Alec Cope

The Waternest – developed by EcoFloLife and designed by architect Giancarlo Zema, this robust floating home coincides with nature in a simplistic yet stunning way.

It is made from 98% recyclable materials, it is 1000-square-feet, being 12 meters in diameter and 4 meters tall it can be planted in any calm body of water. The Waternest has been built with recycled glued laminated timber and a recycled aluminum hull. Waternest has a 60-square-meter photovoltaic array capable of generating 4 kWp of energy. Four skylights, balconies and a series of windows circle the entire unit, the pod itself can be refitted and refurbished in a number of ways. The creators of the Waternest said,

“sophisticated system of internal natural micro-ventilation and air conditioning” to allow the classification of the Waternest to be a, “low-consumption residential habitat.”

So many new ideas for housing have been sprouting up more and more, one can only imagine what else is in store as humanity changes its perception and evolves with the times.








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