By Joyce Lupiani

Police officers in Roswell, New Mexico, recently helped a thief instead of arresting him. The Roswell Police Department received a call from a local Albertson’s grocery store on Sunday about a man who was shoplifting, according to KRQE News 13.

When they arrived, they caught the thief as he was walking out the door.

The man immediately confessed and showed remorse. He told the police officers he had recently lost his job and needed formula to feed his 11-month-old child. That is when the four police officers who responded to the call decided to do something they normally might not do. They began pulling money out of their wallets.

Their kind action reduced the man to tears, and he told them that he would never look at cops in the same way again. The police officers also had a lengthy discussion with the man, giving him information on resources so that he would not have to resort to stealing. In addition, they are trying to help him find a job.

The grocery store also pitched in to help the man. The desperate father ended up leaving the store with five cans of baby formula. However, he is not welcome back at Albertson’s.

The story got out after the police officers’ sergeant shared the story on Facebook and it began receiving hundreds of comments.

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