SOURCE: Activist Post

Did you know there are over 2.3 million cell towers and antennas blanketing the United States right now?

That’s a lot of electromagnetic frequency right there.

While some people, including myself, have pointed out that it’s ridiculous to find a giant cell tower erected literally on an elementary school basketball court right next to the playground or placing them directly on school rooftops, this is becoming more and more common to the point there are so many towers and antennas everywhere, they are beginning to blend in with the scenery as if having this many of these things is just natural now.

Pretty soon, no matter where you go in this country, you’ll be within mere feet of at least one cell tower or antenna (but likely many more).

Well, according to the Wall Street Journal, a team of six engineers evaluated more than 5,000 of these cites and found that one in ten is violating the rules on excessive radiation.

Federal rules require carriers to use barricades, signs and training to protect people from excessive radio-frequency radiation, the waves of electric and magnetic power that carry signals. The power isn’t considered harmful by the time it reaches the street, but it can be a risk for workers and residents standing directly in front of an antenna.

One in 10 sites violates the rules, according to six engineers who examined more than 5,000 sites during safety audits for carriers and local municipalities, underscoring a safety lapse in the network that makes cellphones hum, at a time when the health effects of antennas are being debated world-wide.

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