Luke Rudkowski is live on the ground at UC Berkeley, California, covering the Free Speech Rally today. Ann Coulter was due to speak but has canceled her appearance over safety fears. The atmosphere is likely to heat up quickly between pro-Trump protesters and Antifa. Violence has become common place at these types of events and is no longer a shock.

The line up for today’s event:

Cancelling sends the inevitable message that violence works. Gavin McInnes the Canadian writer, actor and comedian, stood defiant yesterday on Twitter.

McInnes will be joined by best selling author Lauren Southern, journalist Faith J. Goldy and award-winning author Brittany Pettibone, among others.

Rebel Media‘s Washington Bureau Chief, Jack Posobiec gave this warning today:

With violence escalating at every next event, Luke puts out a warning on Twitter about the possibility of people bringing guns to today’s event.

Luke is correct in his assertion that protesters may be carrying glass bottles as weapons.

Bottles were seen on April 15th, the last time Luke went live on the ground at UC Berkeley.

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