(brettsanders.me)The small startup, SAFERX, has created a cell phone App that aims to harness the network effect of cell phones to empower individuals to help one another during times of emergency to lesson dependence on government provided emergency services.

With a tap of a button, users of Cell 411, which is scheduled for release in a few days, are able to alert their contacts, or nearby users of their emergency. The app has several categories for alerts, including medical, fire, vehicle trouble, witnessing criminal activity and “I am cop blocking.” The cop blocking alert would announce to the user’s friends of their activity in real time and include the exact location and turn by turn directions to the activists location.

This call for help could be a beacon to other activists that a violation of rights is occurring and to send reinforcements if possible. The immediate signal to other family and friends would be a godsend, thus eliminating the worry and wherabouts of the user.

“We are a small group of developers, scientists and designers who believe that technology can facilitate peaceful human interaction. This is why we have built the Cell platform, which is a micro-social platform that allows interaction of human beings in a voluntary and peaceful fashion.”

A brilliant exemplification for the utilization of this app is when a group of people convene in a community watch group and all signed on to Cell 411. The app would connect the group and instantly notify each other individual within the group of criminal activity, the presence of law enforcement, and life-threatening emergencies.

The maker’s of the app are not deterring from the fact that their creation is targeted at providing protection for people from the ongoing abuse given by authoritarian cops. This is a genius way to assist the police accountability activists in their fight for the truth and to keep them a bit more safe. A virtual hand to hand link in the streets.

Live video and audio streaming, multi-language, and some other unreleased capabilities are currently in the works and will be available as updates in the future.


New App Aims to Curb Demand For Police Services

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