In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the entire Jussie Smollet debacle. The truth is that Jussie Smollet is everything that is wrong with our culture.

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Now as you probably heard already Jesse Smollett the crisis actor has been taken into custody after a grand jury indictment is charging him of a felony that has a minimum one-year prison sentence and that’s why in this video I specifically wanted to talk about all the new latest developments which I think prove that jussie Smollett is one of the dumbest criminals ever as well as a deeper conversation at the end of the video which I think Jesse actually explained the best himself something quote who is more to blame? A devil who spreads obvious lies or a fool who chooses to believe those lies and pass them along to hashtag bus as the mainstream media is losing their mind and actually saying that they’re mad that I hate crime and of course running cover for the divide-and-conquer racial divisions that they have been promoting and pushing the American people restart just know that you’re watching a fully Independent Media broadcast brought to you by yuya. Soft viewer and without your support your donations we wouldn’t be here and the only reason we are as because of you and your support so if you like this work considering donating because yeah we have a lot of things against us I mean just this particular story loan if you look on YouTube when you type in Jessie Smollett the first thing that you don’t even get a video you should get a Fox News article talking about how Don Lemon says it’s not juicy spot on YouTube where the hell am I supposed to force read an article by mainstream media outlets and then of course CNN Fox News time mainstream media propaganda nothing organic I totally rigged algorithm promoting of course corporate propaganda trying to control ants the ordinary live on this important issue personally I also think someone measures are happening on Facebook right now of course this is done because the Jessie Smollett case is on national issue that everyone is talking about right now and I have to say the details surrounding this case are absolutely incredulous now of course. People died in the original story when it first came out only to be vilified attack viciously on the mainstream media and of course verified Twitter personalities even people who question the narrative or attack asking rational questions like a damn this guy ever hear of GrubHub why did he have the new still around his head and why didn’t he comply with officers and give away the phone but will not work we’re finding out all those details and I can pretty much say that jussie Smollett most likely will be going to jail because again this is not his first run-in with the law as in 2007 he was actually charged with lying to a police officer providing false information as well as driving Under the Influence a DUI without a license and of course repeat offenders face a higher chance of being sent to jail which I believe will be happening in this particular case and with these particular charges he is facing a felony charge of a one-year minimum sentence to as high as a 3-year sentence. Smart somehow is still denying that he had anything to do with the planning of this attack which is.

Absolutely ridiculous when we look at just the evidence that is provided here with your chosen.

This man is not really that smart now it’s important to note here that Smollett could also be facing federal charges because of a previous incident that happened right before this one what’s the Chicago Police Superintendent said was an attempt by Smollett to gain attention by sending a false letter that railed on racial homophobic and political language which was also by the way filled with a white powder.

Have to call in a HazMat team and is also looking like a hoax and potentially may even bring Federal indictment charges on top of this felony charge that he has already been indicted by Jessie Smollett.

Gencive paper trail and really I don’t know how someone.

Just like that because when you look at the details here because it is absolutely mind-boggling to think that Jesse was thinking he was going to get away with this especially since there is phone records with some of that talking to the Nigerian Brothers he hired when she actually talked to an hour before the attack and an hour after attack and also when the brothers went to Nigeria if there’s even surveillance footage of the Nigerian Brothers in a store buying all the supplies even what looks like a red Maga hat here finally climas and other tools that were used during this apparent assault start racist homophobic hate crime and for goodness gracious.

Smollett even paid $3,500 with a check at a personal check from his own bank account which was this Twitter account users as hopefully the 1099 by the due date with the IRS.

Now along with that and what I’m hearing is over 24 detectives who are investigating this were spending their police resources on this in one of the most violent cities with the most murders in the United States Chicago of all places that they even clearly had footage of the Nigerian brothers and then of course falsifying this attack which allegedly was because of his salary According to some police sources now Jesse Smollett actually made $65,000 per episode for starting and of course the TV series Empire which has 18 episode again I say allegedly he was dissatisfied with his 1.17 million-dollar salary which allegedly wasn’t enough of course nothing is better than hate especially in today’s manufactured divide and conquer conquer media landscape that we’re all being thrown into and if that would have gotten away with this he most likely would have gotten. Probably a major book deal a lot of attention a lot of support I pretty much the gold medal in the oppression Olympics here which should raise some questions here because unless he’s some kind of incredulous greedy psychotic lunatic the prospects of him getting monetarily from this seem weak compared to the power and influence that someone would get because of this false flag hate attack that happened no one really knows here because yeah he could be a psychopathic greeting its sane human being and not to be the case here but it is the most telling aspect ears of course how the mainstream media is responding to this with Don Lemon saying that he’s sad that this happened sad that a fake crime didn’t happen to look at the mentality of these people they have lost a major PR war that has been faked that has been engineered that has been pushed that has been manufactured that has just been rammed down our throats without looking. Any of the evidence any other due diligence they messed up and their reaction to all of this is you know it’s actually good that a hate crime didn’t happen like this in our country not their reaction is.

Wish I was just absolutely insane it’s like running the Twilight Zone. Let me sing oh he just lost in the court of public opinion he just got fired Vice the mainstream question about this terrific job another CNN slumlord hate promoter Brian Stettler also ran cover nothing wrong here it’s not his fault tree media and these asinine individuals trying to be victims out of this entire situation this is absolutely insane and you just get him sneak peek into the promotion of the victim mentality that they want you to have it I want you to have a backbone they don’t want you to stand up for yourself you don’t want you to actually represent the ideas and fight for them and do something morally good they want you to sit back get beat up run on social media and a social controllers the corporatist they’ll run on by with of course the problem reaction solution dialectic. Coming together with oh no we have to help all these poor victims but the globalist corporatist Baxter’s and big government come and help you since we’re the authority here and we’re going to help you buy sensor and Candice drawing the basic Freedom elements in our society and I’m utterly sick of it and this is why again I’ve been saying this for your the most dangerous weapon in the world is of course the control of information and then ability to silence anyone who opposes and the first step in combating all of this is realizing.

That’s my opinion if you think I’m wrong let me know why in the comments section below we always answer, it’s within the first hour of the video being released so make sure you subscribe click the notification button it means a lot to us because if it wasn’t for you to be here that’s why I love you guys thank you again so much watching state to inform.

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