In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on what is going on in Paris France for week 15 of sustained resistance against the establishment.

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Is Liberty ask if we are and today we are joined by independent journalist Ford Fisher who is in Paris France if you remember Ford it was me him and also Emily Molly out there just two weeks ago in Paris during the mass riots during the teargas afford you are very lucky with just not having your your gas mask on the place that we are at that I was out there was an explosion there’s bones and flesh everywhere like what the hell is going on here and it’s just an insane insane situation developing in Paris but not only all a free. All of the all of the European Union and we’re going to talk about this and that huge developing protest that of course have been going on for what now 15 weeks so Ford I mean the last time since I’ve been there what has changed on the ground you covered a government building that was taken over by the yellow vest that they made a homeless shelter tell us more about this and everything else that happened since we were there on the ground with.

Yeah so you and Emily were here with me on October 13th which was just under two weeks ago now so since then there has been one more act one more assertive Saturday protest these things have generally been happening on weekend so there was a big Saturday protest there was mostly peaceful or more peaceful than than 13 was until it got to invalides which is basically this giant feel I’ll bet it kind of spontaneously broke into a very intense fighting for about a half-hour it was worse than anything on day on week 13 where people are kind of throwing lobbing bricks at the police and the police were kind of at a distance shooting tear gas and so it was this this exchange the scrimmage of bricks and tear gas the other weird thing that happened with Act 4 scene is that there was a Sunday protested most of these have been predominantly on Saturday they had a gathering at Lee republique which is kind of this park in the city that basically got surrounded and close. Turn on by police they use this technique to kind of.

Pedal but not for the sake of a resting but cuddling people down so that they would either be forced to leave and not be allowed back into the protest or eventually be pushed into the Metro stop with her basically making the protesters Metro away and that was their way of closing it out that was the weekend of 14th but the thing you were mentioning was that yes there was an interesting story that I kind of found that there was a group that existed for 20 years that call themselves and I’m going to destroy the pronunciation of this but a largement which means right to housing and this group has kind of taken up the yellow vest aesthetic so now they are yellow vests in the alabaster working with them and basically they are frustrated because of France has this phone number that you’re supposed to be able to call that would enable a person to get social housing assistance if you have some kind of a social crisis such as homelessness or food insecurity or supposed to be able to call the number and and it will give you advice on how to get your social housing and make sure that you have a place to sleep at night macron. Fix it it’s still not working two years later so these individuals basically took over a government gymnasium and it is in a very elite upper-class neighborhood not far from the presidential Palace and basically these people took it over and to be clear this is basically a government-run Jim it’s a fitness center the LVS took it over ads for now three and a half weeks have been housing 150 homeless families in the gym people are sleeping there with women babies and men and so basically the police have been perpetually threatening them apparently that’s sort of been escalating where the police are saying we’re going to kick all of you out of here this is government property or not allowed to be here and the officer said well you have a mandate you you said you mccrone promised you were going to deal with the issue of homelessness you haven’t and so until you find a way to how is this. These people have an alternative no we’re not going to let you kick them out onto the street and to my knowledge so far there hasn’t been arrested or forced but it’s kind of a stand-off for an occupation if you will that the government is not happy about.

That’s a fascinating story. Of course we’re not hearing about and what are the things that we were just talking about just moments even before clicking record you’re talking about students who are following you and France and their and they’re doing kind of a report on you and the American perspective in USA.

What American perspective because there’s little to virtually none honest reporting or even just reporting itself about this kind of wider movement and it is not the easiest kind of topic to cover there is a lot of kind of kind of unique situations a lot of nuance from your kind of Investigations into the yellow vests spending now 2 weeks in Paris what are some of the most kind of unique muons perspectives on these yellow vest that you think are most important to you.

Yeah so I mean I think the biggest thing and I actually dissected this yesterday with a journalist who works for advice and in these times and international business time so I sat down and did an interview with a US France dual citizen journalists so he really provided a good France and America perspective on the situation and what he was describing is he out that it is a really really big set of different political factions it really is rooted in working class in labor it holds a lot of values that in the American perspective might be considered left-wing but it really has drawn in right when people from the sort of working-class mentality and what he was describing as he he is one word that describes it really well I had to refer to describe this way until this he kept saying it’s messy a lot of The Strife a lot of the difficulty reporting on it and even a lot of the infighting in the Elvis is a natural consequence of having such a wide movement with so many different people things. Messi so there’s disagreement over things like should France leave the EU there’s disagreement over some of these kind of questions about different nationalities nationalistic elements about migration for example of different people have sort of different positions and then on the issue of basically should capitalism exist or not many of the people there are straight-up socialists and some of them in the American perspective might be considered a populist capitalist some of the might be considered more like Democratic Socialist Bernie sander types so there is a lot of strife over what exactly is it that are unique to their jointly fighting for BB issues of agreement are they want a higher minimum wage right now the minimum wage is equivalent to about eight or nine year olds and they would like to see it at about 12 they certainly was not there to be a fuel tax that would have a regressive effect against income you know of course for our people are spending more of their money driving to work you know on feet.

Wages Fuel and then generally they all support the idea of a referendum they feel that mccrone is basically in office because of the fact that.

That my pain his appointment was so vastly unpopular but on the other hand that doesn’t mean that macron and his policies actually are popular so what they’re finding is that they feel that they would be rest best represented that they would have the greatest deal of of democracy so to speak if they’d be able to vote directly on policy so what they’re so with a universally demand is a referendum what’s in question is what exactly would it ask and I’m told by this journalist has been studying them for a long time that they are not entirely positive of what that would be but they definitely would like to see a democratic shift for a referendum what I’ve heard specifically as they want to kind of political referendum system like receiving in California where they could vote on particular issues on the ballot weather like California legalization of marijuana by the will of the people I think that’s what they’re kind of calling for the calling at the r i c system that’s why we’re seeing a lot of kind of Ric kind of signs out there but if there’s frexit there’s people trying to mimic the. Awesome pants Revolution from Iceland there’s hardcore socialist there’s nationalist collecting for total just disbandment and destruction of the European Union there’s so much happening here but it again honestly it is difficult to talk about but we have to bring up all these issues because we have to report on it honestly at 4.

You’re doing a great job on it you been there on the ground I’ve been on the ground it’s not an easy situation to deal with we have police attacking us we have protesters a faction of the protester attacking us as pressed trying to report there on the ground there’s so much stress to deal with this I know you can talk about that if you want to talk about that you can but I want up kind of open it up and ended on this larger question where do you see things going from here not only this Saturday but coming Saturday in in the long-term the short-term long-term if you want to get into some of the violence against press you can as we.

Yeah so I mean it’s true that there has been some violence against press or threatening against preso each time that I’ve been out there I’ve had people say uno know what the camera right you know put the camera away and and what have you but as we kind of intuitively know as we’ve discussed off the record with some people and as I spoke about with this journalist who interviewed yesterday part of the reason for that is because the government is saying we don’t want protesters to wear masks they’re trying to get through statutes preventing protesters from asking up making it illegal to do so and then certain employers are firing people over their presents at protest like this so the tactic of causing them to be on Master causing them to be seen by cameras is part of what the state wants and while that’s of course not the objective of independent journalists that’s why they’re skeptical of of any camera to go if they believe that it could be mainstream media so clarify know I’m foreign press and I’m independent press I got a lot more thumbs up once they understand that I’m American Independent Media as opposed to potentially French Media or anything like that. And that’s why we made those sirens on her back if you still have the signs that we put on my back behind you still at that time and I’ve been wearing it on my front actually be tabouli’s literally walking around with cell phones watching bmtv during the riots in chaos looking for the cameraman cuz cuz bmtv is the kind of CNN of a France and then we have to admit hear the mainstream media has been violently viciously verbally attacking the yellow vest and really just using really underhanded tactics really shameful tactics attacking this larger movement and also it’s important notes not only people getting fired from from companies that Amazon has fired people for supporting the yellow vest even publicly on Twitter so that’s another important aspect to your it’s not just a big Violet aspect there’s a lot of peaceful people there’s a lot of people trying to keep the peace trying to protect both the police and the protesters lot of Street Medics that do in crib. Work very important works on an issue that again no one’s talking about so done just back at you sorry to cut you off there for short-term and long-term projections and anything else you want to say.

Well so tomorrow is going to be there ax15 it’s not exactly clear to me what’s going to happen they have an especially along Route planned right so they at least have an ambitious goal about how far they’re going to physically move so I’ll be interested to see how they do as far as crowd endurance it seems like they they certainly cover a lot of ground generally in the last two times that I’ve been here I walked 11 miles on Saturday that you were here and actually 13 miles last Saturday so it wouldn’t surprise me if again they cover a lot of physical space throughout Paris and that’s something that seems to be very important to them to really show that have their presence felt in different new areas of Paris insertive cover the entire city so to speak with their presents at some point so that’s tomorrow but generally speaking I have asked the same question that you just asked me to a few different people I’ve generally seen that the opinion seems to be that the movement is slightly losing numbers in terms of the number of people who are coming out and it’s getting slightly less violent the yellow vests popularity is still above. 50% which is much higher right I mean that’s higher than than most presidents ever have is an approval rating at a time macrons is more like 30 so the yellow vests are are supremely more popular than than macron himself macron has started to do this thing called the big debate which is his idea we’re basically he goes out and speaks 4 hours and theoretically is debating with people on the issues that there’s frustration over the idea that there’s no actual mechanism that would lead the consequences of that debate to turn into policy so if if mccrone gets his ass handed to him so to speak in a debate against yellow vest and what they want there’s no actual formal structure that turns that into policy changed and so as much as the movement may be slowly waning it seems like most of them say you know we’re not we’re not going to give up on this until we actually get the things we want so it seems like there’s going to have to be some kind of referendum there’s going to have to be further.

Were there could end up being a drastic electoral.

They haven’t been served by that time I heard somebody speculate today that it’s not unlikely that Marine Le Pen could be elected just based purely on frustration with macron that some people on the laughter just so frustrated that they would that they would say to hell with it and just vote for lapenn who conventional wisdom would tell you that they would not like so it could go any number of directions I’ve seen plans as far out as act 22 Pacific plans on how they plan to address at 20 so at least for the next six weeks they’re certainly going to be doing this I could probably guess that it will go on for longer yeah I’m hearing that they’re calling for a huge national gathering coming up soon just in a few weeks which of course I think I’m going to plan on being there but as you were saying it’s not only physically enduring what you’re describing being out there but also mentally I’m still shell-shocked from everything and I honestly just need a break from it because it is it is very very very detrimental to a lot of different Health aspects that you’re dealing with so I commend you for being out there Ford we’re going to be out there. Later be safe be smart another there’s so much things to talk about I still just want to talk about one more thing because the conditions that created these yellow vests have not gone anywhere they are Depot and they are like fault lines waiting to greet a major earthquake they are not going away anytime soon and what are the yellow vests falter or get lower numbers are higher numbers are come back or don’t come back I could you could see that the Elvis Duran in pitimi of the larger kind of dissatisfaction worldwide towards the more unrest that we are going to under these kind of systemic systems and problems that we are all becoming too prevalent to ignore Ford once again that’s just my take on it I really appreciate your work I’m going to be following closely on your YouTube channel and your Facebook I’m going to post a link in the description below so people can watch you live during the action.

Preciate you very much stay safe out there and thank you everyone for watching and supporting real Independent Media if it wasn’t for you guys supporting voting donating what your dollars will your clicks with your attention I would be here for Ford wouldn’t be here and Independent Media wouldn’t be here and that’s why thank you guys from the bottom of my heart I love you stay tuned for more here on YouTube, we are change.

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