There’s no better way to put it – Judge Jeanine Pirro ripped Hillary a new asshole last week on her show on Fox News.

During her Opening Statement, Judge Jeanine discussed Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” comment about Trump supporters, which isolated a whole section of the country that Hillary has deemed racist, sexist and bigots. In a scathing commentary, Judge Jeanine destroyed Hillary’s character and her policies, noting that Trump’s supporters include a majority of police officers and service members as well as war veterans.

Judge Jeanine went on an epic rant that literally could destroy Hillary Clinton’s campaign if it went viral. The judge brought up Hillary’s pay to play scandals as Secretary of State and her conflict of interest in taking money from Saudi Arabia that treats gays like ISIS and beheads them.

“Hillary you bow to and take money from countries that throw gays off buildings,” Judge Jeanine Pirro, said. Incidentally, the Saudi King hasn’t beheaded his son for reportedly throwing gay orgy parties in America.

Pirro continued, “You take money for your so called ‘Charity,’ from countries that don’t allow women to drive, a so called feminist who supports countries that force women to cover every part of their body but their eye balls and you want to call us Islamophobes? And you Hillary the queen of black lives matter you want to call me a racist?”

The segment then cut to Hillary’s speech about the “basket of deploreables,” where Hillary says, “And that other basket of deploreables are those people who think the government let them down, that people don’t care about them that no one cares about them and there just desperate for change.”

Judge Jeanine then wraps up her statement saying this –

“Yes, Hillary, we are desperate for change and you sure ain’t it. You are as establishment as it gets and yes were fed up with your kind of government where the Attorney General secretly meets with your husband when your the target of an active criminal investigation, with no less then 100 FBI agents and you come out days later promising you’ll keep her on as the Attorney General if you become president. Your right were fed up with your kind of government, where the destruction of subpoenaed evidence with hammers and Bleachbit and delete buttons are tolerated. Where you simply ignore subpoenas and you destroy federal documents. Where the head of the FBI, when called upon to explain before congress why your not being charged with a myriad of federal felonies is so out classed and so out lawyered that a five year old could write an indictment based upon federal crimes.”

Pirro also attack Hillary’s character, calling her a liar saying –

“We are fed up and Hillary since you started the name calling, Hillary you are a liar and a pathological one at that, you are a cheat you are dishonest, you are condescending, you are arrogant, contemptuous and if you think your half-assed apology will wipe the slate clean? You are wrong, It takes you 17 hours to figure out that you had to apologize? The ordinary people Hillary the people who have to follow the law,  who have no choice but to pay their taxes, who have to work two – three jobs, who fight for all of us, many of whom come back with fewer limbs, don’t want a president that hates us, don’t want a President that thinks they are deplorable. I can’t trust a President that doesn’t think that I am worthy of being an American.”

Later in her show, Judge Pirro tested Hillary Clinton’s method and smashed a Blackberry.

Judge Jeanine Pirro has previously said the “Clinton Foundation was the biggest 501(C)3 illegal charity operation.” Keep kicking Hillary Clinton’s (C)orrupt ass Judge Jeanine Pirro!



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