In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the crash of the media market and how it is only going to get worse because it was completely overvalued in the first place.


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Welcome back beautiful amazing human beings this is over dowski of we are and I wanted to give you guys an update about the fake news or stream establishment Legacy Media presstitutes and them finally facing the reality as you probably heard there’s been a lot of media layouts with BuzzFeed and Huffington Post making headlines cutting off a lot of their staff and an estimated 1000 people losing their jobs in the media industry just this week long.

Course has a lot of establishment people reacting with of course grave concerns about democracy and freedom why the reaction from the people I’m seeing this is a little bit different especially when it comes to a lot of these journalists going on Twitter right now.

Saying that they have a degree in gender studies and if they want to hear that but there is a lot of interesting responses online high are you this is why in this video I wanted to specifically cover how this is a good thing what’s happening why it’s happening how the system is rigged in the favor of the these big media companies and how they’re still losing and of course what will happen next before we start I seriously want to thank everyone who keeps this independent non fake news non-horse stream establishment Legacy Media prostitutes none of those things use organization I’ll live with your donations and support on we are 4 / done it because I’m like all these other organizations we don’t sell our souls to the top dollar and were able to report on things I’m like they are now I think you could sense her that I’m a little bit biased on this particular subject and I think I said free fair to say. Operating as an independent media organization being slandered being attacked at the same time having a lot of my work stolen by these bigger kind of establishment use organizations with them claiming it stares while the same time they attack my reputation has been a very difficult task to deal with and mainly as possible because.

People support because of you guys watching the video sharing the bills and donating to us because we don’t have any corporate interest and this brings me to the first point of this video and that is the fact that a lot of these big establishment media companies are not doing well financially while especially here in the United States corporate profits and private business Enterprise are doing significantly better than they did before and that’s because a lot of these companies especially companies like BuzzFeed have gotten a lot of investment a lot of VC funding and according to some economic experts and in my personal opinion A lot of these companies were inundated with a lot of money and just like we saw with the marijuana stock something that is surely a clear back if it’s over invested in will surely lose value and have a correction in the market of course hyperbolic people like Chris Hayes will say that this is a crisis but it’s actually an economic correction one that will lead in more of a bloodbath than what we’re seeing. How is even predicted by Shane Smith Vice who in May of 2016 said that there will be a bloodbath sometime next year. He was a little bit off because bloodbath is happening and expanding our next rally will get a lot worse but he was very smart he actually stepped down as the CEO of vice and sold a lot of his stocks being replaced by a woman who said that she didn’t need him for the company and just like the Wall Street Journal reports Vice and just had a big Revenue missed and their investors are getting antsy since they are one.

Overvalued there is no way the digital crash that they call Vias is worth 5.7 billion dollars that it’s virtually impossible and the Venture capitalists who invested a lot of their money into these new.

Media news organizations please media companies want their money back and they are incentivized but of course pushing their stuff for tits rage.

Hyperbolic Sensational bullcrap that evokes emotion which of course studies have proven proven that those emotions Drive clicks at attention which supposedly somehow he claim advertising Revenue.

Absolutely backfiring the face of all these media companies and this is evident by two facts one of them presented by Tim pool.

There’s a thriving press if it’s independent one and there’s also a lazy rage bait Farm press which is the establishment media that is going down in a second point is that sadly most journalism now is just activism as we have seen not only hyperpolarization bigger divide and conquer schemes but also news organizations even just openly hiring activists to push for a particular cause because they know if they have some one-on-one far side of the argument they’re going to get double the cliques from their reactions and hate click.

From the other side that’s why it’s incentivized and for me just absolutely immoral and the worst horrible thing that a news organization could do because yeah it’s creating the crappy situation that we’re all dealing with now. Of course I am speaking in very Mass generalizations there are exceptions to the rules and even individuals within some of these corrupted organizations that actually do a good job and of course Just for future reference I am speaking about the overall effect of the Legacy Media and it’s not a good one if you look at what the mainstream media is responsible for their responsible for serious horrible crimes and the destruction of.

Wife on this planet whether it’s the Iraq War whether it’s pushing for rebels in Syria or pushing for the stimulus Banker bailout or telling everyone that the air was safe to breathe here in New York City after 9/11 when a lot of journalists clearly knew it wasn’t doing the reporting on that specific issue months before 9/11 toy that’s just one specific time and time again if you look at the overall bigger effect of the mainstream media there’s been too many incidences where they serve special interest corporations big government then they do the people and they have failed their responsibilities and they either do that or just sometimes promotes lebatard nonsense activist propaganda or just harassment campaigns like we have seen them recently do with the Catholic Maga hat kids or Just blatantly make up stories like BuzzFeed and used it saying that Trump’s lawyer was instructed to laugh. In which was based on no actual evidence at all which they even doubled down on just clear fake news which is interesting to see them actually comment on it and their own opinion piece like this one actually even portrayed me in there where they said it’s not fake video we should be worried about it’s real video talking about the hyperpolarization that is happening and of course our national discourse which is pretty rich coming from them with just the fake news that they were spreading just a few days ago.

Because in my opinion it is this dying Legacy Media that is.

Responsible for such polarisation that were seeing right now and with that fact as well as the over-investment overestimation value of these companies this is why this correction is happening now and it’s only going to get worse from here that’s really interesting is that even with that the whole system is rigged in a lot of these companies favor and of course their activism that they call supposed journalism as we see big Tech Monopoly companies like Facebook and Google work in cooperation with their kind of bigger activism and honestly time and time again fail to be honest why all of course working out special deals with these bigger Tech Giant’s to make the playing field more unfair to Independent creator.

Giving the Legacy Media more of an unfair Advantage even in this media landscape where they are still failing we saw YouTube just announced as of today that it will be recommending fewer videos about suppose.

Fiercely theories who decides whether their conspiracy theories.

Let’s look at what the big Tech Monopoly agencies have been working with they’ve been working with the splc the Atlantic Council they’ve been working with Snopes they’ve been working with very biased powerfully connected to the establishment and to make a corporation’s groups that of course have a clear by it going against in the pennant creators why of course pushing for that pushing for the activist propaganda nonsense down your throat YouTube will again like they have many times to us attack channels like the one that you’re watching now while promoting the mainstream media which day do Time and Time Again YouTube even spent 25 million dollars to supposedly fight fake news giving the money to a course mainstream media news companies that are failing I’m system and are only really getting clicks because every search function every recommended video their mainstream media propaganda is forced on us you type in we are change and an event. We covered that even got more views in the mainstream media it still never shows up in the search ranking and of course the system on YouTube is extremely biased towards what they call or tour Tatum voices which is really the steak news establishment horse tree media that we’ve been talking about this entire time.

Is even paying Anderson Cooper ridiculous amount of money for live Facebook videos which Garner about 1,000 views Microsoft right now supposedly trying to fight fake news with their new browser where they built in a fake news filter which by the way deem CNN BuzzFeed huffpo Media Matters Rolling Stone and the Weekly Standard as quote real news while saying that Breitbart Gateway pundit The Daily Mail The Drudge Report and Wikileaks are fake news and this clear discrimination against Independent Media against critical thinkers against people who are here incentivize by you who want to tell you the truth who want to do it on his job reporting goes Way Beyond this and has been happening throughout years of The Happening that you are still losing their still.

Failing to even make a profit while of course people like PewDiePie who’s really just one person behind a camera are still dominating and destroying them with the clear algorithm bias that they have established with these Mass corporations and conglomerates that of course are sticking together now what’s going to happen here is most likely and consolidation of all these bigger kind of trash media Outlets as most likely BuzzFeed box and Vise will all join together because there’s no other way that these organizations could somehow survive these losses are huge Verizon took a 4.6 billion dollar hit on AOL and Yahoo acquisition with which included in post-war talk about 4.6 billion dollars a major conglomerates losing and they will only continue to lose more money from here on there are absolutely dying. Up drying up their resources and I don’t feel bad about it they made their own bed they made a bed that incentivised clicks incentivised money advertisement Revenue over doing the right thing and holding themselves accountable to journalistic ethics which clearly they’re proven time and time again they don’t have it.

Conglomerates these big corporations are going to be fighting till the death to stay relevant but they’re becoming more and more apparent no matter how much they try to force it down our throats but they’re going down and they’re going to keep going down and be I’m not profitable business again they’re incentivize and they want people to believe their stack of Lies 3%.

I rather cook on this channel on other people’s channels I’m independent media and actually get my news from a water shock a real person who is not paid by a conglomerate or Corporation or has ties to a government or bigger power structure and is actually willing to talk to me like a human being without a bigger agenda or power-play behind it to manipulate me cuz it’s Common Sense this major shift happening and it’s going to happen a lot quicker than we realized and it’s.

Very exciting times to be alive and to be a part of it is just my own personal opinion and I could be completely wrong and if you think I’m wrong let me know in the comments section below I always appreciate the feedback and unlike a lot of these major mainstream media companies that have banned comment section I look forward to talking to you and learning from you and if I have an opinion I’ll tell you it’s my opinion if there’s some facts that I’m reporting that I got wrong I’ll tell you I got that wrong to you guys don’t like my reporting you find a dishonest you don’t invest in me you don’t donate in me you don’t buy my merchandise on Teespring Teespring advised me to exist as an independent news organization and that’s how.

You should be judged at exist on your Merit and what kind of human being you are and what kind of job you do rather than.

Khushi arrogant up Reno’s fart sniffing degenerate egotistical overpaid out-of-touch Yuppie hipster who’s going to stay and do anything for paychecks result stupid Cafe lattes all bulshit there are exceptions to the rule and know actually are some individuals but by and large this is my opinion and I exist.

That’s why.

If you agreed with this video share with your friends and family members but again if this video and this message and what I said resonated with you share it with your friends and family members cuz YouTube me the search things like if you got a notification so appreciate that so all the people who are actually watching and sharing again I want to be here cuz of you so I love you guys thank you again so much for watching allow me to have this great responsibility and stay tuned for a lot more here on YouTube, we are change.

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