Source: Good Home Design


If money wasn’t already a heavy burden, building a home nowadays also entails a lot of bureaucracy to deal with. With the concept of reducing costs wherever it is possible, the almost fairytale-like home you can see in the photos is a beautiful example of what you can achieve with a little bit of imagination and architectural courage. Not many people will hurry up and help you build a cob house. But a retired art teacher from Oxfordshire, Michael Buck, managed to build a hobbit house with $220 and no harm to the environment. The materials used are all local and no papers or documents were necessary for raising the structure because it is considered a summer house. You might say all of these came at a price in terms of comfort: the hobbit house has no running water or electricity and the heating is provided by a woodstove. Watch the video to find out how this environmentally-friendly home was raised. It is really inspiring!




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