [U]
  • Project Minaret : Sister to Project Shamrock; targetting anti-war journalists. [U]
  • Project MKDELTA : sister project to MKULTRA whose activities were performed domestically, MKDELTA involved surreptitious use of LSD and other biochemicals on foreign nationals. [U,P]
  • Project MKOFTEN : the goal of MKOFTEN was to “test the behavioral and toxicological effects of certain drugs on animals and humans”. MKOFTEN was also ‘to “explore the world of black magic” and “harness the forces of darkness and challenge the concept that the inner reaches of the mind are beyond reach”. As part of Operation Often, Dr. Gottlieb and other CIA employees visited with and recruited fortune-tellers, palm-readers, clairvoyants, astrologists, mediums, psychics, specialists in demonology, witches and warlocks, Satanists, other occult practitioners, and more.’, according to Gordon Thomas in his 2007 book Secrets and Lies. More on this project in “Monarch: The New Phoenix Program” [U,P]
  • Project MKULTRA : CIA’s massive, widespread mind control program derived directly from Artichoke and Paperclip (import of nazis into US intelligence). Its goals included trying to make Manchurian Candidates (aka “monarchs”: sex robots and assassins), and how to extract information from people by force, how to destroy people’s minds. [G,U,P,F,M,O]
  • Project Resistence : More domestic surveillance of anti-war groups. [U]
  • Project SHAMROCK : Covert bulk collection of all telegraphic data entering or leaving the US…in 1945. [U,P]
  • P2 — Propaganda Due : Massive-scale, Italian-Swiss-Argentine cryptofascist intrigue revealing an Italian Deep state (shadow government) operated out of a secret Freemason lodge run by Licio Gelli**, that succeeded in subverting the intelligence community, attempted a coup of the media, constitution, attempted assassinations of several figures and killed in a false-flag terrorist bombing. P2 is implicated in the unproven assassination of Pope John Paul I
  • Reichstag fire : Nazi party burned the Reichstag in 1933 as a false flag to incite violence against Communists [F]
  • The Rendon Group : exports PR and Propaganda worldwide on behalf of the US Military Intelligence. A foreigner’s project mockeringbird. (Why think, when a policy house can do if for you?) [U]
  • Rex 84 Plan : covert action plan and readiness drill to detain large numbers of US citizens deemed to be “national security threats”. [U,P]
  • Ruby Ridge : because of an overstated threat profile of Randy Weaver, the USMS and FBI after committed a criminal act of wrongful deaths of Weaver family in northern Idaho during a seige of their property. General belief now, 20 yrs later is it was ‘accidentally on purpose’: that Ruby Ridge was one example of the state making an example out of militias, a warning to would-be subverts, and an excuse to ask for more policing power. [U,P]
  • Room 641A : NSA’s covert, co-located, mass-surveillance facility within AT&T; operating illegally for years. [U]
  • Russell Welch : Arkansas state police whistleblower who collected evidence for decades about CIA cocaine smuggling via Mena, Arkansas; and claimed Barry Seal was trafficking more than cocaine in place like Mena in Oklahoma. Wikipedia had deleted this article after whining about the sources maybe being inaccurate and labeling it ‘fringe conspiracy theory’, when it’s really a government witness testimony corroborated by 2 others directly involved, one of which actually did the smuggling.[who?][source?]. [U,P,M]
  • Russian Woodpecker : Russian Duga Radar Tower used ostensibly for detecting nuclear weaponry, has, according to late Dr. Bob Beck, electronics physicist for US intelligence research and then-investigator of the Eugene Oregon ‘woodpecker signal’ shortwave interference pattern, created a 10Hz biologically-active resonant interference wave (“reconstructing heterodynes” via “signal-harmonic of 50Hz”) by weaponizing the US power grid itself. There is a documentary on the Russian Woodpecker documentary on amazon.. Apparently, it has started back again since Dec 2013, since it stopped during the Chernobyl accident.
  • Smallpox infected blankets given to Native Americans : Biological warfare against Native People. [U,P]
  • The School of the Americas : US training in Georgia for latin american insurgents. [U]
  • Solyndra shakeout : Solar manufacturer had $535 million loan guarantee from the U.S. Department of Energy and yet shortly therafter declared bankrupcy, triggering a congressional and FBI investigation. They declared bankrupcy because of an inability to compete with China’s solar prices which dropped a wildly unforeseen 90% during their guarantee and manufacturing start. The Chinese solar industry colluded to destroy Solyndra in a ‘shakeout’. [O,F]
  • The Special Collection Service : putting surveillance tools in weird places like inside pidgeons and inside Angela Merkel’s private cellphone for over 10 yrs, causing diplomatic backlashes. [U]
  • Stargate Project : DIA and SRI international project to study psychic phenomenon, remote viewing, and other ‘psychotronics’. (In this context, ‘psychic’ weaponry, distinct from ‘biologically active electronic weaponry’ now more commonly called ‘directed energy weapons’ or DAWs; the conflation of the two is very purposeful, it’s to make someone sound dumb for using the term.)
  • Stingray devices : used illegally by law enforcement, until we found out about them. [P,U]
  • Stuxnet : under the name Equation Group, NSA/CIA wrote extremely complex malware to ruin Iranian nuclear centerfuges by targetting very specific Siemans chips. “The techniques and knowledge used by the Equation Group were considered in summary to be “out of the reach of most advanced threat groups in the world except [this group].” (In other words only a very advanced, well-funded, state-sponsored group. All signs point to NSA. We’ll find out in about 40 yrs when its declassified.) [U,O,P]
  • Suppressing Sarkhan : A book later released as “The Deceptive American” initially disappeared from bookshelves because Lederer claims CIA thought it revealed too much about their current operations in Thailand. [U]
  • Testimony of Nayirah : “They took the bebbies from the incubehtoors!” SOB. Everyone believed. We went. Many died. On a lie. [A,U]
  • Tepper Aviation : CIA funded proxy war by giving arms secretly to Angola. (One of many illegal proxy wars.) [U]
  • United Fruit Company : A company doubling as a shell corporation used for money laundering, blackops / militia funding and economic warfare by JFD and his brother Allen Dulles of the CIA. [F,O,P,U]
  • The USS Liberty incident : Our pals, Israel attacked a US ship, killing 34. [I,A]
  • Waco Seige : Seventh Day adventist based religious group in Texas was beseiged by US forces, and burned to death for not surrendering their leader, because their leader David Koresh was busy furiously writing his religious visions at the time of the seige, and had already told them he would surrender when finished. (The US Government murdered those people. So now, when you meet a Seventh Day adventist, do you feel safer, knowing they’ve been put in their place?) [U,P]
  • Watergate Scandal : a political scandal remembered as illegal surveillance was actually much bigger, wider scale than reportage gave and memory would suggest. [U,P]
  • WTC terrorist attack of 1993 : Officially, a WTC truck bombing by Islamic terrorists. In actuality, they were FBI informants provoked into the event. Open source investigator James Corbett demonstrated this is yet another state-sponsored terrorist, false flag event by the FBI. [U,P]

EDIT: Things that didn’t make it. I can’t just add them because I have a character limit, so I’m going to have to do a second release and stop editorializing so much.



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