By Anindita Sanyal

The Hashtag #IndiaWithPakistan went viral today as many Indians poured out their anger against the Taliban attack at a school in Pakistan’s Peshawar and showed support for the families of the murdered schoolchildren.

The attack was launched by six suicide bombers, who, dressed in military fatigues, had slipped into the army-run school this morning. The operation to flush them out lasted around 7 hours. By the end of it, 141 people – 132 of them children – were dead. The six terrorists died too.

Soon after the news broke, Tehseen Poonawala started the hashtag.

Hundreds of tweets soon came in, condemning the attack.

The hashtag was similar to the #illridewithyou, started yesterday by a by a woman in Australia in response to the hostage crisis in Sydney, perpetrated by an Iranian refugee.

While on a train in Sydney, the woman, with the user name @sirtessa, had offered to ride with a Muslim woman after she saw her quietly removing her headscarf in fear of a backlash. The hashtag had gone viral worldwide, with many offering to accompany Muslims on their journey and keep them safe.

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