In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on Acosta and how one of the worst deals in history was made in Miami, hopefully now it will be rectified

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This week really has been absolutely incredible with the amount of people that have been going down that are in the public eye I mean we have Jesse Smollett we have R Kelly we have Robert Kraft a billionaire we have Jeffrey Epstein another billionaire leading many people to question what is happening here because powerful people don’t usually go down and don’t go down as fast as they are because usually the rich and Powerful protect.

And serve the rich and powerful and are under a separate justice system and that’s been the case for a lot of these individuals for a very long time up until now I mean look at this new story that just broke today just today we’re finding out that Cardinals admitted that the Vatican summer.

But the Catholic Church destroyed of files about all the abuse that they were committing in Germany’s the police conveniently lost all the evidence against two predators that severely attacked over 30 children at least a.

X all that completely lost which is absolutely terrifying which we’re going to kind of allude to and talked about in this larger case of Jeffrey Epstein Jeffrey Epstein very powerful protected individual not only friends with Kevin Spacey Bill Clinton Harvey Weinstein David Horowitz but Trump himself and also of course from labor secretary.

Of course is Peyton facing a lot of scrutiny and a lot of pressure today and a lot of people make the clam and I think it’s pretty relevant and it’s pretty clear that a lot of the people like R.Kelly like Jeffrey Epstein especially Jeff.

They’re able to get away with a lot of the horrible Deeds that they commit because they again are protecting other rich and famous people that they partied with they are quote too big to fail in the political justice system up until finally we are seeing some kind of recourse in this recourse happen this Thursday with Jeffrey Epstein as we’re finding out that a federal judge ruled that the federal prosecutors broke the law in his case that’s specific Federal prosecutor of course being now labor secretary Acosta who is facing a lot of scrutiny and people calling for his resignation because of the plea deal that he gave to this known criminal Jeffrey Epstein that is protected by both the Democrats and the Republicans another important side note about this case is that this case and this specific plea deal that a federal judge just ruled to be unlawful pretty much what.

Not only signed by a constant but also signed by the justice department and Robert Mueller as well so this was agreed upon that of course Donald Trump is facing a lot of scrutiny and we have seen Donald Trump even politicize and weaponized Jeffrey Epstein during his political campaign to be president in this clip in CPAC when he was talking to Sean Hannity can you play that clip Jason bring it right up.

All right guys here you go this isn’t CPAC in it for Trump to come out and say he doesn’t know much about the situation let’s find out how much you might know.

Bill Clinton nice guy got a lot of problems coming up in my opinion with the famous island with Jeffrey Epstein.

So that was a bullet and it’s just really quick lube but I mean he seemed to know not only about Epstein but Clinton and the aisle.

This is a big inside information that again Donald Trump has claimed not to know much about this case right now and then people are calling a lies about that and he’s only digging himself a bigger hole with you no comments like that he also made a comment in 2002 when talking specifically about Jeffrey gifts and he said quote he’s a lot of fun to be with.

It’s even if it’s even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do and many of them are on the younger side this is a public statement about a known pedophile he’s pictured with them throughout the years and we have to understand there are some connections you’re as even Steve Bannon recently met with Jeffrey Epstein According to some new sources coming from of course the information that Rodger Stone provided now we’re getting of course a lot of media attention around this specifically Sumter done attacking Donald Trump honest or even seeing a tweet here saying that there’s testimony.

From Jeffrey Epstein saying during the deposition that yes he’s socialize with Donald Trump but of course quote I when he was pressured and asked if he socialized with Trump with the presence of females under the age of 18 He quote plead the fifth now this is a very damning comment very damning disposition but people have to understand Jeffrey Epstein pretty much plead the fifth on that question a number of individuals not just Donald Trump and the fact that the lawyer in the Jeffrey Epstein case who was going after Jeffrey Epstein publicly stated not so long ago that it was actually Donald Trump’s that responded to him that was in Jeffrey Epstein’s black book and cooperated the most out of everyone else listed in that black book and helping him with his case that’s another important elements that you need to understand here that contradicts the bigger mainstream media narrative that is being pushed on people and we have to understand here Donald Trump did hire at a point Alexander. Acosta Acosta this person who gave him a plea deal we do have to understand Fox news about really talkin about this larger case as much as all the other media outlets and at the same time they are having Alan dershowitz on the man who pretty much created this plead you and with this case finally coming into white it’s important to understand here Donald Trump facing a lot of scrutiny but so should Bill Clinton that took a number of flights after ditching his secret service on the Lolita Express and then we’re going to cover this case honestly we need to cover the fact that this is a well-protected Republican and Democratic person.

Who doesn’t care about politics but only cares about power which is our current political system because even with this news coming out and this pressure being put on tree.

Pressure should be put on all the party’s here who are involved here by the way not just one-sided hear the case here is also very detailed where the judge actually stopped just short of getting rid and overturning the sweet plea deal he didn’t do.

And he’s actually giving prosecutors now 15 days to confirm with the victims that were notified of this settlement that happened because what we’re looking at here is a deal of a lifetime when Jeffrey Epstein was facing a life in prison sentence he was given ultimately a half a day in jail per day for just one year when he should have been in jail for the rest of his life with the charges that he was being prosecuted against this was again.

A very very very important case that shows just how the powerful protect each other and now the only possibility of Justice happening on a larger scale here is of course if other us attorneys in other districts if they will take on this case and bring up criminal charges against mr. Epstein this has opened up the possibility for this will it happen.

Sure hope so but it will happen when more pressure and more knowledge and more information is brought towards this person this person needs to face Justice we’re seeing some cracks finally be made here will it be enough well I don’t know but seen the mainstream media only jump on this to attack Trump is disingenuous the people involved here need to be.

Dealt with the people involved in this larger case do need to face the repercussions of the horrible crimes that have allowed this man to go free.

Absolutely insane story Racine the cracks will it be enough.

We don’t know we’re going to be following closely that entire situation and of course this YouTube channel people have to understand that this has been evolving this case has been evolving okay so the case he lost just this year just a few months ago Epstein had to admit that he had smeared the lawyer that he had lied and that the lawyer representing dozens of these women was telling the truth.

So now you can go back and see what the.

I was being accused of by these women and Epstein has now said yes that’s true in not so many word he did so on the morning that jury selection was set to begin on this trial after it being pushed back.

Almost a decade almost a deck.

This guy wins money and undisclosed amount as this is all trending because we never thought it would Trend again.

The victims were.


2 over a hundred to now hundreds of them a lot of this information has been hidden from the media and the major complaint by this federal judge right now is that the details of this plea deal this deal of a lifetime was hidden away from the victim sorry go ahead Jason to know absolutely Luke and when we talked about the little black book and their names by the way there was a searchable database of just that black book but when the lawyer and props to Derrick Rose of the conscience resistance cuz he actually interview the lawyer asked questions the mainstream did not.

When the lawyer talked to Derek he said there were several of these books.

It wasn’t just the island that there were different location.

I remember this information was actually smuggled out by one of the servants that Epstein had one of his Butler.

That Butler is no longer alive and he actually served more prison time than Epstein himself for leaking that black book that’s how effed up our system is.


Is sad that the mainstream media is now making this solely about Trump is Trump playing stupid you bet he is.

Can you hurdle in you about the island he knew about Clinton he was using it as a political weapon with the Sean Hannity stand right next to.

Alexander Acosta.

Did a huge huge disservice.


Except for the elite when he made that deal in floor.

Beyond that we don’t know what the terms were we don’t know who visited him in the night we don’t know what phone calls he got Oz we can go buy folks is the excellent book by James Patterson called Filthy Rich where you can see a cost to go in really hard Luke in the begin.

Trying to get apps..

By the time it was all said and done.

He made a secret deal behind the backs of all those victims and essentially cut the throat.

Yep and essentially What’s Happening Here is Jeffrey up Sun I think it’s very apparent for a lot of people most likely is protecting identity of other rich and famous people who he partied with and that’s why he is too big to.


Finally seemed some cracks or seen from an issue manipulation around it but this is bringing out the bigger truth and that’s why it’s important to share these messages and share the bigger details surrounding this case so we could get to the truth and to the bottom of it and not just a bigger smear not just a bit bigger political weapon and hopefully there is some Brave prosecutor in Florida or cross the country that does take up the case we can only hope.

Hopefully there could be some form of Justice in this wide case that again.

Kept underground for so long and it’s only coming out just now.

Crazy absolutely crazy Jake’s close it out and I’m going to hit a super chat or two and then get into another huge story that we kind of alluded to in the begin.

You look at this guy.

And the amount of wealthy people the fact that the lawyer said the lawyer for the lawyer that one said that people like Harvey Weinstein.

Slither in the same circles as Epstein.

And you talking about other powerful people involved while there is a lot of speculation out there this was a true Honey Trap type operation and a true Honey Trap is not only going to warn somebody and getting them but getting them through sexual activities.

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