After months of speculation about Donald Trump would choose as his Vice Presidential choice,
Trump has finally chosen Indiana governor Mike Pence as his running mate for Vice President.

Trump Pence

Pence, a former Congressman, reportedly beat out former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and r0etired General Michael Flynn.

Trump postponed his announcement for VP until Saturday, due to the deadly terrorist attack in Nice, France. Trump and his campaign then expressed that the choice wasn’t final, leading many to believe that Trump would switch to General Flynn.

Trump then took to Twitter on Saturday to announce that he had settled on Pence.

Retired Gen. Michael Flynn responded to Trumps choice for Vice President by saying –

“I think Donald Trump made the right choice for America, and I think that was really at the back of his mind,” Flynn said in an interview with WABC Radio’s “Election Central with Rita Cosby.”

“I was very honored to be in the mix, and I’ve spoken to Donald Trump twice in the last 48 hours, and I will tell you, he’s an absolute, just a superb leader.”

Pence responded by tweeting –

John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman responded calling Pence “the most extreme vice presidential pick in a generation.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan who has previously called to block Donald Trump responded positively to Donald Trump’s choice for VP Mike Pence.

“There is no better choice for our vice presidential candidate Pence comes from the heart of the conservative movement — and the heart of America,” Ryan said.

Governor Pence’s positions have run counter to Donald Trump, who has previously called for outright banning of Muslims into the U.S. Pence strongly opposed that idea last year and tweeted out that it was highly offensive and unconstitutional. Pence has also distanced himself at least three different times from Trump.

Will Mike Pence be the ticket that Donald Trump needs to secure his bid for the Whitehouse run to defeat crooked Hillary in November? Time will tell if this was a good or bad decision for Donald Trump.

Pence likely will help Trump bring any conservatives and Republicans that were wary of Trump back into the fold, but Trump be forced to deal with Pence’s record. Pence has been pro-TPP, pro-Iraq war, pro-life, and will be portrayed as anti-LGBT.

Scott Adams, the most insightful pundit on the 2016 election, wrote that the Pence pick will help Trump get elected because of voter’s perceptions. “No matter what you think of Pence, he was the right choice on the dimension of persuasion,” Adams wrote. “Pence is an experienced politician. But you stand him next to Trump and he sort of disappears. The contrast persuades you – subconsciously – that Trump is better than an experienced politician. That’s totally irrational, and totally effective.”

From a policy standpoint, Pence does have positives for Trump to trumpet. Pence ushered in the largest state tax cut in Indiana history, saw Indiana’s unemployment lowered from 8.4% in 2013 when he took office to under five percent, signed into law the first state pre-K program and made unprecedented investments in the state’s K-12 education. Pence also created Indiana’s first consumer-driven Medicaid alternative, the proven Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0, and invested more than $800 million in new money for roads and bridges.

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