Forget focusing on the rollercoaster of economic problems. We all know it’s rigged and completely fake anyway. Let’s talk about eco-Friendly, sustainable solutions to empower sovereign individuals. Within the past century we have developed the necessary technological innovations and ecological understanding to efficiently provide healthy food, clean water, and reliable shelter for all people while sustainably operating within the natural dynamics upon which the entire world depends. Even so, the emphasis on militarism and profiteering has overshadowed this potential by distracting humanity from actualizing its sovereignty.

The fact is, this eco-friendly change in living isn’t just a fad; it’s an inevitable necessity if we want to have any kind of healthy future at all. The real social struggle for humanity won’t be fought with stockpiles of weapons. Tangibly speaking, it will be fought with acres of land, alternative energy, rain collection, homesteading wisdom, and off-grid solutions. Of course, a shift in consciousness is needed through psychological healing and education, and consistent Self-Work.

Ultimately, the goal in making a better world is to stop participating in the obsolete authoritarian system and create our own. We can’t wait for Monsanto to build a nicer planet for us. We have to turn every inch we have into a productive landscape, and use our resources wisely to change the world in front of us and within us. If you want a more peaceful world, if you dream of a better way, if you want to become more empowered, then it’s time to embrace domestic change and reoccupy your house. Free yourself step by step from shackles to their world and become truly sovereign. Teach each other ways to evolve. Learn from each other. Help each other. Build a different possibility.

Granted, every environment has varying parameters for resources it can provide, so the following examples are meant to be taken as concepts for inspiration, not necessarily as solid solutions. Some modification may be required. There are endless possibilities available to us, and more are created every day! Please feel free to add your thoughts and links in the comments section below to help other be the change!

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Year-Round Underground Gardening


Pool garden

Bee Hive: Collecting Honey Without Disturbing the Hive

How to Build a Vertical Garden from Soda Bottles


anarchism sustainable solutions aquaponics

Grow an Acre of Food in a Shipping Container

DIY $50 Greenhouse w/ Plans

6 Vegetables That Can Grow from Scraps

Solar Cooking



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Open Air Well

Advertisements turn air in to water


Makeshift Condensation Well

Air Wells, Dew Ponds, Fog Fences

Solar Seawater Distiller Turns Salt Water into Drinking Water Using Only Sunlight


Portable solar powered desalinization device

Thermosiphoning: Distribute Hot Water Without Electricity

Water Conserving Faucet Designs

Electrodialysis: Solar Powered Desalinization

Rainwater Harvesting

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TED Talk: Reversing Desertification


How to Restore Rainforests

Restoring Natural Balance – “How Wolves Change Rivers”

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Solar Power

alternative energy

Magnet Driven Energy System

Hydroelectric Power from Turbines in Pipes

Portable Photocatalytic Electricity Generator & Water Purifier


Transparent Solar Cells

DIY Solar Power Generator

Improved Efficiency Interlocking Windmills


Electricity-Generating Tidal Lagoons

Urban Algae Canopy Produces Oxygen And Fuel

Plant-Generated Energy

Glass Sphere Solar Energy Enhancement

Steam Engine

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Phoenix Towers: purify air and water, collect solar, wind, and hydrogen power, vertical gardening, rainwater harvesting, and harness biomass


Singapore’s Greenest Energy Efficient Hotel

Urban Community Vertical Farm Housing


Environmentally Friendly Houses Using Efficient 3D Printing

How To Build Your Own Inexpensive “A-Frame” Home

NexusHaus: Solar Powered, Water Conserving, Eco-Efficient House

Solar Powered Ecocapsule

DIY Modern Off Grid Tiny House

Unbelievable House Truck Transforms in to Eco-friendly Fantasy Castle

Gardening in Los Angeles’s 26 Square Miles of Vacant Lots (the equivalent of 20 New York Central Parks)

Precision 3D Printing

Sustainable Architecture

Multiple Uses for Hemp 

anarchism alternative

Glass Roof Tiles

Light With No Energy

Self-Sustaining Floating Grid Island

Airless Tire Technology

Solar Powered Bicycle

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Humanure Composting Toilet


General Composting

Large Scale Natural Waste Management Methods

Energy Efficient Ocean Cleanup Systems

Eco-Friendly, Reusable Feminine Hygiene Products

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Tangible Survival Skills

Living off the Grid

6,000 lbs of Food on Just 1/10 an Acre in the City (self-sustaining and profitable)

The Importance of Naturally Raising Animals

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