In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on one of the more popular markets to get into and how despite this is definitely a cash crop there are no sure things, and this investment could be a bust.


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Welcome back beautiful amazing human beings this is okay to ask if we are changed at Oregon if you’ve been watching our YouTube channel now for over eleven years we’ve been talking about marijuana CBD we even spent time with the podfather over in Amsterdam and we’ve been telling you important truths about marijuana that the mainstream media would never touch now a lot of that information is just widely accepted another fight for legalization and decriminalization definitely was not easy with a lot of the people that we are close with fighting that fight and one of those people who was a part of that bigger movement is of course Dan Anglin of Canada America a successful marijuana business and dad has been a major advocate of legalizing marijuana and will not only talk about the bigger fight at hand right now but also a lot of the important Insider economic financial information when it comes to the expanding and still developing. Marijuana business one of the first things that I wanted to talk to you about is the very fact that marijuana is not as legal as people think it is in there still a lot of hurdles and a lot of important aspects that do need to be dealt with for example here in New York City if you want to have a medical dispensary of marijuana just for medical purposes you have to fill out an application that will cost you $200,000 if you want to do the same things in Massachusetts it is only $4,000 now. What the hell is going on with this bigger fight around marijuana and how do you see it unfolding from here.

Is a very good question move thanks for having me on you speak to some real truths about entry into the Cannabis face and my prediction is that right now while him in the United States is fairly inexpensive to get involved in besides the cost of the business itself out of the farm bill has legalized hemp cultivation processing manufacturing distribution under the Department of Agriculture at the US Federal level which is a very broad agency other sub agencies like the Food and Drug Administration what we saw 10 minutes after the farm bill was passed is the FDA director immediately prohibited the transport of based food and beverages so it was Swift the decision to basically put. I’m going to say about 60% of the finished products that people were consuming purchasing shipping receiving for years now and it’s going to take some Happy by different organizations and businesses and citizens to move the needle on that to bring us back to where we were moments before the cargo was mine so the complexities of legalized cannabis now legalized hemp are always compounded with the idea but this is a commodity that the local state and federal government could potentially make a lot of money at and that is for many people the wrong approach unfortunately that’s how this was done in order to be able to convince politicians to take the risk of the constituents that perhaps were opposed to. Cannabis legalization they had to justify it through many means and even though for years books like yourself have been attempting to convince politicians of the health benefits to cannabis it wasn’t enough the good part about the upside is that doesn’t include the intoxicating effects of delta-9 THC doesn’t exist however governments are going to look at this as a cash crop that’s the unfortunate side of this and in order to participate in THC or the hemp side you’re going to have to be a well-put-together organization with lots of capital and very Nimble maneuver through local state and federal government regulations which require attorneys. Compliance officers very intelligent Folks at. Strategy side and that’s before you even figure out you know how you could get your product into the market through branding and you know consumer Safe products so it’s very complex Mom it’s likely to not be a mom and pop business ever again in cannabis and that’s that’s likely to be the same experience for those who are looking at him.

Some people have even said we’re better off without all this supposed to legalization because of all the red tape and all the government intrusion now you’ve been able to do it somehow with your business how do you see the projections here because we’re pretty much seen almost everyone jump into the marijuana business we’re seeing again I just typed in marijuana into Google news and Joe Montana came up the headline here football great Joe Montana looking to score with marijuana of course we saw Mike Tyson on The Joe Rogan podcast talking about his kind of marijuana Empire and it does seem like it is kind of a big corporate celebrity kind of.

Thing right now where people are just trying to jump and try to make as much money as they can but there’s also detriments to that as we’ve seen over investment in the marijuana Market.

To the point where the stocks of marijuana or actually doing worse off because of too much optimism in this entire field how do you manage all of that running your company how do you see the projections and the bigger economic numbers of how to even stay relevant here we are come.

That’s a lot of really in-depth issues you know when it comes to celebrity branding I think when a famous person puts their name on something nice for the consumer is that they can make that connection to that product with that celebrity and give it legitimacy just because someone puts their name on a product doesn’t necessarily mean somebody’s going to buy it more than once they might buy it one time for the novelty of it but you know the True Value in Celebrity branding is somebody or assault were associated with that product but somebody who is directly involved in the business and you know more than just lending their Fame because consumers see right through that you know I think. The good part about all of these famous people lending their credibility to cannabis is that it continues to make the Train move faster. Legalization are you ask a question about the difference between decriminalization and legalization I’ve been an advocate for many years at the federal level for the concept being that you know this substance is treated more like alcohol then as a pharmaceutical product with all of the time and money that is spent in creating pharmaceutical products when we’ve got thousands of years of history people consuming us brother the Chinese. For at least 6,000 years that we know of and I really need to do is take a close look at what the impact is at the federal level of just sleeping in the legalization into a larger Bill and now creating a situation where more agencies have the ability to create rules and regulations which have an effect on what is available for. Consumer I think how my company has been able to do it as I was a lobbyist for 10 years prior to getting into the Cannabis space in 2011 and it was part of how the space is the very first license company in the world was making cannabis gummies here in Colorado and there was some question about whether or not Edibles would be allowed in those types of forms or was that attracted to children and brother color issues and Calista cannabis. And so my experience led to you no not as many prohibitions as they want it but still there are limitations here and Colorado which is one of the most thriving edible communities in the United States. Now has products on the shelves in the state of Maryland in the state of Nevada and state of Colorado and our knowledge or experience of effective was willing to continue to put ourselves at the Forefront to have conversations with people about what is a meaningful change for Access for adults have cannabis and access for patients that have cannabis products and some other compounds within the health plan that have benefits CBN CBG is you for a long time and unfortunately I think is more regulation and not last because that’s where government likes any of these products to be weather. Whether it’s a cannabis or hemp product or whether it’s cars or the government likes to have some sort of safety and collect some sort of fee and create some sort of fine in the realities in the 21st century.

I mean some people think that the fight is over that the debate is over it’s not about Colorado has been a very successful kind of first example of how things are working out there still a lot of important aspects that only have private sector but also in the public sector there’s also companies like Coca-Cola and Monsanto who have the money for a lot of these kind of red tape that were established by government but it’s it’s a very still new unfolding Market it’s a market that is still kind of developing itself the ramifications even though at First Sight very positive in Colorado.

Are still being developed in Canada and in other states but overall as far as economically how do you see this kind of Market figuring itself out in the next year whatever your projections and and financially how do you see things for getting themselves.

Those are also really good questions Luke thank you so you know when you mention corporate entities getting into the space this is just a natural progression of big business in capitalist society and I think there’s still plenty of room for new businesses as prohibitions get lifted their Corporate America to create consumption spaces and consumption experiences like restaurants and you know some sort of Beverage stop with CDs and I don’t see a big Corporation snow taking that over but the companies that have a lot of capital available products because they have the capital and all of the. Regulatory hurdles, and that’s just an unfortunate result of these types of regulatory changes and you know what we’re really looking forward to products that can be created with both of these plants have been cannabis so or you know finished product consumption and Suman thapa knows why that as well as the Pet Care industry I think that anybody would have pet knows that I stayed Age begin to experience and pains arthritis that Santa can help these animals that we consider to be our family members in this is one of the focuses that our company has in the hip space earlier in January we announced the intent to acquire a processing facility in the headspace here in Colorado are in 10 2019 it’s become completely. We want to have access to every aspect of that line business to create the best products that consumers of companies that are happy with the structure that meeting and the capital of being a publicly traded company in both Canada and not going to really make the investment to create Safe products. Truck what we’re doing it for utilizing science but you lysing safe laboratory environment where you lysing R&D devising actual data from the demographic data of what type of products people are looking at to beverage Industries. Determine what kind of products are people really looking for and then mailed that into the CBD hemp based side as well as the THC cannabis we built our business on concentrates moved into Edibles years ago and I have created a popular gummy products have been focusing on medical supply products have faced some challenges with the way to acquire some of the equipment for products who wish to make like gel caps in Maryland would like to do RSO caps and Equipment the DEA has to give you permission so one of those hurdles that legalizing versus decriminalizing creates is someone gets. Approve or deny you for products that you want and again big corporations like Coca-Cola have the ability and wherewithal overcome those hurdles and challenge eventually what we’ll see is just a wide variety of products in 10 years they’ll be in grocery stores water in your CBD water side by side in the beverage coolers so far from on seeing where this industry goes and we’ve only scratched the surface at trying to establish cultivation Manufacturing. The gun consumption and spaces for consumption and experiences consumption and that’s coming soon it’s definitely a very interesting space that is still developing itself but obviously still a lot of hurdles but with those hurdles they’re still also a lot of innovation and I think it’s fair to say that a lot of.

People who use marijuana they’re four they’re pretty Innovative and creative as we’re seeing now the major headlines yesterday being that there’s a first ever pot vending machine that dispenses weed. There’s also articles of people going to the airport in Toronto and other major airports all over Canada and raiding the trash bins because they’re for a labeling the free weed bins and you know what the developments especially Medical.

With people jumping through a lot of the hurdles with Innovation with creativity I know there’s a lot of things to be excited about the space and my kind of last question is kind of twofold here what do you most excited moving forward with this entire business and if people want to find out more about you and your company where it can they do.

Yes thank you so ghetto first ever pot vending machine I mean there was a company called Med box that had those in 2011 in here in Colorado right so here’s about something and thinks it’s the first in and maybe that’s marketing cannabis and hemp people have been very creative for many many many years Thousand Years by the last 30 years with the very creative and just more mainstream opportunities for purchase and products in America we’ve got two different websites and Is our corporate that can America branches our website information about our public companies in our corporate structure and the other is in a really product talks about and has links to our social medias and all of that stuff we are not as many choices did he know what you call yourself as to where I’m at and Chana on the other but we couldn’t work cited to be a part of this it gives us real opportunities to realize all our dreams and Visions we’ve been doing this for nearly a decade now and started on a shoestring and. Really a very small space we were creating products an 800 square-foot kitchen and we now have no Partners in states that have tens of thousands of square feet for processing and and kitchens and half and half a million square feet of indoor cultivation of cannabis as we look at opportunities to acquire companies in handful of course looking at large scale and spoke to the people all over the world we’re going to the concept of brand of the free and our branding and logo I Am A old Marine I served in the United States Marine Corps from 1988 to 1992 Desert Shield Desert Storm and I really kind of took that level of intensity commitment and integrity. From my experience in that Marine Corps replied it to creating this business and so you know there’s no give up here allow things that stand in our way to continue to be in our way with jump over it go around under if whatever needs to be done in order to get the job done and I think many investors looking at the space have seen a lot of blue skies I believe we are have correctly undervalued ourselves based on our future goals in our current operations which is licensing of our intellectual property operations around the world and we’re going to continue to grow and I think we can sum it up and our mission statement which is global domination of the Cannabis and hemp Marketplace are are real true vision is to bring really. 40 products in many different verticals to the consumers to give them confidence and that’s like branding is so important to space while the Innovation and created creativity are definitely there especially in this bigger marijuana Market exciting times to be alive damn thank you so much for your advocacy work and all the insights to the marijuana a business that is still expanding and growing and still yet to be fully determined thank you so much for being on the show the website again is Canada America it will be in the description below if you guys are appreciated this video please share it with your friends and family members and thank you once again for watching real Independent Media stay tuned for a lot more here on we are change.

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