Hey, everybody, Jason Berma’s for WeAreChange.org. Today we’re going to be talking about a company called Three Square Market this company out of Wisconsin will be the first in this country to begin microchipping their employees. Yes, that’s correct. It’s come to this folks. They’re selling it to you like it is the future, it’s coming so why not get behind it.

Now admittedly they are not forcing their employees to take this chip. They say the chip will allow employees to access certain areas without an ID card, log in to computers and use vending machines.

Video: “In River Falls Wisconsin employees at a vending company are going from the assembly line to front of the pack to get microchipped. Do you think this is the future? It is the future, and we look at this as being responsible.

Todd Westby is the owner of Three Square Market, and by next week at least 50 of his 80 employees have signed up to become bionic. Using what’s called a RFID transponder in a microchip. This is meant to make the workplace experience faster and more efficient. This company is offering the chips which cost about $300 apiece to its employees for free.


Westby says they are not GPS enabled yet. It’s for entrance to the building’s logging into computers, making purchases in our break room market.”

Bermas: All of which could be done with a non-invasive device. Now a lot of people will say that this is much more convenient. You could make it as an app on a cell phone. Most people don’t lose their phones that often. This is truly about a bigger agenda.

Video: “This will be the natural way to add another dimension to our everyday life. I mean for me to be able to seamlessly interact with everything digital around me. Means leaving a keychain which is a 5000-year-old invention and kinda lame, carrying money around in a wallet with plastic cards, it is that obvious. I mean it’s the next step the next natural step for the electronic system into the body.”

Bermas: It’s not the first time that this has happened. A Swedish company called Epicenter began microchipping their employees, then used the same rhetoric to sell it to the public. They said it was non-invasive and it doesn’t have GPS so that they won’t be tracking you

Video: “Co-founder and CEO Patrick Mesterton’s office complex is the ideal location to test such a technology, its so practical here. You can open doors using your chip you can do secure printing from printers with the chip. You can also communicate with your mobile phone, by sending your business cards, to individuals that you meet.

Unlike a mobile phone, the chip could not be tracked, and you did not see any integrity issues. You have your own identification code, and you’re sending that to something else which you have to grant access to. So there’s no one else that can sort of follow you on your ID. It’s you who decide who gets access to that ID.”

Bermas: Now in the article, it also says that this device is not hackable. However, it’s giving off an electromagnetic frequency therefore hackers. I believe can get access to it.

Video: “Anything can potentially be hacked especially because most of the actual information is not encoded on the tiny device under your skin of your hand by itself. You can never leave it behind, and you can’t really turn it off. ”

Bermas: The company Biohacks out of Sweden is the one that’s actually going to be shipping these. This is the same company that in 2004 got a patent and began producing the VeriChip. The article further promotes the idea of getting a chip by pointing out that Ali Velshi of Velshi and Ruhle on MSNBC has had the chip for about 10 years.

It carries his medical information remember this is all being brought to you as a very positive thing, something that’s coming, something that’s going to be unavoidable.

In 2004 Mexican officials within their government we’re getting this chip for a lot of the same reasons that they’re selling it to this Wisconsin company.

Video: “Mexico’s Attorney General and 160 of his deputies have had microchips implanted in their arms to control access to the country’s new Criminal Investigation Center. It is to provide access of the Attorney General to the right people in exclusive areas where there is valuable, sensitive, information.”

Bermas: Let’s look a little deeper DARPA, the US military announced they would be using this technology in late 2015 and early 2016. They want to create a ‘super soldier.’

Imagine the world where you could just use your thoughts to control your environment. Think about controlling different aspects of your home just using your brain signals. Communicating with your friends and your family just using neural activity from your brain.

Video: “At DARPA we’re trying to build what are called neuro technologies that enable all of this to happen. What if we could solve all of these problems by replacing some of these big expensive parts like large displays and thumb pads with a cortical modem. Then use the frame buffer that you already carry around in the back of your head. We’re not talking about just restoring loss function, and we are talking about tapping into sensoria that you already have and enhancing it. Writing to it.

They’re really tiny things, with state-of-the-art packaging technology, able to embed tiny little devices about the size of a couple of nickels back-to-back. Beyond talking and hearing as you would with an advanced phone that you don’t actually have to pull out of your pocket to hear any more. We could also do things like relay imagery.”

Bermas: Obviously, technology can be used for both good and evil, and as it progresses, it will become more pervasive in society. The idea that an employer would shadow mark me with an implantable chip is beyond my comprehension. I would never allow in my lifetime.

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