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As many as 13 million people are expected to vote in this year’s Dutch election, an election that has been in the international spotlight as its outcome may portend the future of Europe.

The Dutch populist and nationalist leader of the Party for Freedom, Geert Wilders, is running against the incumbent prime minister Mark Rutte.

Wilders is well-known for his anti-Islamic immigration stance and his intention to close mosques and ban the Quran. He has also been an outspoken proponent of leaving the European Union.

Anti-Islam Stance

Wilders has been under constant media fire for pointing out the potentially dangerous ideological dissimilarities between Muslim migrants and Netherlands native residents.

Likewise, Wilders has highlighted the fact that most of the “refugees,” especially those coming from Turkey, had to cross six or seven safe countries before arriving in the Netherlands. Wilders attributes this to the allure of the Dutch government’s excellent social welfare benefits.

Wilders also raised the question as to why the wealthy, neighboring, Arabic speaking nations, such as Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia nearby to Turkey and Syria have not been willing to accept “refugees” who not only practice the same religion as they do, but also who’s countries have quite similar climates.

Part of the reason why the Netherlands has been so helpless in stopping the influx of migrants is because they abandoned the ability to control their own borders as a result of enforcing the Schengen agreement.

The Schengen Agreement, named after the village in Luxembourg where it was created by several EU member states, permits foreign visitors from a total of 26 states to travel throughout the region using only one visa.


Maintaining National Sovereignty has been the basis of Wilders’ entire political campaign which has naturally translated into him fighting for the Netherlands to leave the EU and in effect, the Euro, to go back to an independent and sovereign Dutch currency.

Wilders is not alone in his propensity for Nationalism, as we saw similar movement in the UK with Nigel Farage and Brexit and again the same is happening in France right now with Marine Le Pen, who continues to advocate a “Frexit” or French exit from the European Union with the French election just over a month away.

Stay tuned to We Are Change, as we cover this huge domino in the potential collapse of the European Union.

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