You can’t make this up:

San Diego’s Narcotics Task Force conducted a marijuana raid in Imperial Beach on Wednesday, and during the operation, a 10News photojournalist spotted an agent wearing a T-shirt with the following writing on the back: “Marijuana Eradication San Diego, CA.” Those words were followed by “F*** the growers…Marijuana is still illegal.”

Actually, it’s not illegal in this case. The grower who was the subject of this raid claims his business is legal under California’s voter approved medical marijuana program.

But this raid isn’t just a reminder of California’s ongoing prohibition against cannabis — it’s a glimpse into the mentality that keeps it going. What law enforcement is saying in actions, and now words, is ‘F*** the growers,’ ‘F*** the patients’ and ‘F*** the voters.’

Here’s how else law enforcement has been flipping off growers, patients and voters recently:

  • On Thursday, federal agents raided two medical dispensaries in Los Angeles.
  • Last week, we learned that over 20,000 Californians were arrested for cannabis charges in 2013.
  • The week before that we found out that a mysterious, state funded task force, which included officers from California’s Attorney General’s office, conducted warrantless raids on growers on the same day that their boss, Kamala Harris, laughed when asked for her position on legalization.

The only solution? Legalizing it on the ballot in 2016 and putting law enforcement out of the cannabis prohibition business.

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