Author: Humberto Braga

Voting is Useless: The Illusion of Choice

If you’re a proud voter, I know what you’re thinking: “I believe in voting because A.) we live in a democracy, and B.) we have the freedom to, so C.) why not try to change the system from the inside?” But what if I told you that voting (and the entire notion of “authority” and “government”) is a type of cultural brainwashing based on nothing but lies to keep you distracted, enslaved, and consenting?   What if I told you that voting is pointless, political campaigns are a charade, politicians are all megalomaniacal authoritarians, government is completely controlled by international banking and corporate oligarchies,...

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Eco-Friendly Sustainable Solutions for Better Living

Let’s talk about eco-Friendly, sustainable solutions to empower sovereign individuals. Within the past century we have developed the necessary technological innovations and ecological understanding to efficiently provide healthy food, clean water, and reliable shelter for all people while sustainably operating within the natural dynamics upon which the entire world depends.

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Returning to Nature

Everyone knows that we live in an unsustainable industrial civilization that must be radically changed with eco-friendly solutions. But can we go back to nature, living a naturalist lifestyle? One might think that humanity is so fundamentally opposed with living in nature that, despite having their basic needs fulfilled in a more rural and natural lifestyle, they would run back to their conveniences given the slightest opportunity. Actually, evidence shows that the opposite is true. For example: Having been present during an exchange of prisoners in upper New York between the Iroquois and the French in 1699, Cadwallader Colden in...

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