SOURCE: Daily Mail

From crispy pancakes to fish fingers and potato waffles, freezer food definitely has an image problem. Besides viewing it as unhealthy, proud home cooks often sniff at the idea of rummaging in the freezer for a quick-fix family meal.

Now Sainsbury’s is trying to change frozen food’s battered reputation. The Love Your Freezer campaign is aimed at promoting its benefits while also broadening what’s on offer. Frozen herbs, chargrilled vegetables, berries and scallops now jostle for space with the Neapolitan ice cream.

The campaign has the support of Brian Young, chief executive of the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF). ‘In terms of nutritional content, freezing doesn’t damage food — it preserves vitamins and minerals,’ he says.

‘Within three days of vegetables being pulled from the ground, 80 per cent of vitamin C is naturally lost from them and most ‘fresh’ food has a useful nutritional lifespan of up to five days.’

Freezing food stops this nutritional depletion, and improvements in fast-freezing technology have made it more appetising, too, as the speed at which food is frozen has a direct impact on its taste.

As food freezes, moisture inside and outside it forms ice crystals. The slower something freezes, the bigger the ice crystals become — and the more damage they do to the structure of food, and therefore its flavour.

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