Toe-Tag-Dead-Death-MorgueThe official body count of this year’s flu shot victims continues to mount, as yet another previously healthy individual is reported to have died not long after getting the heavily pushed jab. Chad Rattray, a 37-year-old former hot dog vendor from Spokane, Washington, reportedly fell ill and died of complications from the flu recently, much to the sorrow of his close-knit community.

Known affectionately as “Cheddar Chad” among locals, Rattray had recently been hired as a bus driver for the Spokane Transit Authority (STA). And like millions of other Americans, he followed the advice of health authorities in getting a flu shot this year, which he presumably believed would help protect him against flu infection.

Instead, he fell deathly ill and had to call in sick just one day after driving his first, and only, route for STA. According to The Washington Times, Rattray had been scheduled to drive a bus on Monday, January 19, but had to be admitted to Sacred Heart Medical Center’s intensive care unit for treatment.

Specific details regarding Rattray’s death haven’t been reported in the media, other than that he died of “the flu.” But reports clearly indicate that he had received a flu shot and was previously in excellent health prior to the shot. A memorial was set up at the spot where he used to serve hot dogs from his iconic hot dog cart near the Bank of America building in downtown Spokane.

“He was one of those people who stood out in a world full of knuckleheads,” said Tim Burk, chief engineer for the bank building. “There was nothing I didn’t like about the guy. I think you could ask 10,000 people and not one of them would speak badly about him.”

Numerous other deaths reported in conjunction with flu shot

Rattray’s death comes on the heels of the death of five-year-old Kiera Driscoll, who we recently reported died from cardiac arrest due to influenza A. Like Rattray, young Kiera had recently gotten a flu shot as well, and after developing a severe cough and fever was rushed to a clinic and given steroids and put on a nebulizer.

The previously healthy young girl collapsed not long after, according to reports, and she later died at the hospital. Perhaps not surprisingly, Kiera died of the very same flu strain for which she was vaccinated:

At least four other cases of flu shot-related deaths have also been reported this season, including the recent death of 26-year-old Katherine McQuestion. The recent newlywed and radiology technician, who was reportedly forced to get a flu shot by her employer, St. Catherine’s Medical Center in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, suffered severe complications including sepsis, a type of blood poisoning, and organ failure:

Fourteen-year-old Amber Grey is another flu shot victim who, like the others, is reported to have been in optimal health prior to the jab. Like Kiera, Amber tested positive for influenza A prior to her death, the same strain found in the flu vaccine. She suffered a severe bacterial infection and pneumonia in the days prior to her passing:

And on and on the list goes with casualties mounting daily. Surprisingly, the media is being somewhat honest about the fact that each of these cases, as well as several others not reported here, involved individuals who had been vaccinated, proving once again that the flu shot doesn’t work and often leads to serious complications, including death.



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