SOURCE: The Free Thought Project

A federal judge recently decided that a $10 million dollar lawsuit against the Lansing Police Department can proceed.

The judge’s decision comes after officers were cleared for killing a young girl as she was hiding from them, resting on her knees repeating “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

In 2011, 17-year-old Derrinesha Clay broke into a local Bank of America branch and ended up hiding in one of the offices inside the building. It has been said that the teenager was going through some

Family members said that the teenager was going through some trouble and was possibly dealing with issues relating to bipolar disorder.

It is assumed by police that she was attempting to rob the bank, but no one will ever know why she actually entered the building because she was shot and killed as soon as she was found.

Brian Rendon, the officer responsible for firing the shots, claimed that the girl attacked him with a knife or a pair of scissors, and that he shot her in self-defense. However, security camera footage does not show the girl attacking the officers or being aggressive in any way, the footage simply shows her hiding, crouching down on the ground on her knees.

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